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[Thomas Barnes Reinig]
Name:Thomas Barnes Reinig
Residence:Bernardsville, NJ, United States
Occupation: Vice President of eSpeed Software Solutions, Cantor Fitzgerald
Location: World Trade Center
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Updated: September 9, 2003
Tributes and Information

Persistence, determination and love were personified in every aspect of my father's life. Starting a family in northern New Jersey, he constantly sacrificed himself for the benefit of those he loved. Always traveling wherever his work took him, his heartfelt dedication to everything in his life was obvious at all times to everyone who knew him. Working hard was always important to my father, yet never at the cost of spending time with his family. A model dad, he encouraged my mother, brother and me to aim high, by leading us with the example he set.

Riding chair lifts with us on the ski slopes, swimming with us at the town pool, coaching our sports teams, cheering for us during competitions, getting frustrated over poor golf shots with us, competing alongside us in triathlons, and pushing us to excel in school -- never once did he leave our side.

Fighting all the pressures of the business world to put work first and everything else second, my father never let his job get the best of him. Rather, it only brought out the best. The idea that working hard and playing even harder was a rule of thumb, he did whatever was required of him to ensure that he could do just that.

We'll certainly miss all the great times, the steak dinners, the vacations, but most of all, you and your drive to make things perfect, just as they were. Smiling, a Reinig tradition, is what we'll continue doing. I'm sure anyone who ever met my father and our family knows that all he would want from us is for us to remain smiling. We can't cry because it's over, but we can smile because it happened. Thanks dad, for everything.

Scott Reinig, son

Tom and I worked together for a number of years at Lehman Brothers. Always very professional and enthusiastic, Tom was especially helpful to me when, as a second year associate, I was asked to start the derivatives and financing business at Lehman in Japan - at the time a small office of 20 people. Whenever he was asked to help out on a project he was responsive and responsible. I have lost contact with Tom since he left Lehman but remember his cheerful and enthusiastic demeanor fondly. As we were the same age, his untimely passing has personally affected me and has made me think hard of how I am living my life.

Gary Talarico, former colleague

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