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[Thomas E. Burnett Jr.]
Name:Thomas E. Burnett Jr.
Residence:San Ramon, CA, United States
Occupation: senior vice president and chief operating officer, Thoratec Corp.
Location: UA Flight 93
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Updated: October 8, 2002
Tributes and Information

Deena, I can't imagine how you feel right now. I, like yourself, have three small girls and have many times tried to imagine the pain you feel. I read your story in Newsweek (December 3rd issue). I know you are a woman of faith. Please know that I am praying earnestly for you and your children. May God give you the strength, courage, and grace to go on without your beloved husband. Your husband truly was a hero. My husband is gone now fighting in the war. Everytime I miss him I think of you and how much you must miss Tom. Thinking of you gives me the strength to keep things in the proper perspective. Thank you for that. Just like Tom told you on 9/11, "Just pray Deena, pray." That alone will get you through this. And I pledge to join you in prayer! In symapthy,

Anaritha G.

Deena, you and the girls are blessed to have had a man in your life as brave and wonderful as Tom was. All know how proud you must be of him. I hope you have a blessed Christmas Season and New Year. Love in Christ.

Martha Board Rogers, cousin of John Ogles

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