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Dutch 'very confident' says former great De Boer

By Alex Thomas, CNN
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De Boer on Dutch chances
  • Dutch "very confident" ahead of final says former great Ronald De Boer
  • De Boer's brother Frank is an assistant coach with the Dutch team
  • Italy captain Fabio Cannevaro delighted European team will lift trophy

(CNN) -- Former Dutch international Ronald De Boer says that the Netherlands are feeling confident as they prepare to take on Spain in the World Cup final.

De Boer, who made 67 appearances for his country and played at the 1994 and 1998 World Cups, is the twin-brother of Holland's assistant coach Frank De Boer.

"I have just been speaking to my brother, they are feeling very confident and they should be," Ronald De Boer told CNN.

"We are so close again. They are focused and I'm looking forward to the match."

De Boer added that he was happy about the line-up for the final which takes place at Johannesburg's Soccer City stadium Sunday night.

"I am pleased that two teams who always approach football attacking, scoring goals and entertaining the public are in the final," he said.

"I hope that other countries follow their example because football is entertainment. I think it's the best thing for football these two teams are in the final."

They are feeling very confident. We are so close again.
--Ronald De Boer

Meanwhile, defending World Cup champion and Italy captain Fabio Cannavaro is excited about the prospect of a team who has never won the title before lifting the trophy on Sunday.

"We have two Europeans in the final, two strong teams, but the most beautiful thing is that none of them ever won before the World Cup. There will be one more team showing one star on their chest," he told CNN.

Cannavaro, who led the Italians to World Cup glory in Germany four years ago, will also hand back the coveted trophy at the start of the final.

"It will be very hard for me to do it. For four years this Cup has been our Cup. We had the luck to win this trophy and after that all our lives changed."

Italy were knocked out in the group stages of the 2010 World Cup and the tournament marked the end of Cannavaro's international career after playing 136 times for his country.

"Playing in this World Cup has been an incredible life experience. For me it will be a beautiful memory."

Tancredi Palmeri contributed to this report

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