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[Joseph Sacerdote]
Name:Joseph Sacerdote
Residence:Freehold, NJ, United States
Occupation: Cantor Fitzgerald
Location: World Trade Center
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Updated: September 9, 2003
Tributes and Information

I love my brother, Joe. Joe had a famous smile and sense of humor. He taught me that leftover Chinese food was also a breakfast food, which he would eat cold. He had the best homemade Halloween costumes. He made everyone laugh and smile. Everyone who knew Joe has a Joe "Sas" (his nickname) story. Joe dearly loved his family. Joe and his wife, Arlene, had a strong and loving marriage that I admired. Joe was a great father. He was so proud of his daughter, Andrea's accomplishments and encouraged her to earn her black belt in karate. When he learned his daughter, Alison, had a malignant brain tumor, nothing else mattered to him but to find a cure for her. He did more than humanly possible, continuing to investigate treatments and conferring with specialists everywhere, until Ali's death April 12, 2001 at age 15. We were all devastated by Ali's death, but no one more than Joe. Even in his sorrow, Joe's thoughts were for his family. He could never do enough for us, he was always there to make things better for us and to take care of us in any way he could. Joe was also faithful. He attended Mass faithfully and prayed the rosary everyday. I miss Joe terribly. I think of him everyday. My comfort is that he is with his Ali. I know that he is holding her hand and smiling that terrific smile of his and he is happy.

Jane Sacerdote McMillan, sister

You are truly missed.

Charlie Veneziano, cousin

While I have not seen you since graduation from St. Thomas Aquinas grammar school, I have very fond memories of you.

Ann Szkutnik Gallo, classmate

I can't say we were close friends, as I knew Joe mainly through my friendship with his older sister, Jane. That's what made what he did all the more touching.

Shortly after my mother died, Joe appeared, unexpectedly, at my apartment. He thought I needed to get out. I was hesitant but he was insistent. I relented and we just drove around Brooklyn, listening to Dr. Demento and laughing. Brief as it was, tt was one of those very special moments that has stayed with me all these years -- an act of caring that, clearly, came from the heart. I will never forget Joe and that night.

Joe Bandille, friend

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