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The Ottawa shooting pre-empted Malala's appearances in Canada, but her message to young people needs to be spread, writes Frida Ghitis

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Hong Kong protesters face tough odds updated 21 days ago

Frida Ghitis says let's hope that Hong Kong protesters won't face a repeat of what happened at Tiananmen Square.

5 biggest surprises in Syria bombing updated 31 days ago

Frida Ghitis says when the U.S. and its allies finally began the attack on ISIS, it rolled out in a way many did not expect.

Will ISIS try Australian-style plot in America? updated 35 days ago

Frida Ghitis says the foiled Australian plot shows ISIS is working diligently to taunt the U.S. and its allies.

Why is ISIS so brutal? updated 35 days ago

Frida Ghitis says ISIS does not apologize or try to hide its barbarism, it celebrates and justifies it as a means to an end.

Ferguson is propaganda boon for U.S. foes updated 59 days ago

Frida Ghitis says media in states that are against the U.S. are portraying Ferguson as the breakdown of a corrupt and racist America.

Hillary Clinton pummels Obama foreign policy updated 74 days ago

Yes, Hillary Clinton is running for president, and she is running away from President Barack Obama's record on foreign policy, writes Frida Ghitis.

ISIS must be stopped updated 76 days ago

Frida Ghitis says we must respond to the heartbreaking plea of Iraq MP, who in a powerful video, tearfully begs for help to save her people, the Yazidis

Five lessons of the Gaza war updated 87 days ago

Frida Ghitis says Israelis' greatest fear is a Palestinian state falling to extremists, as Gaza did to Hamas.

What is the North Korean riddle? updated 91 days ago

Frida Ghitis says it's tempting to ignore North Korea's antics as bluster but the cruel regime is dangerous.

Who will speak for the MH17 victims? updated 95 days ago

Frida Ghitis: Anger over shooting down of MH17 is growing against the pro-Russian separatists. It's time for Dutch government to lead and press for justice.

A spark of good news from the Mideast updated 106 days ago

Frida Ghitis says a poll of 14 Muslim-majority nations show people are increasingly opposed to extremism.

What Obama discovered about Syria, Iraq updated 119 days ago

Frida Ghitis says President Obama discovered that he cannot look away from the twin disasters in Syria and Iraq.

Will ISIS brutality backfire? updated 129 days ago

Frida Ghitis says ISIS has launched the world's scariest PR campaign with grisly pictures from Iraq

Should Hillary Clinton embrace Obama's foreign policy? updated 135 days ago

Hillary Clinton can't disown the President's foreign policy, but she can highlight her differences with him, says Frida Ghitis

Five tough ethics issues in Bergdahl swap updated 142 days ago

Frida Ghitis outlines the conflicting moral principles facing President Obama when he had to decide whether to swap prisoners to release Bowe Bergdahl.

Conchita, the bearded lady who appalled Russia updated 144 days ago

Frida Ghitis says the stylish "woman" with a full dark beard who won the Eurovision song contest is at the center of a battle between Russia and the West.

Why no international effort for 200 kidnapped girls? updated 149 days ago

Frida Ghitis says if 230 girls had been kidnapped almost anywhere else, it would be the world's biggest story. We need an international effort to save them

Now will the NRA talk to gun control advocates? updated 149 days ago

Frida Ghitis: Another day, another gun massacre in America, this time in Isla Vista. How could this be?

Was Jill Abramson fired because she is a woman? updated 161 days ago

Frida Ghitis says Jill Abramson's sudden departure from The New York Times raises questions of sexism.

Women of Nigeria made the world pay attention updated 170 days ago

Frida Ghitis says the U.S. is sending help and the world is paying attention to the plight of the kidnapped schoolgirls because Nigeria's women demanded it.

Doctors in Afghanistan didn't die in vain updated 183 days ago

Frida Ghitis says, as violence claims three U.S. doctors, the temptation is to despair, but aid to Afghanistan has made it a much better place

Goodbye, good luck to Ukraine? updated 192 days ago

Frida Ghitis says President Obama needs to stop making empty threats against Russia.

Why we need women journalists on the front lines updated 199 days ago

Frida Ghitis says we still see the world mostly through male journalists' eyes

Trade a spy, get Middle East peace? updated 206 days ago

Frida Ghitis says if U.S. releases Jonathan Pollard, the Israeli-Palestinian talks might continue through 2015.

How Obama can save the day updated 212 days ago

Frida Ghitis says the U.S. and the West have less influence on the global stage, which helps the worst regimes. President Obama must revitalize the alliance.

Crimea: Where Ukraine could explode updated 238 days ago

Frida Ghitis says if Russia decides to intervene militarily in Ukraine, its justification and target will be the peninsula of Crimea.

'New' Russia in Sochi: Same old Russia in Ukraine updated 246 days ago

Frida Ghitis says Russia's Putin is surely focusing more on the blazes in Ukraine than the torch in Sochi. The protesters may prevail against his bullying.

Do you hate your Internet provider? updated 247 days ago

Frida Ghitis says Comcast's proposal to buy Time Warner Cable for $45 billion is bad for consumers.

Michael Sam and the new America updated 256 days ago

Frida Ghitis says not long ago the idea of same-sex marriage and legal pot in the U.S. seemed unrealistic. Not anymore. Americans' idea of freedom is changing

Are Syria, Iran playing Obama for a fool? updated 266 days ago

Frida Ghitis says Syria, Iran are quietly defying the U.S., raising doubts about the outcome of negotiations

Ariel Sharon's brilliant moves and disastrous mistakes updated 286 days ago

Frida Ghitis says the Israeli leader was a man of contradictions, a fierce warrior who ultimately was willing to take risks to end conflict

Who changed history in 2013? updated 304 days ago

Frida Ghitis says individuals made a huge impact by challenging institutions, organizations or the status quo.

How Kim Jong Un got rid of his uncle updated 316 days ago

Frida Ghitis says when North Korean leader Kim Jong Un purged his uncle and later executed him, he used a ruthless tactic perfected by Saddam Hussein.

Inequality threatens the rich updated 322 days ago

Frida Ghitis says conservatives should take note: Rising inequality is the proven enemy of stability and promotes extremism. It's their cause, too

Israel, U.S. -- stop dissing each other over Iran updated 336 days ago

Frida Ghitis says Israel and the U.S. need to defend their alliance as they work together to stop Iran's nuclear program.

What has happened to Pussy Riot's Nadya? updated 345 days ago

Frida Ghitis says the imprisoned activist has disappeared, believed taken away by Russian authorities. She says silence of Putin regime's has shined light on its repression

Don't tell Muslim women what to wear updated 354 days ago

Sudanese Amira Hamed is on trial for refusing to cover her hair and faces flogging. Frida Ghitis says she is one of many Muslim women fighting for their rights.

U.S. needs to get spying under control updated 364 days ago

Frida Ghitis says U.S. spying has angered world leaders (though their nations have long spied as well) and the U.S. should reassess its reach and goals.

Which politician do you hate? updated 369 days ago

Frida Ghitis says angry Americans should focus on how to change the political system by supporting moderate voices, not by indulging in hatred

Janet Yellen is about to become a superstar updated 380 days ago

Frida Ghitis says Janet Yellen would be the perfect person to lead the Federal Reserve.

World baffled by America's self-inflicted wound updated 386 days ago

Most of the world is mystified at the sight of the world's most powerful country tangled in a crippling web of its own making.

Putin a hypocrite with blood on his hands updated 407 days ago

Frida Ghitis says the irony of the Russian leader's pose as a champion of peace and democracy is thick, given Russia's role as arms supplier to Bashar al-Assad.

Speech aims to keep heat on Syria updated 409 days ago

Frida Ghitis says President Obama's speech laid out the array of tricky options the president faces.

U.S. can't be bullied by Iran threats on Syria updated 413 days ago

Frida Ghitis says Iran's apparent order for Iraq militias to hit American targets does not change the moral and strategic calculus for U.S. strikes in Syria

5 reasons the U.S. must intervene in Syria updated 422 days ago

Frida Ghitis says inaction in Syria is riskier and costlier than intervention. Every passing day makes Syria more America's -- and the world's -- problem.

Obama's foreign policy in a tailspin updated 436 days ago

Frida Ghitis says trying to count the ways in which foreign policy has gone badly for Obama makes for a stunningly long list.

Make Olympics in Russia the gayest ever updated 449 days ago

Frida Ghitis says in the light of Russia's extreme anti-gay laws, nations competing in the 2014 Olympics in Russia should make them the gayest Games ever

How to rescue the Arab Spring updated 451 days ago

Frida Ghitis says liberals in Egypt are in a corner, but it's vital for them to speak for democratic values.

Putin, a hypocrite on Snowden, Navalny updated 462 days ago

Frida Ghitis says it's hypocritical for Kremlin to defend Edward Snowden while convicting corruption-fighter Alexei Navalny.

Our terror over flying has cost us updated 470 days ago

Frida Ghitis says since 9/11 the cost of air travel, while very safe, has soared for passengers and the nation.

Obama missed out on Arab Spring updated 477 days ago

Frida Ghitis says the United States missed a chance to stand with those in Egypt and Syria who share its ideals.

Egyptians are fed up with Morsy updated 479 days ago

Frida Ghitis says the massive protests in Egypt show that the country's revolution is far from over.

A new age of protests updated 492 days ago

Frida Ghitis says in this era of connectivity, a little complaint can erupt into massive demonstrations.

Your biggest secrets are up for grabs updated 500 days ago

Frida Ghitis: If even America's state-of-the-art spy agency could not keep its secrets from public view, what chance do yours have?

When a Facebook friend dies updated 508 days ago

Frida Ghitis says coming to terms with the death of her friend Jim Sutherland was particularly difficult.

Americans still captive in global power games updated 511 days ago

Frida Ghitis says Americans are being held as captives in tense situations around the world.

How to make a political scandal stick updated 516 days ago

Frida Ghitis says for traction, a scandal needs a high-placed official caught in a clear-cut abuse of power. So far, Obama's troubles don't seem to fit.

The real enemy in London hacking death updated 519 days ago

Frida Ghitis explains that radical Islamist ideology that justifies any atrocity is the real enemy we must overcome.

Obama, failing on moral leadership? updated 538 days ago

Frida Ghitis asks when will Obama resolve issues such as Gitmo and Syria's alleged use of chemical weapons?

Obama must act on Syria chemical weapons updated 547 days ago

Frida Ghitis says after news that Syria has crossed the 'red line,' the administration must respond meaningfully and forcefully.

How strong, really, is America? updated 548 days ago

Frida Ghitis says America is powerful and mighty, and yet, more than 30,000 are killed each year by guns.

North Korea already won updated 558 days ago

Frida Ghitis says North Korea's standoff encourages tyrants and regimes to seek nuclear weapons.

5 signs the Middle East is changing updated 570 days ago

Here are five signs the Middle East is changing in ways you may not have expected.

In Mideast, Obama knocks it out of the park updated 578 days ago

Frida Ghitis says with his support for Israel, empathy for Palestinians and support of Jordan, Obama's trip was a show of vision, power and influence.

Argentina a complex crucible for Pope updated 589 days ago

Frida Ghitis says the life and views of Pope Francis were formed, tested in Argentina, where he had good relations with the Jewish population, but was accused of (and denies) abetting a dictator

Don't be like Washington; listen to other views updated 592 days ago

Frida Ghitis says too many people are living in echo chambers, surrounded by the sound of their own views.

Chavez empowered the poor, divided a nation updated 598 days ago

Frida Ghitis says the Venezuelan leader lifted people out of poverty but damaged his nation's democracy

Syrian war is everybody's problem updated 600 days ago

Frida Ghitis says if the humanitarian reasons aren't enough, we should weigh the global costs if we do nothing to stop the war in Syria.

Pistorius case and the plague of violence against women updated 610 days ago

Frida Ghitis says the murder of Reeva Steenkamp allegedly by Oscar Pistorius is a reminder that we have to do more to protect women.

Europe, name Hezbollah in terror updated 623 days ago

Frida Ghitis says in resisting naming Hezbollah as a terrorist group the European Union passively abets the group's attacks.

Hillary Clinton's global legacy on gay rights updated 624 days ago

Frida Ghitis says a signature achievement of Hillary Clinton's tenure as Secretary of State was the promotion of equality for gay people as a core value of U.S. foreign policy.

Algeria crisis is a wakeup call for America updated 639 days ago

Frida Ghitis says the hostage crisis in Algeria and the war in Mali are dark signs that militants are on the rise in North Africa

World to Obama: You can't ignore us updated 640 days ago

President Obama made it very clear: the second term is all about the domestic agenda. But Frida Ghitis says global issues will intrude

America, the Saudi Arabia of tomorrow updated 648 days ago

It's hard to imagine that the U.S. will become the world's leading oil producer in just a few years, says Frida Ghitis.

Women's power: A story with sharp divide updated 658 days ago

As the New Year approached, millions anxiously followed the news from two very different parts of the world about two different women.

2013: America on the cusp of social change updated 666 days ago

Frida Ghitis says that after years in which conservative views dominated the nation, there's now majority support for many progressive stances

What Obama can learn from Lincoln updated 672 days ago

Frida Ghitis says "Lincoln" is brilliant because it shows that the path of virtue is paved with morally ambiguous choices.

Egypt losing 'constitutional moment' updated 683 days ago

Frida Ghitis says Egyptians' poor grasp of what democracy means leaves Morsy and an Islamist-leaning constitutional committee to define the country's "consensus" and "truths"

Shoes a start, but homeless need far more updated 688 days ago

Frida Ghitis says after the flush of attention for a cop who gave shoes to a homeless man, the problem of homelessness again has receded from our consciousness.

Why the Middle East is a mess updated 693 days ago

Frida Ghitis says much as Obama wants to focus on Asia, but Middle East crises keep taking center stage, due to corruption, poor governance, anti-women polices and serious economic problems

In Israel-Hamas clash, Iran casts a shadow updated 701 days ago

Frida Ghitis: The standoff between Iran and the West over Iran's nuclear program serves as the backdrop to the Israel-Hamas fighting.

5 things we've learned from Petraeus scandal updated 709 days ago

Frida Ghitis says the general's troubles remind us of the scope of the FBI's jurisdiction, the risks of e-mail and the failings of powerful men

Why was Obama crying? updated 714 days ago

Frida Ghitis says the victorious president had many reasons for emotion--including the raft of serious issues that awaits--but more likely it was exhaustion and gratitude that let the mask slip

Don't let superstorm sway your vote updated 723 days ago

Frida Ghitis says before this election, both camps will use the handling of Sandy to sell their candidate. Voters must not let that determine their vote.

Are voters still picking leader of free world? updated 728 days ago

Frida Ghitis says the U.S. is less involved with shaping world events these days, but the world remains riveted on the American election campaign to choose the most powerful and influential human being on earth

The speech every woman should hear updated 735 days ago

Frida Ghitis says the fight against sexism has become all the rage among politicians. How timely, and how suspiciously convenient.

Girl's courage, Taliban's cowardice updated 739 days ago

The Pakistan Taliban's attack on 14-year-old Malala Yousufzai has reawakened the country to the threat of extremists, says Frida Ghitis.

Nobel committee wasted an opportunity in its Peace Prize updated 742 days ago

Frida Ghitis: The Noble Committee passed up a chance to give spotlight to an individual or cause that could really benefit from the award.

Can Romney and Obama tell the truth -- and win? updated 742 days ago

Frida Ghitis says voters demand perfect odds and simple solutions -- and politicians oblige.

Will Romney and Ryan take America to war? updated 743 days ago

Frida Ghitis says that in foreign policy, it's hard to find a truly sharp disagreement on fundamental issues between Romney and Obama.

A war is raging against free speech updated 756 days ago

Frida Ghitis says calls for anti-blasphemy laws by some leaders in the Middle East should alarm democracy advocates everywhere.

Politics by mob in China and Mideast updated 766 days ago

Frida Ghitis says in China and the Mideast, politicians are taking a risky tack by manipulating the populist anger of street protests to further their own ends.

Where's Hillary? Not in Charlotte updated 779 days ago

Frida Ghitis says Hillary Clinton, the most popular member of the Democratic Party, might be thousands of miles away, but she's still on everyone's mind.

A nation's sex strike for democracy updated 787 days ago

Frida Ghitis: Activist women are withholding sex to try to bring down Togo's dictator, a tactic used historically when women have little real power.

New 'democracies' failing if speech isn't free updated 793 days ago

Frida Ghitis says Russia, Ecuador, Egyptand other ersatz populist states show freedom is a fraud when they punish or discourage press criticism of government

Why the Syrian regime is killing babies updated 799 days ago

Frida Ghitis says the Assad regime is maintaining power by enforcing a balance of terror

Is Obama's re-election delaying action on Syria? updated 799 days ago

Frida Ghitis says the president shouldn't put history on hold until after Election Day.

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