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PRIMARY RESULTS: Louisiana - March 9
Democratic Presidential: Closed primary
72 total delegates* -- 60 determined by March 9

State Information: 9 electoral votes
2,784,764 total registered voters -- 56.7% Dem., 23.4% Rep., 19.8% other parties
This page represents results, including delegate count, reported immediately after each state's contest. More >
updated: 2:42 p.m.,
March 10

Kerry 112,295 70%50 100% reporting results by county voter survey results
  Edwards 26,004 16%10
  Dean 7,925 5%0
  Kucinich 2,403 2%0

 Louisiana has 60 pledged and 12 unpledged delegates. Of the 60 pledged delegates, 39 are district-level delegates (based on results of a given district's binding primary), 13 are at-large delegates and eight are "party leader and elected official" (PLEO) delegates. Of the 12 unpledged delegates, 11 are PLEO delegates and one is an add-on selected by state Democratic committee members on June 5, 2004.
• For more about the delegate selection process, click here.
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• Exit polls are a survey of selected voters taken soon after they leave their voting place. Pollsters use this sample information, collected from a small percentage of voters, to track and project how all voters or specific segments of the voters sided on a particular race or ballot measure. For more on how to read exit polls, click here.

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