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[Andrew Peter Charles Curry Green]
Name:Andrew Peter Charles Curry Green
Residence:Santa Monica, CA, United States
Occupation: director of business development, eLogic
Location: AA Flight 11
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Updated: June 18, 2002
Tributes and Information

My hopes and prayers go to Andrew Curry Green and his family and friends. I knew Mr. Curry Green from my first years at Walnut Hill School in Boston, where, outside of balancing a busy work week, he regularly volunteered to help young people. He had a great love of the outdoors which he shared with his remarkable wife, and I will always remember, in particular, the wintry hikes they had arranged through nearby snowy woods with some friends. In the short time that I knew him, it was a privelege to receive the help and advice of a man of such integrity. I will remember him as an observant and compassionate friend with a great sense of humor, community, and purpose.

Zsolt Bognar, neighbor at Walnut Hill

I did not know Andrew exceptionally well, or for that long for that matter, but what I know about him I will cherish forever. I met Andrew through our MBA program. It was an accelerated program that brings 30 or so people into close contact for two years. Andrew got along well with everyone. He gave freely of himself. You could always count on Andrew for an intelligent comment laced with a good deal of humor. You could not help but like Andrew. I am very grateful for knowing Andrew and for the ability to count him among my friends. Thank you Andrew. I think of you often. God's peace be with you.

James Knight, friend

I had the pleasure to work with Andrew while I was assigned to Cahners/eLogic. He was a bright, energetic, and sincere person to work with. I didn't know him well; but want to express my sympathy to him, his wife, and family. I am proud that our great nation rallying in his honor.

Scott L. Margolis, co-worker

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