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[Sgt. Tamara C. Thurman]
Name:Sgt. Tamara C. Thurman
Residence:Brewton, AL, United States
Occupation: classified employee, U.S. Army
Location: Pentagon
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Updated: September 4, 2003
Tributes and Information

A wonderful person who always had a smile on her face and always in a good mood. She was truly a pleasure to work with and to be around. The world lost a beautiful person when she died.

Capt. Mark Van Hout, former commander

With deep felt appreciation for your service to our country. I salute you, Sgt!

SSgt Terry Manring (USAF), fellow service member

This young lady died much too young. I can't believe the incredible creulty we all saw on September ll, 2001. In her memory, let us make sure this does not happen again. May God rest her soul.

De Wayne Williams

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