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Inside Politics users react to the debate

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Here is a sampling of user reactions to Wednesday's debate:
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(CNN) -- asked its users whether they thought President Bush or Sen. John Kerry made a stronger case on domestic issues during the final presidential debate.

Here is a sampling from thousands of responses, some of which have been edited.

Wendy Singer from Gambier, Ohio:

President Bush just can't face the jobs issue. He keeps diverting. Sen. Kerry understands that jobs are not coming back as fast as they should and clearly will address it as president.

Nicole Wood from Shoreham, New York:

I am watching the debate and what I am seeing is Sen. Kerry attack President Bush without clearly presenting a single plan, while President Bush is clearly presenting his plan with optimism and confidence. Bush is definitely winning this one.

Larry Gahan from Clemson, South Carolina:

To me, it is evident that the president is out of touch with the critical domestic issues confronting most Americans, i.e., lack of health care insurance, lack of a plan to create jobs, tax cuts for wealthy Americans that [have] created the largest deficit that will force our grandchildren to be paying for it long after we're all gone.

Lisandra from Miami, Florida:

I believe the president of the United States has shown during strenuous times that he can get this country back on its feet. He has worked hard and stayed firm in his convictions. George W. Bush is doing a terrific job as president and with domestic issues, especially education reform. I am a first grade teacher and believe there has to be accountability, especially in the lower grades in order to establish and reinforce basic skills that children need to succeed.

John D. from South Fork, Pennsylvania:

I think Sen. John Kerry will make the best president because he wants to restore this country to its original state, eliminate outsourcing, and bring jobs back to America.

C. Harley from Centennial, Colorado:

When, 20 minutes into the debate, all the president's got is: "He's on the left bank of the mainstream," you know he's in trouble. The president has little or no economic hope to offer. He seems not to understand the issues. And spending the debate trying to manipulate the senator's record only underscores the president's problem.

Irma Lewis from Granbury, Texas:

Bush is clearly the winner for this debate. He has clear, realistic plans and knows how to implement them.

George Ennis from Phoenix, Arizona:

Debates are only 4 1/2 hours of scripted interview. I prefer to look at the history of the candidates to help better predict what they may do in the future. In my opinion Kerry's past 20 years are pretty empty. Bush is very straight forward and steady.

Mark Lilly from Grandview Heights, Ohio:

I believe that Sen. Kerry has a much more viable set of domestic policies, and I think that he's aided by the fact that he's in touch with the feelings and desires of the American people, unlike the detached, aloof president.

Tim from Maryland:

While Kerry sometimes leans too heavily on statistics and arcane figures, it is clear he has a command of the issues impacting the lives of most Americans, and has a thoughtful plan to address each one. Bush is clearly looking past the questions for any opportunity to place a prepared one-liner fed him by a speech writer. If Bush spent his energy studying the issues facing this country, and spent a little less time being snarky, he might just learn about what the rest of us need from our president.

Ranzall from Kennesaw, Georgia:

Bush is clearly much more in touch with the average American and their needs. Kerry has been a senator for 20 years. Can you name one thing he has done? hmmmmm.

Maribeth from Green Bay, Wisconsin:

President Bush is making GOOD POINTS. Everyone I know is better off than they were four years ago. If the president's administration has had a net job loss, I think you have to attribute some of it to 9/11 and the bubble bursting (which was a residual of the Clinton administration).

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