Why this is the best time to do the Grand Canyon's best hikes

Finding a parking spot at a Grand Canyon trail head in summer is tougher than finding one in New York -- far from the relaxing nature experience that parks should be.
That's because Grand Canyon National Park receives most of its 5 million annual visitors in the scorching summer months.
Now the heat is gone, leaving the inner canyon at the perfect temperature for hiking.
And with fewer people.
Here are six of the best trails in the Grand Canyon for day hikes or backpacking trips.
The park's Backcountry Information Center (+1 928 638 7875) has the most up-to-date trail information and issues backcountry camping permits.
Ben Adkison is a freelance photographer and mountain guide based in Missoula, Montana. His photos from remote corners of the world can be found on Facebook and his website.