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[Candace Lee Williams]
Name:Candace Lee Williams
Residence:Danbury, CT, United States
Occupation: Northeastern University student
Location: AA Flight 11
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Legacy.com tribute
Updated: March 10, 2002
Tributes and Information

God bless the family. Stay strong.

Kerry, friend

You are so beautiful! I miss you so much everyday. You will always be my sunshine... you will forever be like a sister to me... I miss you. You taught me so much in four years... watch over us!!

Kristy, boyfriend's sister

One day I spoke with your mother, who told me of your untimely death. I was asked to forward your mail to your mom, then I wrote your mom's name down, and the address in Connecticut. I taped it to my desk, I see it everyday, I think of you and your family. With love this message comes from me and my family, as well as the Roxbury post office. You will always be remembered.

Bill Carriere, letter carrier

I didn't know you, but you look so young and I wanted to say that the Lord is with you


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