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Tevante Clark enrolled in a nutrition program to try to lose weight naturally. He figured if it failed, he would get gastric bypass surgery.

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Junk food does more than make you fat, and other studies you missed updated 1 days ago

Here's five studies you may have missed that might give you new insights into your health, mind and body that involve coffee, junk food, salt, and vaccines.

Senegal confirms first Ebola case updated 1 days ago

The West African country of Senegal has confirmed its first Ebola case one week after closing its borders with Guinea.

How heroin kills you updated 1 days ago

Heroin kills, but not in the way you may think. Here's how heroin use can kill you.

Human trial of experimental Ebola vaccine to start next week updated 2 days ago

A highly anticipated test of an experimental Ebola vaccine will begin next week at the National Institutes of Health.

Why ab workouts are a waste of time updated 2 days ago

Ab workouts can include a crazy amount of crunches, but still not give you that six-pack. What gives? Find out why ab workouts don't often work.

Journal questions validity of autism and vaccine study updated 2 days ago

A study published earlier this month on an alleged link between vaccines and autism has been removed from the public domain pending further investigation.

Doctors: Early school start times unhealthy for students updated 2 days ago

The American Academy of Pediatrics has recommended that schools start later to reduce public health concerns. Read the latest news about school start times.

Ebola Fast Facts updated 2 days ago

Ebola is a virus with a high fatality rate that was first identified in Africa in 1976. Learn more facts about Ebola.

Ebola outbreak: 'It's even worse than I'd feared' updated 3 days ago

The Ebola outbreak in West Africa has infected more than 2,600 and killed nearly 1,500. And another Ebola outbreak may have started in the DR of Congo.

Pill-addicted veterans get second chance with treatment court updated 3 days ago

Veterans treatment courts are helping former warriors who struggle with drug and alcohol addiction.

Raw milk sickens 45 in Utah updated 3 days ago

Raw milk or cream from Utah has caused 45 cases of campylobacteriosis, a common diarrheal infection. Learn more about campylobacteriosis.

Adam's story: When prescription drugs are deadly updated 3 days ago

Adam Montgomery started taking pain killers after a back injury. Soon, he developed what would become a deadly addiction.

Medical marijuana laws may reduce painkiller overdoses updated 4 days ago

States that have legalized marijuana for managing chronic pain may be helping stop an epidemic: prescription painkiller overdoses.

15 diseases doctors often get wrong updated 4 days ago

A disease diagnosis isn't always easy for you or your doctor. See which 15 diseases are hardest to diagnose.

Transgender woman feels 'complete' thanks to Obamacare updated 4 days ago

Among the less-talked-about implications of Obamacare is the relief it is providing to many transgender people.

Ebola cases appear in DR Congo; doctor given promising drug dies in Liberia updated 5 days ago

A Liberian doctor who contracted the Ebola virus and received a promising experimental treatment has died, an official at a Liberian medical facility says.

Ebola contacts in Africa go missing updated 5 days ago

Some patients in the Ebola outbreak aren't honest about the people they've been in contact with. This is contributing to the spread of the Ebola outbreak.

What happens when you survive Ebola? updated 5 days ago

After successful Ebola treatment, Dr. Kent Bently will be released from Emory Hospital. Learn more about the Ebola treatment drug.

Borders closing over Ebola fears updated 8 days ago

Senegal has closed its borders with Guinea over fears that the Ebola outbreak could spread. See how the Ebola outbreak is affecting other countries.

Surgical 'black box' could reduce errors updated 8 days ago

Researchers are working on a surgical "black" box that tracks surgeons' movements and identifies errors during an operation.

Good neighbors are good for your heart updated 8 days ago

Here's a roundup of five medical studies published this week that might give you new insights into your health, mind and body.

Ebola 2014: Death toll, new cases on the rise in Africa updated 8 days ago

High numbers of new Ebola cases and deaths in Africa are prompting increased efforts to contain the deadly outbreak.

Chief Ebola doctor overseeing cases in Sierra Leone contracts the virus updated 8 days ago

An Ebola doctor in Sierra Leone has become infected with the disease, the Ministry of Health said. Learn more about the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone.

Liberia closes its borders to stop Ebola updated 8 days ago

Liberia has closed its borders to stop the Ebola outbreak as two infected Americans fight for their lives. Learn more about the Ebola outbreak.

Ebola outbreak: Is it time to test experimental vaccines? updated 8 days ago

Nearly 40 years after Ebola was discovered, there is still no cure. But could experimental vaccines protect people from the killer disease?

DEA tightens rules on hydrocodone combination pills updated 8 days ago

Hydrocodone combination pills, also known as opioids, are moving from a Schedule III drug to a Schedule II drug.

Michael Brown autopsies: Will they answer the critical questions? updated 8 days ago

Investigators are using the autopsy to get at the truth of what happened to Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.

California patient tests negative for Ebola virus updated 8 days ago

A patient isolated in a California hospital after possible Ebola exposure does not have the virus, testing revealed.

'Miraculous day' as American Ebola patients released updated 9 days ago

Both Americans who were treated for the Ebola virus have been discharged from a hospital.

Are your medical records safe? updated 9 days ago

Here's what you need to know if your medical records are stored electronically (and they probably are).

UK pledges money, asks for help in Ebola research, treatment updated 10 days ago

Researchers around the world are being asked to help stop the largest known Ebola outbreak in history.

'Suicide tourism' to Switzerland has doubled since 2009 updated 10 days ago

More than 600 people traveled to Switzerland for the "sole purpose of committing suicide" between 2008 and 2012. They're called suicide tourists.

Menopause: Questions women are thinking, but not asking updated 10 days ago

Menopause is the permanent end of fertility (and periods!) that commonly happens to women in their late 40s and 50s. Learn about common menopause symptoms.

Healthy school lunches face tough taste test updated 11 days ago

The National School Lunch Program has lost 1 million students since 2012. Learn why some schools are opting out.

6 ways to stop sciatica pain with yoga updated 11 days ago

Sciatica is a real pain in the butt -- and sometimes also in the leg and foot. See six yoga poses that can help provide sciatic pain relief.

10 ways you're sabotaging your workout updated 12 days ago

Not seeing results at the gym? You could be sabotaging your workouts. Find out if one of these common exercise mistakes is to blame.

Hypnosis helped her lose 140 pounds updated 12 days ago

Julie Evans had hypnosis gastric bypass, which she says helped her lose weight by eating smaller portions and craving healthy food.

Cystic fibrosis doesn't have to define you updated 12 days ago

Gunnar Esiason: I was dealt a certain hand of cards at birth and I am making the very best of it. It's not anyone's fault I have CF.

New restrictions in Kenya for travelers amid Ebola fears updated 14 days ago

Kenya Airways will suspend flight operations to Liberia and Sierra Leone because of the ongoing Ebola outbreak in West Africa. The suspension is temporary.

WHO: Evidence shows Ebola crisis 'vastly' underestimated updated 15 days ago

The magnitude of the Ebola crisis in West Africa is "vastly' underestimated, the World Health Organization said, as the death toll rose to more than 1,000.

Questions hound Maine program: How do you know they won't kill again? updated 15 days ago

A program in Maine has shown progress in the rehabilitation of insane patients, including those who have killed.

Mental health help: Where to turn updated 15 days ago

People often don't know where to turn when dealing with serious mental illness, but resources are available.

Antibiotics may mess with your baby's metabolism updated 15 days ago

Here's a roundup of five medical studies published this week that might give you new insights into your health, mind and body.

10 signs you should break up with your personal trainer updated 15 days ago

After months of personal training, you're still not seeing results. Could it be time to find a new personal trainer?

CDC reports detail lapses in deadly flu cross-contamination updated 15 days ago

The CDC has concluded its internal investigation into the cross-contamination of a flu sample that happened in one of its labs in May.

What is Parkinson's disease? updated 15 days ago

Parkinson's disease is a progressive disorder of the nervous system. Learn more about Parkinson's disease and Robin Williams' diagnosis.

8 delicious summer foods that are good for you, too updated 15 days ago

Farmers markets are brimming with beautiful, ripe produce for the picking. Here are the best summer fruits and vegetables for your health.

These 8 whiz kids are the future of medicine updated 16 days ago

A 10-year-old inventor and a 20-year-old MD? Meet the whiz kids changing the face of medicine.

Another reason to want the corner office: It's good for your health updated 16 days ago

Exposure to daylight may improve workers' mood, communication abilities, effectiveness on the job, sleep and overall health.

Only the facts: Ebola experimental drugs updated 16 days ago

The race to develop an effective treatment or vaccine against Ebola is on as the outbreak continues to spread. Learn more about experimental Ebola drugs.

WHO: Ebola cases near 2,000, with more than half dead updated 17 days ago

An Ebola outbreak has now infected nearly 2,000 people, the World Health Organization said Wednesday.

Inside the Ebola outbreak with the CDC updated 17 days ago

Nine CDC team members are in Lagos, Nigeria, to fight the Ebola outbreak. Learn how they're trying to stop the Ebola virus from spreading.

Avoid the 'back-to-school plague' updated 17 days ago

Children get an average of eight to 12 colds or cases of the flu each school year. But there are simple ways to keep your kids healthy.

Canada to donate untested Ebola vaccines updated 17 days ago

As the death toll from the Ebola epidemic soars over 1,000, a team of medical experts says it's ethical to offer unproven medications to fight the virus.

Report: Ebola outbreak probably started with 2-year-old in Guinea updated 18 days ago

The worst outbreak of Ebola may have started with a 2-year-old patient in a village in Guinea, according to a report.

Bee, scorpion and snake venom may hold cancer cure updated 18 days ago

Cancer cells die when attacked by bee, snake or scorpion venom. Here's how a scientist uses nanotechnology to target cancer cells using synthesized venom.

Experimental Ebola drug on its way to Liberia updated 18 days ago

The government of Liberia says that sample doses of the experimental Ebola drug ZMapp will be sent there.

Opinion: An optimist's journey toward dropping the 'D-bomb' updated 19 days ago

In August, after several months of seeing a therapist and a psychiatrist, I was diagnosed with depression.

Determined not to fail, retired teacher loses 200 pounds updated 19 days ago

Kathleen Riser was mocked by a fitness trainer at the gym. She didn't let that stop her from losing 200 pounds in this weight loss success story.

The lowdown on natural sweeteners updated 19 days ago

Natural sweeteners like stevia and agave are conquering our morning coffee (and the world of packaged foods). Learn more about these sugar substitutes.

Where's my orgasm? updated 19 days ago

The female orgasm is elusive to some women -- 43% of them have experienced sexual dysfunction, studies say. So what's behind female orgasm and dysfunction?

Borders closed, arrivals banned: Ebola outbreak changes a region updated 20 days ago

Guinea has closed its border with Sierra Leone to suppress the spread of the deadly Ebola virus, a Sierra Leone border police official told CNN.

West African nations try to contain Ebola updated 21 days ago

Guinea has closed its border with Sierra Leone to suppress the spread of the deadly Ebola virus, a Sierra Leone border police official told CNN.

Americans battling Ebola fueled by faith -- and, in one case, Starbucks updated 21 days ago

Both Nancy Writebol and Kent Brantly remain focused on their faith and helping others, even as the Americans battle Ebola.

WHO: Ebola outbreak in West Africa an international health emergency updated 22 days ago

Global health experts declare the Ebola epidemic ravaging West Africa an international health emergency that requires a coordinated global approach.

Vibrio vulnificus: A summertime bacteria updated 22 days ago

Vibrio vulnificus, a bacterium that lives in warm saltwater, can cause infections that can lead to death. Find out if you're in a high-risk group.

Fuel right! 9 triathlon nutrition rules updated 22 days ago

Eating properly can be difficult for beginner triathletes. Follow these triathlon nutrition guidelines to ensure your hard work in training pays off.

Study: Pump up the bass to feel powerful updated 22 days ago

Music with high levels of bass can evoke feelings of power and dominance, and four other things we learned from medical journals this week.

Husband of U.S. Ebola patient: I have felt 'the comfort of God' updated 22 days ago

WHO says 932 deaths have been reported as a result of Ebola. Saudi Arabia reports a suspected death. Spain will treat an infected priest there.

Initial Ebola response called a 'failure' updated 23 days ago

A Samaritan's Purse official calls the initial international response to the Ebola outbreak in West Africa a "failure."

Eating out costs you 200 calories updated 23 days ago

Skipping the drive-thru for a sit-down meal at a restaurant won't allow you to skip the extra calories, a new study suggests.

'Gluten-free' now really means gluten-free updated 23 days ago

The FDA deadline on gluten-free labels is up. "Gluten-free" foods must contain undetectable levels of gluten.

Waiting for a new face: The transplants giving people back their lives updated 23 days ago

As face transplants become more common, hospitals may soon be asking: Will you donate your face?

The roots of our Ebola fears updated 23 days ago

Fears about Ebola are reflections of an infectious disease narrative fed to the public for years about the "Bug or Virus That Will Kill Us All."

A worried world watches as Ebola death toll rises; Liberia declares emergency updated 24 days ago

WHO says 932 deaths have been reported as a result of Ebola. Saudi Arabia reports a suspected death. Spain will treat an infected priest there.

American woman infected with Ebola arrives in U.S. updated 24 days ago

American woman infected with Ebola in Liberia is back in United States, while man hospitalized in New York City waits to learn whether he has the disease.

Cloning Fast Facts updated 24 days ago

Here's some background information about cloning, a process of creating an identical copy of an original.

Does oil pulling work? updated 24 days ago

Oil pulling, a recent health trend where you place liquids in the mouth for health benefits, is controversial. Learn about oil pulling from the experts.

Ebola health worker: 'Sierra Leone is not able to deal with this outbreak' updated 24 days ago

Sierra Leone, of the nations hard hit by the Ebola outbreak in West Africa is not able to cope, a health worker said, calling on more international support

Experimental drug likely saved Ebola patients updated 25 days ago

An experimental Ebola drug called ZMapp was given to two Americans infected with Ebola. The Americans are improving after being given the Ebola drug.

9 questions about this new Ebola drug updated 25 days ago

Two Americans infected with Ebola are improving after receiving an experimental drug called ZMapp. Will others get it, too?

Ebola is here: 5 reasons not to panic updated 25 days ago

Here are five reasons you don't need to panic about Ebola, despite what Donald Trump and an Indiana Republican congressman say.

ER closures raise deaths at nearby hospitals updated 25 days ago

Emergency patients who are admitted to the hospital are at greater risk of dying if another emergency room at a hospital nearby has closed its doors.

New York patient being tested for Ebola updated 25 days ago

A patient admitted to a New York City hospital with a high fever and gastrointestinal symptoms Monday is being tested for Ebola.

No pain, no gain? 5 myths about post-workout muscle soreness updated 25 days ago

Is post-workout soreness a badge of honor or a sign of going too hard? Learn what you need to know about delayed onset muscle soreness, or DOMS.

American Ebola patient 'seems to be improving,' CDC chief says updated 26 days ago

Dr. Kent Brantly, an American who was infected with Ebola in Liberia, "seems to be improving" after evacuation to Atlanta, according to the CDC.

Company expands voluntary fruit recall updated 26 days ago

Wawona Packing is expanding its voluntary recall of its Sweet2Eat pluots, plums and peaches. The fruit may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes.

Nigerian doctor has Ebola, officials say updated 26 days ago

The U.S. plans to send 50 health experts to West Africa in the next month to help contain the Ebola outbreak that has killed hundreds in three countries.

No more 'Big Ben': City leader loses 145 pounds updated 26 days ago

After almost two years of strict dieting and exercise Ben Boukari has lost 140 pounds. You won't believe it's the same person in these after photos.

'Unassuming' woman of faith thrust into spotlight after contracting Ebola updated 26 days ago

Nancy Writebol is a loving mother. A devoted wife. A woman of faith. A missionary who has traveled the world to help others.

Ebola patient walks into Atlanta hospital; wife sees him through glass updated 27 days ago

A plane carrying an Ebola patient is expected to arrive in Georgia on Saturday to bring home one of two Americans battling the highly infectious disease.

U.S. doctor quarantines himself at home after treating Ebola patients in Liberia updated 27 days ago

A retired American doctor who was working with Ebola patients in West Africa returned to the United States -- and put himself in quarantine.

Send me: U.S. doctor treated for Ebola drawn to mission work since youth updated 27 days ago

Dr. Kent Brantly answered a calling. That's what friends say about the man who contracted the Ebola virus in Africa and is being treated in U.S.

Ebola outbreak could have 'catastrophic' consequences updated 27 days ago

Fear over the Ebola outbreak in West Africa is growing as leaders struggle to try to stop the deadly virus. What you need to know about Ebola.

'Training for this': Atlanta hospital ready for opportunity to treat Ebola patients updated 27 days ago

Emory hospital staff look forward to putting their training, isolation unit to use when Ebola patients arrive.

Send me: U.S. doctor treated for Ebola drawn to mission work since youth updated 28 days ago

Dr. Kent Brantly answered a calling. That's what friends say about the man who contracted the Ebola virus in Africa and is being treated in U.S.

2 Americans infected with Ebola in Liberia coming to Atlanta hospital updated 28 days ago

For the first time, the Ebola virus is coming to the United States, as two Americans infected while helping others cope with the outbreak head to Atlanta.

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