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[David Reed Gamboa Brandhorst]
Name:David Reed Gamboa Brandhorst
Residence:Los Angeles, CA, United States
Location: UA Flight 175
Related: Adopted son of Daniel R. Brandhorst and Ronald Gamboa
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Updated: September 4, 2003
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My heart goes out to you, may God bless, and I hope that everyone around the world remembers this beautiful face representing innocence and will motivate us all to achieve peace. Michael Anthony Montoya We never met but I often think of you with love.

Gary Miles

David Reed Gamboa Brandhorst was the 3-year-old adopted son of Ronald Gamboa and his partner of over 13 years Daniel Brandhorst (both also on the flight). They lived in Los Angeles. They were wonderful daddies to David, who was a bright and curious child and will be dearly missed by many. Dan and Ron were also founding members of the Pop Luck Club, an organization providing support and resources for gay dads and their families. The dads and kids in their group were devasted by the death of their "brethren."

Leah, Pop Luck Club

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