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911 calls convey terror of Connecticut shootings

By the CNN Wire Staff
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Chilling 911 call during CT shooting
  • Police release several 911 calls from scene of shooting
  • One of them comes from a wounded company executive
  • Several conversations are between a dispatcher and a woman in hiding

Read the latest news on the shooting spree in Connecticut. Also check CNN affiliates WTNH and WFSB.

(CNN) -- Frantic 911 calls placed Tuesday from a business in Manchester, Connecticut, vividly capture dispatchers' efforts to calm employees, including a crying woman in a storage closet, during a shooting spree that left nine dead, including the shooter.

The recordings were released Wednesday by police, who are investigating the shootings at a beverage distributor by employee Omar Thornton, 34, who had just signed a letter of resignation over a theft allegation. The following information has been edited and times are approximate. Not all calls are included.

7:26 a.m.: Someone from Hartford Distributors calls 911. "Hurry up, please," he says.

7:27 a.m.: Another man: "His name is Omar. Hurry, please ... He's killing [expletive] people. ... He's going back in the building now."

7:28 a.m.: Caller: "I guess you are on the way. We have at least five people down at Hartford Distributors."

7:28 a.m.: Steve Hollander, company vice president, calls and describes the suspect. Hollander was grazed by a bullet and released from the hospital.

Caller: I need the cops here at Hartford Distributors right away. Shooting.

911: What's going on? Who got shot?

Caller: Somebody got shot. I got shot.

911: I need some information, sir.

Caller: We need the cops. Omar Thornton is shooting people. I just got shot.

911: OK, I need to know what his name is.

Caller: His name is Omar Thornton, he is a black guy. Get the cops here right away, please.

911: Sir, stay on the line with me.

Caller: I'm bleeding all over the place.

911: OK, how many people got shot?

Caller: I don't know.

911: OK, you don't know. And you are shot where?

Caller: In my head.

911: You are shot in the head?

Caller: Yeah.

911: And what's your name?

Caller: My name is Steve Hollander.

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911: OK, who was the person shooting people again?

Caller: His name is Omar Thornton. He is a black guy. He is wearing shorts.

911: OK, black man, shorts. Anything else? What kind of gun?

Caller: I don't know. I didn't see it.

911: You didn't see it. And where are you in the building, sir?

Caller: I'm hiding in an office.

911: Hiding where?

Caller: In an office. People are running all over the place.

911: OK, I understand that. Keep talking to me and we can help you more.

Caller: OK, all right, yeah.

911: And you don't know if it was an automatic weapon or not?

Caller: He shot pretty fast.

911: OK, you are still, you are bleeding a lot?

Caller: Yeah, there's people running all over the place.

Caller: OK. I see him running away right now. He is shooting at somebody else. He is still shooting.

911: (muffled) Shooter is outside.

Caller: He is shooting at a girl.

911: OK, how many people are down, sir?

911: (Muffled -- talking to other dispatchers)

Caller: He's got a -- he is still running after people. He is not leaving.

911: OK. Do you see what kind of gun he has, sir?

Caller: It's a black gun. I don't know. He's wearing a blue shirt and blue shorts. He has got -- he's got -- he's got a -- oh (expletive) he is still shooting. I hear guns out there.

911: He used to work there?

Caller: Yeah, until I just fired him.

911: Today?

Caller: Today, just now, before he started shooting. He is chasing people out in the parking lot.

911: (aside) He is in the parking lot chasing people.

Caller: With his gun, shooting at them. He's carrying a red lunch bag. He is right out in front of my office right now. I see him walking around. He's got a black shorts and a blue shirt. He's still walking around in the parking lot.

911: Where is he now?

Caller: He may be coming back into the building ...

7:29 a.m. A caller is told 10 ambulances are on the way.

7:29 a.m. A woman calls from a storage closet.

911: Where are you ma'am?

Caller: I'm here, I'm here. I'm right here.

911: Are you hiding?

Caller: Yes, yes.

911: Stay down where you are and hold on one second.

Caller: (Crying)

7:30 a.m. Call from woman in storage closet.

911: Ma'am, Are you hurt?

Caller: No. No.

911: Are you hiding in a office? Is the door locked?

Caller: No, the door is not locked.

911: Get down, OK?

Caller: I am hiding in the dark.

911: Hide in the dark and get down. Is the door locked?

Caller: No.

911: I need you to hide and not move, OK?

Caller: Yes.

911: There will be people on the scene. We are trying to get everybody out of there.

Caller: I am back in the back storage paper closet. Please help me.

911: Stay back there and we will come to you, all right?

Caller: Help me, please. Help me.

911: Ma'am we are on the way. Please stay down and stay low, all right?

Caller: Yes.

911: Thank you.

7:33 a.m. Call from the woman in the building.

911: Hello?

Caller: Are you here yet?

911: We are on the scene, ma'am. Are you still in the room?

Caller: Yes, I am in the building

911: Are you in the back hiding? Can you lock the door?

Caller: I don't want to get up. Do you have him?

911: We do not have him yet.

Caller: I do not want to get up.

911: Do you know what kind of car he drives or anything?

Caller: I don't know anything. He is a tall black guy. He is the only black guy who works here almost.

911: We know who he is, we are just trying to locate him. Do you hear shooting? Where are you?

Caller: No.

911: You do not?

Caller: But come in the back please and come get me.

911: OK, we are on the way. But I need you to stay where you are. Stay down, stay low and in the corner, all right?

Caller: Yes.

7:34 a.m. Call to woman in closet.

911: I need you to stay down, stay low and stay in the back. We will come to you, do not go outside. OK?

Caller: OK.

911: I have to take care of more people. All right? Thank you

7:43 a.m.: From an injured man in building

Caller: Hi, I am at Hartford Distributors. I am at one of the offices. Can you find out if it is safe for me to come out yet?

911: It is not, sir. Are you bleeding heavily?

Caller: No, not heavily.

911: You feel OK right now?

Caller: Yeah.

911: How many people do you have with you?

Caller: My son, just me and my son.

(Other conversations on location)

911: I need you stay in there. Is the door locked?

Caller: Yes.

911: Stay in there and stay down. Have your son keep an eye. If you start to become less awake have him call us right away.

(More conversations)

Caller: I am fine. I know for a fact two people are dead in here inside the building, not in my office, in the hallway. They were both shot right in the head.

(Audible sigh)

911: Sir, just stay in the office with your son, please.

8:06 a.m.: East Hartford calls and gives location of suspect in the building. Police can see him through the window where deliveries are handled.

8:43 a.m.: Police call saying that a trooper is believed to be with the suspect's body, but needing confirmation. "We don't even know if he is down as far as I'm concerned." Further conversations about suspect's car.

8:44 a.m.: An officer is asked if a trooper was with Thornton's body. "Yes, he's deceased. The weapon was with him."