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[Herbert W. Homer]
Name:Herbert W. Homer
Residence:Milford, MA, United States
Occupation: defense corporate executive, Defense Contract Management Agency
Location: UA Flight 175
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Updated: September 9, 2003
Tributes and Information

I went to high school with Herb and have not seen him in some 30 years. But I have always remembered him. When we got close to graduation time, and everyone was telling of what they had planned to do immediately after school, Herb mentioned working with the Salvation Army. I was struck by this and over the years remembered his decision to help others. ... Herb's choice influenced me greatly, and I would follow his example to help others as best I could. Herb was a kind, thoughtful and giving man 30 years ago. I am sure he only grew richer in these traits as the years passed.

Robert Peloquin, friend

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