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[Christine Lee Hanson]
Name:Christine Lee Hanson
Residence:Groton, MA, United States
Location: UA Flight 175
Related: Daughter of Peter Hanson and Sue Kim-Hanson
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Updated: September 9, 2003
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It's sad that when terrorist strike they just have one thing in mind. To destroy the lives of the way people want to live. My heart cries out for the children who lost their lives on September 11th as they are innocent angels. May God grant their families peace and may they heal in the years to come.

Mario D'Sa

God Bless your soul, as small as it may be. As you look down upon all of us from that better place, I ask that you pray for us. Although you did not ask to be taken from this earth and the people who love you, I know that that you are in heaven and and are protected by angels, this is what YOU were before 9/11.

Steve M. Passantino

Its really sad to hear about how many young people died on this horrible day. Especially as young as 2 yrs old. This little girl, along with many others, will not be able to see their lives ahead of them. I pray for the victims and their families. You are in my heart.

Leah Gleixner

My heart aches to look at your sweet face. May your spirit transcend this world and find a better place.

Erik Madsen

May your little soul and body rest in peace with God. My thoughts and prayers are with you little one. God bless you and love you.

Angela White

I am 12 years old and I find it vile that this small girl at such an innocent age was stripped of her life almost before it began. I am from Australia and all the people I know including me are praying for the sufferers of this tragic event. God bless America. Houghton


As the youngest of the victims Christine symbolizes the innocence and the beauty of all the human beings killed in the terrorist attacks. To those who knew and loved her, I offer my deep and sincere condolences.

Nik Allday

I have just read the CNN list of people lost on September 11. Despite all the tragedy that we have seen every day on the TV, the real senselessness and evil of what happened that day has just been brought home by seeing this picture of Christine, who was just 2 years old when she died. My own son is nearly 2, and I know there is no clearer definition of innocence and hope than a 2-year-old child. My heart truly goes out to Christine's family.

Matthew Wall

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