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[Paul Ortiz Jr.]
Name:Paul Ortiz Jr.
Residence:New York, NY, United States
Occupation: computer technician, Bloomberg L.P.
Location: World Trade Center
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Updated: March 10, 2002
Tributes and Information

How can I describe this individual of whose presence the world is temporarily deprived? Such as some reporters have stated about ground zero that cameras and pictures don't truly do it justice, I feel the same about the following few words in this attempt to describe to you exactly who Paul Ortiz Jr. is. Some may refer to him as a small man, a person measuring about 5' 8" and approximately 145 pounds. Judging him from a physical aspect, I would have to agree that he is not a huge person. However thinking of him as who he is, what he has accomplished in his brief life and the amount of people who love and respect him, I would have to conclude that Paul Ortiz Jr. is truly a man of noble stature. From the time that he was just a young child, he has always shown intelligence, a sense of responsibility and also love towards those who were closest to him. As he grew into a young man, these qualities grew with him and so it is not surprising to see how so many lives were affected by his disappearance. He was a very loving individual who always showed consideration to his peers by treating these people with respect and dignity. It goes without saying that until he is recovered, his family and friends will sorely miss him.

Jesse Valentin, cousin

You were a great student and a really nice guy. I hope Star and the baby are doing alright. I have no way of contacting them. God bless you and I am very proud of all the work you did at the Katharine Gibbs School in New York.

Mr. Estepa, teacher

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