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New Year's Eve Live

Aired December 31, 2010 - 23:00   ET



TOM FOREMAN, CNN CORRESPONDENT: So wipe the tables down and put up the chairs. That's it for 2010.

I'm Tom Foreman. Thanks for being here. Now down to Times Square and Anderson Cooper.

ANDERSON COOPER, HOST: And welcome, everyone, to New York's Times Square. It's the only piece of tarmac in New York this week that does not have snow on it or a 747 full of angry people. The final hour of 2010; thanks for spending it with us.

I'm Anderson Cooper here with Kathy Griffin.


COOPER: You're what?

GRIFFIN: I'm angry.

COOPER: Why are you angry?

GRIFFIN: I think we should talk about what happened with Ryan Seacrest yesterday.

COOPER: What -- oh, no. You're going to have to be on good behavior tonight. You promised.

GRIFFIN: I'm angry with him and I know you are as well.


COOPER: Why are you angry with Ryan Seacrest?

GRIFFIN: And that's why before the show you kept saying, if I see him, I'm going to punch --


COOPER: What you missed is just --


GRIFFIN: -- just lights up. COOPER: I didn't say that. Moments ago she insisted on walking around trying to find Ryan Seacrest literally going up to police officers asking them where Seacrest was. What did that one police officer say?

GRIFFIN: I mean I believe that Ryan Seacrest has actually purchased the NYPD and paid them off in some sort or old school Hollywood mafia.

COOPER: No that police officer sort of dissed him.

GRIFFIN: Oh that's right, well, that was fantastic and the police officer was like, kid, what do you want him for? And I said, "Nothing. I have Anderson."

But anyway, we should tell what Ryan did to us personally yesterday. And how --


COOPER: And -- he did nothing to us.

GRIFFIN: You cried in front of me last night in dinner.

COOPER: I did not cry. I know -- we are --

GRIFFIN: You cried like a baby. I had to rock you for 15 minutes.

COOPER: Oh man, this is going to be -- this is as always the most unpredictable New Year's Eve countdown show anywhere you're going to find.


COOPER: No, stop. We have an hour left to go. We're going to be on until 12:30. Our coverage continues on until 1:00 after that for Central Time Zones. We've got people right in the thick of it, right here in Times Square.

GRIFFIN: Are we going to go live to Nancy Grace?

COOPER: No, Nancy Grace is not on this program.

GRIFFIN: What about the "Swift Justice"? Is she --

COOPER: Isha Sesay is down in the crowd talking to some of the hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers and visitors here from all around the world. We're going to talk to her --


GRIFFIN: What happened to Poppy Harlow?

COOPER: Poppy is not doing it this year.

GRIFFIN: You canned her?

COOPER: No, no I didn't.

GRIFFIN: You just fire people that have families and need to survive?

COOPER: Brooke Baldwin is in music city Nashville, Tennessee; they survived terrible flooding this year. They are back stronger than ever in Nashville and we'll check in with her a little bit later.


GRIFFIN: Who did Brooke take over for?

COOPER: Also John Zarrella is in Key West, Florida, where it's foot ware tradition a show size 88 triple E or so (ph) filled with Sushi -- it's sort of hard to explain but we'll explain that later, we'll show you.

And back here in New York's Central Park, Gary Tuchman.

GRIFFIN: And we have Katy Perry live in -- in 92 minutes.

COOPER: We don't have Katy Perry.


GRIFFIN: Ninety-two minutes away to Katy Perry.

COOPER: Gary -- Gary Tuchman is filling a pair of running shoes carrying on another New Year eve tradition, making the annual midnight run with his daughter Samantha and everyone else just cannot stand still here in midnight here New York City.

GRIFFIN: We're going to run to Ryan Seacrest's house after this. Let me tell you because the things you were saying about him were so vile.

COOPER: She's trying to get some sort of war started between me and Ryan Seacrest and I don't understand why you would do that.

GRIFFIN: For Poppy Harlow.

COOPER: But -- but let just be clear, this year, we've had some problems in the past two years with you where you've said some things that you shouldn't have said.

GRIFFIN: Well, that -- I --

COOPER: And -- and this -- this year you've promised you're not going to do that. Right?

GRIFFIN: Well, I -- I -- here's what I'm going to promise.


GRIFFIN: I am going to promise to love you forever. And swear less than usual.

COOPER: Oh, man. Yes.

GRIFFIN: And then at midnight we get to see the ball drop. All right. Now are we ever going to see your --

COOPER: Can -- can we show them the sign that our Jack Gray is holding up? This is -- this is literally the sign that one of my producers Jack Gray has been holding up right behind the camera.

GRIFFIN: For days. It was for days, actually.

COOPER: Just so Kathy remembers.

GRIFFIN: But we should talk about the ball dropping -- the ball dropping.

COOPER: Yes? The ball drops in an hour from now.

GRIFFIN: What about the other one?

COOPER: I don't -- I don't know what you mean. I don't -- what are you talking about? Oh, God.

GRIFFIN: I meant the one in Jersey. You know, with Snooki. That's going to be off the chain.

COOPER: That has -- that's done.

GRIFFIN: We don't care about that.

COOPER: That's done. Forget about that.


COOPER: This is where it's happening, Times Square. It is amazing when you look around, if you take a look live at some of the different angles we have, so many people. It is such great weather out tonight. I think in the four years that you and I have done this, this is without a doubt the great --

GRIFFIN: This is the nicest one.

COOPER: It's the nicest temperature.


COOPER: It's -- and it's going to be I think for the viewers at home the nicest and most pleasing as well.

GRIFFIN: That is so at odds with how you've been acting the last few days. That's what's so interesting to me. Just complaining a lot about the network at CNN and --

COOPER: No, I have not been -- I'm -- I'm very happy at CNN. Why would I complain? GRIFFIN: I don't know. I -- something about wanting to go over to the ABC Broadcast with Ryan and punch him.

COOPER: So literally, just moments ago there before we went on air, she's running through Times Square looking for Ryan Seacrest --

GRIFFIN: Because I -- I'm a people person and you're not.

COOPER: You -- you weren't saying -- you didn't say what the -- what the police officer really said to you. He was like, how would you see Ryan and he's awfully small.

GRIFFIN: Oh that was great.

COOPER: The police well, did say that, I did not say that.

GRIFFIN: And we high-fived.

COOPER: I did not, she did. So then literally she sees Carson Daly over on NBC who's live --

GRIFFIN: And he (INAUDIBLE) the storm and reports the storm.

COOPER: And she jumps on his television program and assaults him on the air live.

GRIFFIN: Have you been working out?

COOPER: What you want to hit me?

GRIFFIN: Yes I do.

COOPER: You go; that kind of hurt. Let's go down to Isha Sesay who is down in the crowd. Isha, you've talked to a lot of the folks in the crowd. They have been here since like 2:00 -- 1:00 in the afternoon --

GRIFFIN: Well, I've always wanted to punch you. I just want you to know that.

COOPER: OK. Isha -- people from all around.

GRIFFIN: Hi -- hi Isha.

ISHA ESSAY, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Hi, Kathy; hi, Anderson. Yes, people from all around the world, from all over the U.S. have been down here in Times Square since about 3:00 p.m. today. I want to give you a shot of the crowd. Everybody say hi to Anderson and Kathy.

Now, in case you're wondering how I got them to yell like that so enthusiastically, Anderson, I told them that you and Kathy would kiss them each individually and that was how I got them going, just in case you're wondering how I got them.

GRIFFIN: I'm in, Isha.

SESAY: I -- I knew I could count on you, Kathy.

COOPER: And also frankly, that wasn't very enthusiastic.

GRIFFIN: No they were kind of like -- not that exciting.

COOPER: Yes, they weren't sure they were really on, I think.

SESAY: All right, let's -- let's do that again. Anderson wants you to do it again.


COOPER: No I'm not.

SESAY: He wants you to give a really big cheer.

GRIFFIN: She made you sound like a villain. Kathy liked you. Anderson didn't.

SESAY: Oh yes so there you go. Anderson and Kathy you'll be down here puckering up with this lot.

GRIFFIN: Yes. Absolutely. I'm going to do it. Now, Isha, did you know that tonight Anderson is going to take his shirt off?

COOPER: Well, it's not true.

GRIFFIN: In ten --

SESAY: Wow, now, this I want to see.

GRIFFIN: -- nine and we all do.

SESAY: I do ask -- I do ask the crowd how they feel about that.

GRIFFIN: You should.


GRIFFIN: Anderson possibly taking his shirt off, anything, any -- any excitement about that?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Happy New Year Anderson.

COOPER: Would you look at that.

GRIFFIN: Not much excitement about that.

COOPER: There's literally a look of horror on the face of these people.


GRIFFIN: I want to go over to this woman.

COOPER: No. All right, you go ahead. SESAY: She came all the way from California. So, Rhonda, talk to Anderson. Talk to Kathy, talk to our viewers at home. You have been waiting three years to get here. Why?

RHONDA: Because for this and the excitement; the noise; the people. I've met so many friends since I've been here, and then I get to scream and holler and act up like this.

GRIFFIN: That's right. The screaming and the hollering, I agree with everything she said.

COOPER: I could barely hear her.

GRIFFIN: Well, she was acting like I did.


COOPER: You know what --

GRIFFIN: You know what --

COOPER: Actually, Isha, I met that woman earlier and she has been screaming for about three hours and the three hour that I --

GRIFFIN: Is she on your Ridiculist?

COOPER: No, she's not. She's very happy and excited to be here and I'm happy that she's excited.

SESAY: She said that's why she came down here.

COOPER: Oh that's nice.

SESAY: She came down here to holler and scream just for you guys.


SESAY: I'm going to send it back to you.

COOPER: And there's hundreds and thousands of others just like her. Isha, we'll talk -- we'll check in with you a little bit later on. We've got folks all over the --

GRIFFIN: Lou Dobbs is going to do a live feed.

COOPER: No, he's not. He's not going to do a live -- a live feed.

GRIFFIN: Oh, sorry.

COOPER: You're bringing it all up early, aren't you? You're just getting it all out there.

GRIFFIN: Glenn -- Glenn Beck in ten minutes. Glenn Beck is going to be here in ten minutes. (CROSSTALK)

COOPER: No, he's not.

GRIFFIN: With the chalkboard and pointer.

COOPER: He's not. He's not, he's not. I don't know, maybe he's watching at home. I don't know.

GRIFFIN: I'm -- oh I'm sure he is.

COOPER: Yes I'm sure he is.

GRIFFIN: I'm sure Glenn Beck wouldn't miss a minute of this.

COOPER: I'm sure he's a big fan of yours.

GRIFFIN: I bruise easily.

COOPER: We've got a lot more ahead. Should we take a quick break and then come back?

GRIFFIN: Yes, but I'm wondering how long it's going to take you to plug your new day time show.

COOPER: Can I just show you what the folks at Telemundo are doing?

GRIFFIN: Yes, yes.

COOPER: I don't know if you could -- can we have -- no, oh never mind it's not very --

GRIFFIN: It goes like this.

COOPER: What's --

GRIFFIN: Now whether you -- how long have you been taking salsa? Because you're a very -- you're a natural.

COOPER: I've never taken salsa lessons.

GRIFFIN: Well, you will, for that new daytime show. You're going to dance like a marionette, honey. You're going to do whatever they tell you.

We're going to come up by the way, please I'm on @Kathy Griffin on Twitter, please tweet us some names that you would like Anderson to name his daytime show?

COOPER: And I'm at @AndersonCooper, yes.

GRIFFIN: What about, shooting the poop with coop? (INAUDIBLE) with Mr. Cooper, I'm sure people say that.

COOPER: Yes. GRIFFIN: All right, all right, all right, what about if you just called it Oprah? I don't think anyone is using that.

COOPER: No, it's just going to be called "Anderson." But I don't know, we don't need to talk about the daytime show. We're here to talk about New Year's Eve and the year that was. We're going to have a little bit of a look back over the next hour; we're going to look at some of the best celebrity mug shots.

GRIFFIN: I love a good celebrity mug shot.

COOPER: And we have had some really good ones. In fact we've had --


COOPER: -- two this year from Lindsay Lohan. Did you know that? Two mug shots.

GRIFFIN: That's my business. Of course I know that. I could be her attorney at this point.

COOPER: A quick reminder, check out for a unique behind the scenes look at our show tonight. We're also going to be streaming coverage as well on CNN's domestic and international iPhone and iPad apps. Do you have an iPad?

GRIFFIN: I do, and I saw Ed Henry earlier doing the app where it's like a, you know, New Year's horn blower. I'm so afraid to say something bad. I can't even describe a whistle without being able to get pulled.

COOPER: There is a very large person ready to pull you. In a moment --

GRIFFIN: I know. I will -- I will go to Univision happily.

COOPER: All right. Up next, we'll go to New Year's in Nashville. We'll show you how they're going to celebrate it there. Florida, as well as Moscow and some of the celebrations that's have already happened around the world.

We are live in Times Square. Stick with us, anything can happen.



MATTHEW CHANCE, CNN CORRESPONDENT: I'm Matthew Chance in a freezing Moscow, and these are the last few moments of 2010. You can see thousands of people have come to Red Square to see in the New Year. And the firework display has just begun. Take a look.


CHANCE: Well, a spectacular display over Saint Basil's Cathedral as the people in Red Square look on. The people of Moscow welcoming in, in true Russian fashion 2011.

Matthew Chance, CNN, Moscow.


COOPER: That was Matthew Chance, New Year's in Moscow, a snowy 15 degrees or so there. What he didn't say is, I'm sure everybody was just drunk out of their minds.

GRIFFIN: Well, then we have to announce tonight's drinking game. Because one year, as every time I called you Andy --

COOPER: Right.

GRIFFIN: -- the audience would drink. Now, and my lovely assistant Tiffany came up with this because she enjoys a little cocktail herself, anyway it's every time either one of us says New Year or New Year's.

COOPER: Now, then somebody has to drink?

GRIFFIN: Everybody has to drink.


GRIFFIN: It's mandatory.

COOPER: OK, I'm not a -- I'm not -- I don't really drink.

GRIFFIN: You're -- you're going to need a drink after this. I'm just saying.

COOPER: All right.

GRIFFIN: You might want to rethink that.

COOPER: Well, there's no alcohol either in Times Square. It's a very orderly crowd. The New York police department does a great job to keep everything nice and orderly.

But a lot of very excited, very happy people but I'm really thrilled to be here with you again this year. I didn't think they'd invite you back. I really didn't.

GRIFFIN: I know what this is.


GRIFFIN: I've seen this before.

COOPER: What is?

GRIFFIN: This is what I call the A-list pre-emptive strike. Folks, this is when celebrities are nervous I'm going to trash them and so they do this like kiss -- kiss --

COOPER: Yes, it's true.


COOPER: It's true. But don't say, no, don't say that.


GRIFFIN: I can't even say --

COOPER: Kiss up to you. Kiss up to you.

GRIFFIN: OK, all right, hold on. You're -- you're doing some news story. Yes, I see it. All right? I -- I -- yes. I get it. All right, and so -- are you still doing news or you just doing mostly like the --

COOPER: No, I -- I -- no, I have a nightly news program that's actually very aggressive. We do "Keeping Them Honest" at the top of every show.



COOPER: No -- I see "The Shot" of the day.

All right now, can you, all right, I'm going to test your knowledge. Can you spell Julian Assange?

COOPER: Yes, I can.

GRIFFIN: OK, but just the last name.

COOPER: A-s-s-a --

GRIFFIN: Stop. I can't believe you did that. I cannot. You know what, mom? This one's on him. My mother is very disappointed in you right now.

COOPER: OK, I want to -- I -- I saw this picture and I'm confused by this picture.


COOPER: Kind of embarrassed by it, kind of shamed by it, and I wanted to see what it was you and Cher on -- on some sort of recreational water vehicle.

GRIFFIN: Yes. Go ahead.

GRIFFIN: What were you -- first of all, you are paler than I am, A.

GRIFFIN: I'm like an anatomy doll. I'm transparent. You can see my face --

COOPER: Right, you absorb light.


COOPER: You're like -- you're like a newt.


GRIFFIN: I'm like powder.

COOPER: That's just emerged from the sea.

GRIFFIN: I'm like powder.

COOPER: Or like some deep sea creature that's just been brought out from a great depth.

GRIFFIN: Yes. I am -- but you know what who cares? Because I'm with freaking Cher and I can say freaking, America and Moscow.

COOPER: By the way you -- you have a rocking bod.

GRIFFIN: Are you jealous of my bang and bikini bod?

COOPER: What were you doing with Cher?

GRIFFIN: She invited me to her house for Christmas. So I went there for a few days and it was dreamy and I don't know.

COOPER: You actually spent like -- like Cher actually wanted you in her house like for an extended period of time.

GRIFFIN: Here's the deal. If you're going to slap me in the face, why don't you ask me to move my mike first because that was like a cold, drafty slap in my face? And you know what I do when you do that?

COOPER: What? She really has been punching me all night long in the stomach.

GRIFFIN: I have an anger toward men. Sorry, it's a long story. But yes, I was on the beach frolicking with Cher. What did you do for Christmas? Sorry, I fell asleep for one second. Let's talk -- that's a great story. I love that story.

COOPER: I'm hurt -- I hurt my back and so I stayed in New York recovering.


COOPER: I didn't want to sit on a plane, I didn't know where to go, I just, I read some books and I got an iPad and I read books. It was really fun. Anyway, this is boring.

GRIFFIN: Carson, is Carson Daly available?

COOPER: Let's go to Nashville for a moment. People in Nashville went through a major ordeal earlier this year with flooding. I was down there for the flood. We did a show from there. We watched them pull together really as few cities could. They pulled together to rebuild.

Tonight: a well-earned celebration. Brooke Baldwin is at the Hard Rock Cafe in Music City. Brooke, how are people are going to be celebrating down in Nashville?

GRIFFIN: Happy New Year, Brooke.

COOPER: Happy New Year, Brooke.

BROOKE BALDWIN, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Thank you, Kathy and Anderson.

Yes, no actually, Anderson, everyone loves you here. They love the fact that you came down after the floods. And if you can believe, and I know you know where I am on Broadway right by the Cumberland River, and I'm pretty tall, I'm 5'9". And they told me at that time in May the water would have actually been over my head.

So it's pretty amazing. Looking around now you would never know there was this horrendous flood just seven months ago.

What are they doing here? Well, you're on Broadway in Manhattan, I'm on Broadway and we will -- we will take your Waterford Crystal act, we'll raise you I don't know if you can see it, this ten-foot tall Gibson Guitar, this is the second year in a row that we have actually had a guitar drop here in Nashville, the first time they have been good enough to have us here for New Year's.

And it's packed with people here along Broadway, including these two lovely ladies. I want to introduce you to -- from -- you guys are from Memphis. This is Autumn.


BALDWIN: Hi, Autumn, how old are you?


BALDWIN: And we have Brooklyn. That was easy to remember, Brooklyn. How old are you?


BALDWIN: And what do you like so far about Nashville, Autumn?

AUTUMN: Just watching the singers and the guitar.

BALDWIN: Watching the singers and the guitar? Do you like to sing? Do you play any instruments?

AUTUMN: I don't play any instruments, but I like to sing.

BALDWIN: And -- and what do you like about New Years? AUTUMN: The fireworks and the guitar, the fireworks and the other stuff.

BALDWIN: It's kind of cool, that guitar is coming down. What do you think about New Years? Have you ever done in Nashville in New Years before?

BROOKLYN: No, ma'am.

BALDWIN: No ma'am. You don't have to call me ma'am. What's your favorite part tonight other than --


COOPER: Hey, Brooke? Hey, Brooke.

BALDWIN: Yes. Yes.

COOPER: How -- you're -- you're doing an amazing job of ignoring the weird guy behind you.

GRIFFIN: It's the George Clinton-like --

COOPER: It's like George -- George Clinton, don't look, Brooke, don't turn around right away. Don't turn around.

GRIFFIN: Who's on the phone, who can't be bothered to get off the phone by the way.

COOPER: There's a -- there's a guy over your left shoulder who's on the phone clearly talking to a loved one but he's got like George Clinton green "Star Wars" hair.

GRIFFIN: Lit neon hair.

COOPER: Slowly turn around. And don't get scare though --

BALDWIN: Should I turn around? Should I turn around?

COOPER: Yes, just slowly turn, yes just slowly turn.

GRIFFIN: Yes, you should kiss him. You should kiss him --

BALDWIN: Should I do the casual like --

COOPER: Right exactly. Exactly, don't -- right don't give it --

BALDWIN: So which one of you is illegal? There are three to choose from.

COOPER: There we go.

BALDWIN: I don't know which one to choose.

GRIFFIN: It's a horse race.

COOPER: All right. Brooke we're going to check in with you a little bit.

BALDWIN: And it's on -- to Kathy say hi. They say you guys -- Happy New Year.

PEOPLE: Happy New Year, everybody.

COOPER: All right.

BALDWIN: Anderson, back to you.

GRIFFIN: We didn't mean to bother their call.

COOPER: Yes we don't want to bother their call.

GRIFFIN: We don't need to bother their phone call.

COOPER: Brook, we'll check in with you a little bit. A quick reminder, you can text us your New Year's wishes for family and friends to AC360. That's 22360, we're going to read some of them on the air. Keep it clean, folks. Standard rates apply, no gambling is allowed of course on the outcome of that.

GRIFFIN: Wait, do people actually gamble?

COOPER: Sure, there's wagering, there's all sorts of things.

GRIFFIN: I think you guys should totally do that. That sounds like fun.

COOPER: No, no, no.

GRIFFIN: And I mean, just take your -- like your mortgage, or whatever it is. Just go for it. It's New Year's man.

COOPER: Yes. We're going to take a quick break and we'll be right back live from Times Square and celebrations all around the world.

GRIFFIN: Katy Perry in 23 minutes.

COOPER: No, Katy Perry is not on the show.



COOPER: And welcome back, we are live. (AUDIO GAP) What you're looking at right now, you're looking -- who's that -- that's the Backstreet.




GRIFFIN: Oh, grandpa, it's only the greatest tour ever.

COOPER: That's --

GRIFFIN: And -- and it looks like they are on our show.

COOPER: No, no they're just performing for the crowd here. And though, and so that's New Kids on the Block -- NKOTB --

GRIFFIN: Look at them -- and Backstreet.

COOPER: -- and Backstreet. They've joined forces?

GRIFFIN: Yes. OK so there they are.

COOPER: It's like the Justice League.

GRIFFIN: I'm going home with one of them. I'm not sure if I want to go home with AJ or Nick. But --can you name them for me?

COOPER: Who's new? No, is -- is Mark Wahlberg's brother one of them?

GRIFFIN: Oh my gosh that is so embarrassing. You don't just call them that.

COOPER: Don, Tony Wahlberg?

GRIFFIN: Yes he is an artist on to himself --

COOPER: OK. Yes he is and he's a very good actor there. I know he's a good actor too.

GRIFFIN: Great, how do you like it when people just call you Kathy Griffin's side kick? I bet you feel this big.

COOPER: Well, look they're practicing their moves.

GRIFFIN: On me, later.

COOPER: Oh, goodness.

GRIFFIN: Take it to the bridge.

COOPER: How do you -- you actually know them. How do you know them?

GRIFFIN: I went out with Nick.

COOPER: What? Which one is Nick?

GRIFFIN: The one -- OK. That's AJ.

COOPER: What pointing -- that's AJ?

GRIFFIN: Nick is the one who just touched his ear.



COOPER: All right. What -- you actually went out with him?

GRIFFIN: Yes, I did.

COOPER: OK. How did that go?

GRIFFIN: Pretty well, for Nick.

COOPER: All right. Enough of the -- the video.

GRIFFIN: Sorry, I'm excited. But I'm going on their cruise though.

COOPER: What do you mean they have a cruise?

GRIFFIN: The Back Street Boys have a cruise and Tiffany and I are going. And so are you. We're going to get you a seat. It's going to be fun. Because I know you're a super fan.

COOPER: I know what do you -- what do you, like an entire cruise?

GRIFFIN: You go on the cruise with the Backstreet Boys and then you sleep with a couple of them, and then you listen to their songs and you cry. What is the down side of that? That is my idea of a good time, my friend.

Now, when do you your daytime show you're going to have to do that. You're going to have to just do remote pieces and travel the world. Not like the show you have now where you sit in a desk and talk to Fareed Zakaria.

Just do you think -- OK, I'm going to test your knowledge again.


GRIFFIN: First of all, I wanted to tell you that you're going to have to expand your brand and come out with a vodka line and jeans, like your mom had jeans.

COOPER: OK. And -- and like P. Diddy has or Sean Combs. That's a vodka.

GRIFFIN: Yes that's a -- you also need a rap name.

COOPER: OK. All right. All right.


COOPER: Thank you.

GRIFFIN: I'm going to go with Coopy Poop, CK. OK, now can you do harmless banter? COOPER: Yes, well, isn't this -- this is sort of harmless, well, I don't know if it's harmless, hopefully.

GRIFFIN: Or your show every night. OK. So here's questions -- who won the World Cup?

COOPER: Did you just write these things down?

GRIFFIN: I did. I'm so proud of myself.

COOPER: This is what you did? Or like for how long have you been writing this stuff down?

GRIFFIN: Three weeks.

COOPER: Really?

GRIFFIN: Three months.

COOPER: You put commitment into doing this show.


GRIFFIN: It's like six months. Long before I got rehired by the state (ph).


GRIFFIN: I thought they were going to start.

COOPER: No, no, no.

GRIFFIN: So can take the rest of the show yourself, right?

COOPER: Wait a minute, so all this time you're just waiting for them to start singing?

GRIFFIN: So you're good? Oh, my gosh.


GRIFFIN: All right.

COOPER: Let's check in with -- let's go down to Key West, Florida.

GRIFFIN: Poppy Harlow?

COOPER: No, she's not on the program this year.


COOPER: Isha Sesay is down in the crowd. But we're going to check in with the only New Year's tradition involving cross dressing footwear and Sushi which means Key West where every year right about now they're waiting for the first shoe to drop, and as always John Zarrella is there.

John, it's loud there, can you explain what's going to happen there tonight?

JOHN ZARRELLA, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Yes, you know Anderson, in New York you drop a ball, they drop a pineapple in Hawaii, a walleye fish up in Minnesota or someplace, only in Key West they drop a drag queen. There's Sushi in the shoe. For 14 years, Sushi has been making her own dress. This year we've got gold and silver.

Sushi's shaking around a little up there. I'm a little worried about her this year, Anderson. And for 14 years they've been dropping the drag queen Sushi right at midnight.

Now we've got people here from all over the world. Hey, how are you? Where are you from?


ZARRELLA: What's your name?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Mary Anne, happy New Year.

ZARRELLA: So you got out of the cold?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Yes it's freezing.

ZARRELLA: And who is this? Are you having fun?


ZARRELLA: Are you tired?


ZARRELLA: You want to go home?


ZARRELLA: Hey, I kind thought so. It's getting late.

So we've got folks here from Montreal, New York, some people from France over here. You know what, we've done to this whole thing though, Anderson. We turned them completely commercial. Look at this.

This year they're selling Sushi coffee mugs. I'll make sure that you and Kathy get one of these. And look, Sushi posters. Happy New Year, love Sushi. And then back here, "To John, I didn't do it, Sushi".

So, this is what happens after we've done this for nine years.


GRIFFIN: That is going to be pulled off in the court of law John.

COOPER: Exactly. All right John, we'll check in with you in a little bit. We're also going to check in -- have you ever been down there to Key West Florida?

GRIFFIN: Many times.


GRIFFIN: I've played there, I love it. It's nice and I like to see a girl down. Anytime a drag queen falls we say girl down.

COOPER: All right.

GRIFFIN: Was that -- was that Katy Perry in that big shoe?

COOPER: No, that was Sushi in the shoe.

GRIFFIN: You guys, we have Katy Perry live.

COOPER: We don't have Katy Perry.

Let's head to Central Park, Gary Tuchman --

GRIFFIN: Lady Gaga in 18 minutes.

COOPER: No, we don't have Lady, either, though I do wish her a Happy New Year.

Let's go to Gary Tuchman getting ready to run with his daughter as well and a lot of other people. Gary, explain the tradition here in New York, in Central Park.

GARY TUCHMAN, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Anderson and Kathy, it's great to be with you again. This is the fourth year in a row I've run in this road race four miles in Central Park. It starts at the stroke of midnight. about 5,000 people in the parking and -- come on over here.

I'm talking to a banana right now and the reason I'm talking to a banana is because before the run they have a costume contest. I've never met this banana before. What's your name?


TUCHMAN: And where are you from?

GORMAN: New York City.

TUCHMAN: New York City and this is the banana costume, correct?

GORMAN: No, we're fruit of the loom.

TUCHMAN: Oh, fruit, the grapes are here as you can see. (AUDIO GAP) from New York too, right? Did you guys win the costume contest?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We came in fourth place. TUCHMAN: Fourth place, congratulations. Have a great time. Here's the other fruit of the loom. So you can see it's a dance party, right, a costume party and a marathon at the stroke of midnight. So in exactly 31 minutes, are you guys running in the race?

She's number 31, 32, I'm number 2010. So you can see. So we're looking forward to a great time running the marathon. Back to you, Anderson and Kathy.

COOPER: All right, Gary, we'll check in with you --

GRIFFIN: Happy New Year.

COOPER: -- past the stroke of midnight. Happy New Year. It's very sad in 2010 I basically, my eyes went. I learned I had astigmatism or something.

GRIFFIN: This is, by the way, so clearly -- it's like heavy duty trauma for Anderson.

COOPER: It is. It was traumatic.

GRIFFIN: Compromises hotness for one second, by having to wear glasses like a mortal.

COOPER: Like a mortal.

GRIFFIN: He has been complaining about this for months.

COOPER: So now in order to see what time it is I have to put on glasses and we have about, you know, 20, 29 minutes to go until the stroke of midnight in 2011.

GRIFFIN: Can you fix my hair?

COOPER: You're mocking me with your -- with those --

GRIFFIN: I'm mocking you at every opportunity that I have. Happy New Year, everybody.

COOPER: I actually -- do you have the other pair -- I actually have two pairs of glasses. I'd like you to decide -- or I'd like America to decide which one you like better. They're very similar. I got them at Mascot (ph). This one --


COOPER: Or that one.

GRIFFIN: OK. This is what I love about gorgeous guys. You have to like act like you're interested in what they say but it's really all chatter. They're exactly the same glasses. They're the same glasses.


GRIFFIN: So here we go.

COOPER: One is a little bit bigger.

GRIFFIN: I think the second choice, Anderson, was the best one.

COOPER: No. Most people like the first one. Anyway.

GRIFFIN: Oh. What am I, Ryan Seacrest with your barbs?

COOPER: I texted Ryan, by the way just as you requested.

GRIFFIN: I am not speaking to her and I don't think you should either. We're at war, my friend. Follow us on Twitter.

COOPER: We are tweeting tonight, Kathy, Jack Gray, our producer and I; you can follow us or any of us or all of us @AndersonCooper -- that's me; @KathyGriffin --

GRIFFIN: That's me.

COOPER: Or @JackGrayCNN --

GRIFFIN: That's him.

COOPER: -- on Twitter. OK.

GRIFFIN: I partied with Jack, you know that, right?

COOPER: Yes. We also have a picture. When was this? This is you and our producer, Jack Gray in Las Vegas?

Yes, I was doing the Coliseum at Caesar's. You know, your staff, they really run rampant. And they do whatever they want. And the things they say about you when they're drunk are really priceless. I mean I don't even think --

COOPER: Do we have the picture up there? OK. Wait a second. Can we just come back to that photo for a second, because Kathy Griffin literally just threw my glasses away?

GRIFFIN: I threw your glasses over the riser. I'm sorry. Let me get them. Can you save those glasses? Yes, thank you. Sorry, sir.

COOPER: Oh, man.

You could have poked somebody's eye out down there.

GRIFFIN: Ryan Seacrest?

COOPER: Oh, lord. Anyway, all right.

GRIFFIN: You better just take your shirt off now.

COOPER: let's take -- we're going to take a quick break. We have just 27 minutes or so to go to 2011. Stay with us. We've got a big caller coming in, about to call in too.

GRIFFIN: I don't know -- I can't believe you're not telling me this.

COOPER: I'm not telling you who it is. You're going to be very excited. She, it's a hint -- she is all ready to go.

We'll take a quick break. The view from our camera high on top of the Marriott Marquis -- our thanks to the folks at Marriott for sharing the space. And down below the excitement is building as we ring in the New Year from Times Square, Nashville, Key West, and all around the world.


GRIFFIN: You think somebody for this.

C1: No I was thanking them for our cameras --


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Hundreds of thousands lining the banks of the Thames here; all attention focused on that rather famous clock tower over there. Big Ben is about to strike midnight. And there are the fireworks around London eye.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: So there you have it. Britain is entering 2011. And you think this party is big, wait until the end of April. There's going to be a royal wedding. We're going to have the future king and queen of England married here in London. You better get your top hat ready, Anderson.

COOPER: And that is how they celebrated in London. Are you excited about the royal wedding?

GRIFFIN: Of course I am. I'm all into that stuff. Now, why don't you tell the audience what you said to me minutes ago in the commercial break. First of all, I'd like to apologize to the teachers union. I don't know why he said that as well as the church of scientology.


GRIFFIN: And PETA. Really -- and also --

COOPER: She's making all this up.

GRIFFIN: -- just children in general. And people in need. Really, vicious things.

COOPER: We're live again in Times Square.

GRIFFIN: Happy New Year. COOPER: Thank you Kathy. It's going to take a while for me to dig myself out of that one, totally made up stuff. We have a very special guest, who oddly enough you have become friends with over the last year. My mom is now calling in on the phone. Mom, are you there?


GLORIA VANDERBILT, ANDERSON COOPER'S MOTHER: Yes, I'm very excited to be here. I'm here.

GRIFFIN: Gloria, I'm going to cry.

COOPER: Happy New Year, mom.

GRIFFIN: Happy New Year.

VANDERBILT: Happy New Year. And Kathy, I want to you know that ever since I've met you you've been on my A-list. And I love you and you look gorgeous and you two are such a great team.

And I'm so happy to be part of this energy that's going all around you tonight with everybody there in New York City.

COOPER: Now, mom, have you ever been to Times Square during New Year's Eve? You're a lifelong New Yorker as am I.

VANDERBILT: No, I actually never have, and I wanted to be on the -- on the terrific podium that you're on tonight.

GRIFFIN: The cheap riser?

VANDERBILT: But I've had a cold. And you sort of advised me it might not be a good idea but I feel that I am there because I'm able to talk to you and see you and it's really great.

GRIFFIN: Gloria, Gloria, I'm sorry to interrupt but that wreaks of Anderson trying to keep you away from me.

COOPER: No, that's not true.

GRIFFIN: Because why wouldn't you let her come here?

COOPER: I do find it odd that you and my mom have developed a friendship.

GRIFFIN: Conspiracy -- I mean, friendship.

COOPER: She actually threw a dinner party for you.

GRIFFIN: That's right. Now, Gloria, do you remember what I found in Anderson's old room? I believe there was a button that you have called "I'm cuckoo for Cooper".

VANDERBILT: Yes, yes. GRIFFIN: And do you remember "The Book of Me" which is a small book Anderson wrote all about himself -- pages and pages -- called "The Book of Me".

VANDERBILT: I have your book in a very important place, and I love your book. And I'm going to have another party for you in the New Year with a lot of people and it's going to be great.


GRIFFIN: Oh, my gosh.

VANDERBILT: And, Kathy I want you to --

COOPER: All right, mom.

VANDERBILT: Promise to wish your mom a happy New Year and give her a big hug for me. OK?

GRIFFIN: Absolutely. Of course I will. Thank you, and happy New Year to you.

COOPER: All right, Mom. Happy New Year, mom. Thanks for calling in. I love you lots.

VANDERBILT: Love you, love you. Bye.

COOPER: I think we have a picture of your mom.

GRIFFIN: My mom is watching right now. We have a picture. Someone just took it off her a minute ago.

COOPER: Do we have that picture?


COOPER: Your mom's asleep already?

GRIFFIN: I don't know if asleep is the correct term. She enjoys a box of wine. I'm not going to lie. And it's New Year's, so happy too. But she loves you and, you know, she meant to be -- oh, my God. Bye.

COOPER: Wait. Don't go.

She's excited because the -- what are they -- the NKOTB.

GRIFFIN: New Kids, Back Street.

COOPER: Whatever.

GRIFFIN: All right. Fine. Can we read some Twitter questions?


GRIFFIN: All right. So people have been Twittering me. COOPER: OK.

GRIFFIN: I don't get some kind of prize?


GRIFFIN: All right. Do you think -- oh, this is from Chris.666 -- do you think next year's show should be called "Kathy Griffin's New Year's Eve special with special guest Anderson Cooper"?

COOPER: No, I don't think so.

GRIFFIN: You're not even going to be polite?

COOPER: I cannot even guarantee there will be a next year's show until we're done tonight because I've learned from past experience -- OK.

GRIFFIN: Oh, my gosh. Sorry. I forgot you were here for a second. Sorry. OK, Anderson, what is your favorite curse word.

COOPER: I don't use -- I don't -- I don't -- tolerate that.

GRIFFIN: Who's that from?

COOPER: That's from Kathy Griffin. Look at that.

G1; All right. This is from @PaulMeritt (ph). "If you could kick anyone right where they pee who would it be?" I didn't write this. Don't shoot the messenger.

COOPER: Let's see another one. Which celeb couple will be the first to split in 2011 from @fish.

GRIFFIN: What do you think?

COOPER: Let's take a look at some of the best celebrity mug shots from this past year. Who's the first one that we have? There were actually two from Lindsay Lohan this year. But we --

GRIFFIN: She's been busy.

COOPER: What's the first one we have up? Anybody? Randy Quaid -- oh, no, no, Lindsay Lohan.

GRIFFIN: Look at Lindsay. Well, she needs some shampoo. First of all, she needs shampoo and a good attorney.

COOPER: She had a rough year. I hope she has a much better 2011.

GRIFFIN: I agree. I think she will, with a very stable, you know, family. Like the one she has.

COOPER: OK. Who else do we have? The Quaids. Randy Quaid. What is up with Randy Quaid and his wife? GRIFFIN: It's all about the Hollywood star whackers. They're alleging that there's a group of people which clearly Ryan Seacrest is a member, called the Hollywood star whackers.

COOPER: They literally said the Hollywood star whackers?

GRIFFIN: Yes. It's very trendy to be somehow, you know, hurt or assaulted by the Hollywood star whackers.

COOPER: Who else do we have? Who else -- oh, T.I., rapper T.I.

GRIFFIN: I know T.I. He was on my show.

COOPER: Was he?

GRIFFIN: He enjoys (INAUDIBLE) -- did you get it?

COOPER: Get what?

GRIFFIN: You know how we were talking about that earlier? We're getting a big gulp, remember. Your mom said help with (INAUDIBLE).

It's very trendy. All the rappers do it. T.I. Accidentally had it in his car allegedly and you get it in like a sty row foam cup, it's codeine cough syrup, jolly ranchers and grape Fanta.

COOPER: Oh, my lord. Let's check back in with Isha who's down in the crowd. Isha what are we --

GRIFFIN: Happy New Year.

COOPER: We're about 17 minutes away; obviously the excitement is building here in Times Square.

SESAY: No doubt about it, Kathy and Anderson -- the crowd. Look at this quick shot again. The crows are rocking out to the New Kids on the Block, and Backstreet Boys. I feel my youth flooding back to me, or flooding ways from me, one or the other. I'm not quite sure.

These are my new best friends down here, as I've been down here for several hours, I've got to tell you. As you well know, the year winds down, the New Year comes in, there's lots of talk about resolutions and all the rest of it.

I just met a woman who said that in taking a picture with you a little bit earlier on all her dreams have come true. That's what she said. I'm not making this stuff up. So you said taking a picture with Anderson was, like, it completed your life.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It was amazing. He was so nice.

SESAY: He was so nice, it completed your life. What did you think about that?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: More than that. He's a silver fox. SESAY: OK. And you guys have made a long journey to come here. It's a great atmosphere; everyone's having a great time. Anderson, Kathy, we're going to send it back to you. We'll talk to you a little bit later.

COOPER: All right. Maybe we'll hear some folks' resolutions next time when we go down in the crowd.

GRIFFIN: Oh, oh, oh, oh.

COOPER: Aren't you kind of dating yourself?

GRIFFIN: The right stuff. Um, I also -- can't you see oh, my gosh, this is my dream. Your mom and them? Woo.

COOPER: I didn't even know they were still around. Wow. Look at all the glitter.

GRIFFIN: That makes you larger than life

COOPER: So we're about 15 minutes or so away from -- you're shaking the podium. We're literally on a podium I think made out of cardboard that I'm a little concerned about.

GRIFFIN: I apologize to you.


GRIFFIN: Ten. Nine.

COOPER: No, no, no. That's the 2,688 facets of the ball made of Waterford crystal. At 11:59, Mayor Michael Bloomberg is going to push a button signaling that ball to drop as we count down to the moment.

GRIFFIN: Oh, my god, they're razor blades from Ryan Seacrest.

COOPER: We'll be back; more live from Times Square.



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: F-r-o-g-s, go frogs go. F-r-o-g-s, go frogs go. Happy New Year Anderson and Kathy.


COOPER: Those are the cheerleaders for the Horned Frogs of Texas Christian University.

GRIFFIN: How did you ever book them? Wow. That's a huge get. One of them was Katy Perry, Pop superstar Katy Perry.

COOPER: No, that wasn't Katy Perry. We appreciate them doing that. That was very sweet of them, I thought.

GRIFFIN: What was Lady Gaga wearing when you interviewed her?

COOPER: I'm doing an interview for "60 Minutes" on her. She was wearing -- well, I'm not sure I should tell. It's part of the excitement for the interview.

GRIFFIN: Did it have like wire rings?

COOPER: I can tell you it was basically just a bra.

GRIFFIN: And is it true she got you slobbering drunk?


GRIFFIN: What if we started a rumor --

COOPER: I half jokingly said -- we had two Jamesons. I had two Jamesons and I don't drink.

GRIFFIN: Do you know what that is?

COOPER: I think it's whiskey.

GRIFFIN: You think?

COOPER: It is. I think it's whiskey. No, I was fine, but I was happy the interview was done because I was ready to go to sleep.

GRIFFIN: And make a scene.

COOPER: For several days. Yes.

It's getting closer down here. I don't have my glasses, but 11 minutes left to go and around the country as well. Let's quickly check back in with some of our people --

GRIFFIN: So we can wish them a --

COOPER: Happy New Year?


COOPER: Brooke Baldwin is at the Hard Rock Cafe in Nashville. Brooke, I guess, you have an extra hour obviously there in Nashville.

BALDWIN: Excuse me, excuse me, pardon me, pardon me. We're kind of seeing double and triples here. Apparently the A-Team, i.e. Kathy and Anderson did not make it to Nashville, so what do we have to do?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We're going to bring him here.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I am kissing Anderson Cooper for the New Year.

BALDWIN: Hubba, hubba. TMI, TMI. Do you have a New Year's resolution?


BALDWIN: Do you have a New Year's resolution?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Yes. I just had back surgery so I have to lose 45 pounds by April.

BALDWIN: Good luck, girl friend.

You, New Year's resolution, you have one?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Not yet but I'll think of one by the end of the night.

BALDWIN: I caught you off guard. I saw your face.

Guys, I know you're close to your New Year's so I'll send it back to you on Broadway but again we're here at the Guitar Drop, surrounded by many, many of you, apparently. And we are waiting for the guitar drop and we will take that live when it happens here in Nashville. But for now, back to you two.

COOPER: Right. That will be around 1:00 a.m. Eastern time, obviously midnight Central Time and we will be on the air to bring that to you as well. Brooke's going to bring you that live at 1:00 a.m. Eastern time.

GRIFFIN: Where did you have those printed up?

COOPER: What printed up?

GRIFFIN: The likeness of yourself.

COOPER: I did not.

GRIFFIN: It's so sad to me that that's what you do with your days. You know, I call him, he's at Kinko's again, like having another coffee. Hold on, Kathy, another thousand. You know.

COOPER: There was one of you there I saw.

GRIFFIN: Oh, I saw -- you said one.

COOPER: I had nothing to do with that. Do you have a New Year's resolution?


COOPER: Do you want to say it?

GRIFFIN: Yes. Have you been working out?


GRIFFIN: How many times have I punched you?

COOPER: This is like the sixth time. GRIFFIN: I know. And you're so sweet. Why does she do that? I'm going to talk about myself in the third person now like Whitney Houston.

COOPER: Let's go back, quickly check in to Key West back to John Zarrella. John, obviously folks getting very excited there, too?

ZARRELLA: I'm telling you, listen to this crowd. You can see it. Look at the -- we've got Cher here performing on stage for us. There's Cher.


ZARRELLA: And, of course, Sushi is up in the shoe. Been pretty shaky up there tonight a little bit breezy down here, otherwise great weather. And you know I've got Kylie. Kylie, we've been together here and you look lovely as usual.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Six, seven years we're trying to move for Sushi.

ZARRELLA: I know. You know, Anderson, look at this -- I told you we got the poster. They had one ready for you, it says, "To Anderson, life is a drag without you, Sushi." Less than ten minutes now, Anderson, Sushi coming down in the shoe for the 14th consecutive year.

COOPER: All right, John, we'll check back in with you. WE are live here in --

GRIFFIN: Ten. Nine. Eight. Seven.

COOPER: No. We're live in Times Square. We're going to take a quick break, and then we'll be live all the way through, well past into the New Year. So stick around we'll be right back.



MOHAMMED JAMJOOM, CNN CORRESPONDENT: I'm Mohammed Jamjoom and here in Dubai, this is the place to be. The biggest party in town, right behind me is the tallest building in the world, that's the Burj Khalifa. Now, for the past few minutes the crowd has been absolutely transfixed by the water fountain spray and now the spectacular fireworks display has begun.


The crowd here is going absolutely crazy. Emiratis are known for doing things in a grand style and tonight is no exception. That's New Year's Eve in Dubai. Back to you -- Anderson.


COOPER: That was almost nine hours ago. Here in Times Square we're just moments away from a modern tradition, the playing of John Lennon's --

GRIFFIN: Three, two, one.

COOPER: What the --

GRIFFIN: I met someone. What? It's New Year's.

COOPER: You're supposed to do that at the stroke of midnight. We're still like four minutes away. And we're going to be live all the way through, all the way through the New Year, playing all the traditional stuff that we love. New York New York, the playing of John -- what is going on?

GRIFFIN: I'm taking your clothes off.

COOPER: All right.

GRIFFIN: It's for America. I love America.

COOPER: Also the very old tradition, lowering the lighted ball to usher in 2011.

GRIFFIN: Lowering a lighted --


GRIFFIN: Lowering a lighted what?

COOPER: A lighted ball.

GRIFFIN: I can't even believe you said that live.

COOPER: We've got about 3 1/2 minutes, let's listen in to the crowd, here with the crowd. Listening in to as well.

GRIFFIN: Happy New Year, everybody.

COOPER: As we celebrate these last few minutes of 2010.


COOPER: OK. One minute left to go before the stroke of midnight. New York's mayor, Mike Bloomberg and Sal Giunta, Medal of Honor winner symbolically starting the ball drop. And let's start as we bid good-bye to 2010 and say hello to 2011.

GRIFFIN: 15, 14, 13 --

COOPER: Let's count it down, the last ten seconds.

CROWD: Ten! Nine! Eight! Seven! Six! Five! Four! Three! Two! One!


(MUSIC: "NEW YORK, NEW YORK") GRIFFIN: A toast to you, my friend.

COOPER: A toast to you. And happy New Year.

GRIFFIN: Happy New Year.

COOPER: And happy New Year to all of you at home or wherever you're watching us, maybe with others or by yourself at home.

GRIFFIN: Crying.

COOPER: What do you mean crying?

GRIFFIN: That's fine. I've been there.

COOPER: This is -- there is no place like New York right now at this moment.

GRIFFIN: With you.


GRIFFIN: Who are you wearing tonight?

COOPER: I don't know.

GRIFFIN: Yes, you do.

COOPER: I'm wearing Ralph Lauren. But I like this moment.

GRIFFIN: Ralph Lauren, you're so predictable.

COOPER: Let's listen to Ray Charles.

GRIFFIN: Shall we?

COOPER: Let's.

GRIFFIN: He's here live.

COOPER: Let's listen.



COOPER: Wow. We've got a lot more still to come tonight.


COOPER: We're going to show you some of the different celebrations, the fun run that's happening in Central Park right now as we speak. We'll also show you the celebrations down in Key West, Florida.

GRIFFIN: By the way, you know, can't bring myself to make fun of Gary Tuchman anymore. I used to love to make fun of him, but after I saw him with you in Haiti --

COOPER: He's so sweet.

GRIFFIN: -- and the Gulf disaster, he gets a pass this year.

COOPER: Gary Tuchman is the greatest guy on the planet.


COOPER: And he's with his daughter running right now in Central Park. That's another New York tradition. We'll show you that right after the break. We'll show what's going on in Kew West.

Look, there's Gary and his daughter running right now.

And we'll show -- and you still have the celebrations in Nashville at the top of the next hour. Our coverage continues. We'll be right back.

GRIFFIN: Justin Bieber live.



STAN GRANT, CNN CORRESPONDENT: I'm Stan Grant in Beijing, a bitterly cold night here, but thousands of people have still come out to brave the conditions and welcome in 2011. This is an entertainment complex here in Beijing, and you can hear me now, as the countdown continues. Eight, seven, six, four, two --


GRANT: As you can see here, people are very, very happy to welcome in 2011. But, of course, the real celebration begins in about a month from now with the Chinese New Year -- Anderson.


COOPER: And that was Stan Grant. That's what New Year's looked like in Beijing.

(INAUDIBLE) on everyone here in Times Square. Obviously, Kathy Griffin is with us.

GRIFFIN: Can I be honest?

COOPER: Yes, as always.

GRIFFIN: I just feel like I've let the viewers down.


GRIFFIN: I haven't gotten you fired. I haven't really sworn the way you know I can.

COOPER: Right, but you --

GRIFFIN: What is your address, real quick?

COOPER: You know what you've done? You've shown you can do live TV with the best of them. That you don't need to resort to --

GRIFFIN: Jokes about --

COOPER: Whatever. Yes, to yelling at people. Does New Year's make you sad?

GRIFFIN: No. I just feel like I should do, now do a litany of swearing and we should see if you're people can get to the buzzer fast enough.


GRIFFIN: Here we go. You --

COOPER: Hey! So anyway. No, but New Year's always been --

GRIFFIN: Kiss my --

COOPER: Oh. New Year's makes me a little sad.

GRIFFIN: Well, that's why -- OK. What are we doing after this?

COOPER: Honestly, I'm not a big -- New York, you can't get anywhere, there's no cabs, it's very difficult.

GRIFFIN: We're going -- we're going -- here's the deal -- we're going to my hotel room, we're going to get a cookie cake.

COOPER: That's not going to make me feel better.

GRIFFIN: Yes, it is for five minutes.

COOPER: Shame eating?

GRIFFIN: And then you're going to hate yourself and then we're going to hold each other's hair. Who's in? Can I just -- see? I got him. I got him. But I should have been swearing, who's in ma --


GRIFFIN: Oh, all right. Fine. So now, with confetti. It now has confetti.

All right. Let's read a Twitter question for you.


GRIFFIN: It's from Lazy Eye.

COOPER: OK. What is -- GRIFFIN: What does Anderson smell like? Hold on. Wow. Like a dirty filthy alley but with a couple of flowers thrown in there. It's a weird -- it's musky and yet it's also -- there's like a lot of hair gel, I smell a little Hugo Boss from yesterday's outfit and a little Prada.

All right. People love you. Oh, can you -- this is from -- can you name all of the Chilean miners?


GRIFFIN: Is it weird for you to not be partying with them tonight? Because that's your new posse.

COOPER: I did -- I did meet them all.

GRIFFIN: That, by the way, this is how jaded he is. That's what it takes. He's over Brangelina. He doesn't even call them anymore. But he actually just -- like only partying with the Chilean miners is newsworthy enough to know.

COOPER: Let's check. We've had hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers, of visitors from around the world here in Times Square, another big New York tradition is the fun run that happens at the stroke of midnight. Thousands of people in Central Park actually go running, our own Gary Tuchman is out running with his daughter right now.

Gary, where are you? Like how long is this race?

TUCHMAN: Well, we just finished a mile of this run, it's a four- mile run, and me and my colleague here who doubles as my daughter, Samantha. She told me beforehand she's convinced we were going to win this.

Are you still convinced?


TUCHMAN: She is. (INAUDIBLE) 21 minutes, we've only been running for 12 minutes, I don't think we're going to win. Nevertheless, we're very honored that I've been given the number 2010. She's been given the number 2011 because she's the future, I'm the past, but we're having a good time nevertheless.

With us though, a wonderful woman I just met, 5,000 people on this course and she's wonderful because Kristen Bragby (ph) is in the Coast Guard. She's a lieutenant. She found out two years ago that she had breast cancer. She's had surgery and she's back running again. How are you feeling something?

KRISTEN BRAGBY, RUNNER: I am feeling amazing. I think there's no better way to start the New Year than with a little bit of exercise.

TUCHMAN: Diagnosis after the run two years ago, obviously, you wanted to live. You probably thought you'd never run like this again.

BRAGBY: Absolutely. It was crazy. I've always been active and to be diagnosed with breast cancer at age 26, one every time 10,000 women under 40 each year, it was completely surprising. I have no family history, I've always been healthy, and you know, I just -- I'm so glad to be able to do everything that I did before now better than ever.

TUCHMAN: Well, you're an inspiration of us. She's actually slowed down for the last five minutes so she could talk to us because she's faster than us. She's not going to win either, but she would beat us by about 15 minutes.

It's a wonderful tradition. It's sponsored by Emerald Nuts. Not because we're all nuts (INAUDIBLE) and also the New York Roadrunners which sponsors the great New York City marathon.

It's a wonderful event and wonderful way to start year.

Anderson, Kathy, back to.

COOPER: How great is Gary Tuchman? I'm sorry, just as a reporter.

GRIFFIN: I get it. Gary Tuchman is a man among men. But did the little one --

COOPER: Samantha?

GRIFFIN: Did she say the "F" word?

COOPER: No, she did not. She's a lovely little girl.

GRIFFIN: I thought it was inappropriate.

COOPER: No, you were just -- you would hope something like that, but no.

GRIFFIN: All right. Did you cut one?

COOPER: Oh, gosh. Is that what it's come to? Really? It's that --

GRIFFIN: The last 15 minutes are brutal.

COOPER: Really? That's what's on the cards? You've got like 60 cards left, that's the best can you come up with?

GRIFFIN: Did you cut one. I'm so proud of myself.

COOPER: Do you have a whole team working on that one? Team Griffin?

GRIFFIN: Yes, exactly. My comedy buddies are very proud of me right now. Shout-out.

COOPER: There you were talking about eating a pie, a cookie pie.


COOPER: And Gary Tuchman is out running. I feel like I should go out running now.

GRIFFIN: No, I think I should invite Gary over because he's going to -- you know, he can run the pie off. Or I'll go with him next year but --

COOPER: Let's check in with Isha.

The crowd here, what's interesting, what happens now is kind of the barriers go up and a lot of the crowd now is milling around, a lot of people starting to leave, but you still have -- you've got hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people here, Isha, now kind of -- this is kind of where it clears out quickly.

SESAY: It really does. If we give you a shot of the crowd, you can see it's thinning out just behind me, people here are at barriers just enough (ph) pretty quickly. But there are so many people here, Anderson, that even if they wanted to flee Times Square, they can't do it in a hurry.

I do have some people gathered together to give you some sense of resolutions going into 2011. I found this native New Yorker, what's your resolution for 2011?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Love much, laugh often.

SESAY: I like that. Love much, laugh often. It is a good one. I hope you are successful.


SESAY: I have a family from Buffalo. Daddy Buffalo, what is your resolution for 2011?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: My resolution is work less and spend more time with my children and family and my parents. Happy New Year Mom and Dad, love you. Katie, happy New Year. I know you're at home. Miss you.

SESAY: That is lovely. A good work/life balance. And this is your son, and you also have your resolution in check. Let me hear that. What have you got?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I'm going to be a little more outgoing, a little less stressed. So, there.

SESAY: How old are you?


SESAY: OK. So, you shouldn't be stressed at 18.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I am. And happy New Year's to Jill.

SESAY: And this is your sister in. I must get sister in before we go. What's your resolution?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I need to get a job.

SESAY: Wish you the best with that. Happy New Year.


SESAY: Tonight's all about celebrating. So I'm pleased you all could be here in Times Square. Happy New Year to you all. I know a lot of you are trying to get out of here.

But, Anderson, just giving you a flavor with some of the people are thinking and they're basking in 2011 and thinking about the future. But I think that's a good one. Let's work less, laugh more. I don't think it's a bad one.

COOPER: I like to be more outgoing and less stressed. That's me.

GRIFFIN: And take that home with your cookie pie. That would be you.

Would you like to read a twitter question? This is from Jesse something.


GRIFFIN: This is for you.

COOPER: hold on, I need my glasses.

GRIFFIN: Hold on your sex glasses. Go ahead. Meow. OK. Go ahead.

COOPER: This is from Jesse something. Does make you uncomfortable when Kathy is all on your --



GRIFFIN: Oh, I thought you couldn't read it. Sorry.

COOPER: I thought it said huts.

GRIFFIN: It did.

COOPER: OK. All of my huts.

GRIFFIN: But I'm all up in your huts. How do you feel about that? Uncomfortable? Or - that's not going to make it -- by the way, I'm still here. Can you take them off all day but I'm still here. Sorry. COOPER: That's my way of checking out.

GRIFFIN: Oh, this is so great.


GRIFFIN: From Zachary Breland (ph), "Anderson, when you were growing up, did you have s'mores with the Rockefellers?" And how often? I can tell by your nervous giggle that it was at least once a week and the DuPonts, remember when they would come over?


GRIFFIN: How often did your call your mom, mommy? Mommy, my short pants are too tight, mommy. My short pants are too tight. Please get the help to help me.

COOPER: My short pants?

GRIFFIN: My short pants are too tight, mommy.

COOPER: Why are short pants?

GRIFFIN: Your outfit that you wore everyday as a child, if you know you.

COOPER: Mommy, I miss the Hamptons. Take me.

Isn't your (INAUDIBLE) but show business name is Anderson Cooper?

I'm really just working for the girl. Honey, come here. What are you with? What show are you with?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I'm with you, honey. I'm on CNN, too.

GRIFFIN: I'm sorry. I thought you were on Univision. We're trying to get more viewers.

COOPER: The Univision people I think have gone.

GRIFFIN: Remember, before we saw them? We saw them dancing.

COOPER: What's been very disconcerting, I have to admit, over the last several hours, is that every time I look at Kathy, behind her, I would see the Univision people going like this.

GRIFFIN: I'll do it with you.

COOPER: But I kid you not, every time. So, like, while you're talking -- they were doing that dance. I can't do the salsa dance.

GRIFFIN: But what you did, though.

COOPER: I threw out my back.

GRIFFIN: OK. That is not going to fly on your daytime show. That's not going to fly with Piers Morgan. He's too dangerous. Too dangerous.

COOPER: You're obsessed with Piers Morgan.

GRIFFIN: I'm obsessed with his commercials because I'm afraid of him. He's threatening the audience. And then at the end, I believe the theme is, "it's all about me." Oh, that's kind of like that book you wrote when you were a little kid. It's all about me book. "The Book of Me," just explain it, because you're really --

COOPER: My mom -- for some reason, my mom has become friends with her, which started actually tonight last year, my mom called her up right after the show to wish me a happy New Year. Met you, became friends with her, now really likes her for some bizarre reason. It's the oddest couple.

GRIFFIN: Can't explain it.

COOPER: She goes over to my mom's house more often than I do.

GRIFFIN: And a rifle through his old room.

COOPER: No, it wasn't my old room.

But they -- oh, look, here's a picture of me, my mom, Gloria Steinem, for some reason, you brought her.

GRIFFIN: It was my 50th birthday and I thought who would be the best --

COOPER: What you can't see is I've sweated all the way through my suit.

GRIFFIN: Oh, my gosh! You had like a sweating disorder that night.

COOPER: I know. I was so nervous. I was so nervous.

GRIFFIN: You were like doing a banana peel, slipping on your own sweat.

COOPER: Completely stressed. And that's a mannequin behind Gloria Steinem and I.

But you found some book I made as a child --

GRIFFIN: Called "The Book of Me."

COOPER: Right. It's a Dr. Oz book.

GRIFFIN: It's so foreshadowing.

COOPER: No, it's like one of those books that like you put in, like I'm five inches tall, or I'm 10 inch -- you know, you know what I mean?

GRIFFIN: No, I don't. Because when I was a child, I was eating at McDonald's and spanking my parents for forcing me to go to Catholic School. "The Book of Me."

All right. Oh, Anderson's going to shave his head. Go ahead.

COOPER: No, I'm not going to shave my head.

GRIFFIN: In five minutes, Anderson Cooper live will shave his head with Katy Perry, pop sensation. And guess who's sweeping it up? Justin Bieber in five minutes with a big -- he's got a broom.

Oh, what's your favorite Justin Bieber song?

COOPER: I don't know any Justin Bieber.

GRIFFIN: Baby, baby, baby --

COOPER: Is that really a Justin Bieber song? That's pathetic.

GRIFFIN: That's all the lyrics. Baby, baby, baby

COOPER: He got a new haircut, that's all I heard. I don't know what the (INAUDIBLE) was like.

GRIFFIN: It's all about the hair. He wrote all about hair while you wrote all about me.

COOPER: Just ahead, we're going to check with Brooke Baldwin at the Hard Rock Cafe in Nashville, where, of course, they have yet to ring in the New Year. They're going to ring it in with a giant guitar, their version of the Times Square ball drop. And maybe we'll show you some of our best and worst moments from over the year.

GRIFFIN: I would love that because people don't know we've had big guest.

COOPER: Oh, we have history.

GRIFFIN: That's right.



SGT. BRITT HODGE, CAMP LIBERTY, IRAQ: (INAUDIBLE) from Camp Liberty Iraq. I just want to send a shootout to my friends and family back in Little Rock and Memphis. You have a happy New Year. I love you all.


COOPER: You've done so much work with the troops.

GRIFFIN: I've been to Camp Liberty.

COOPER: Yes. I don't think a lot of people realize the sacrifice that the family members make.

GRIFFIN: It's very intense.

COOPER: With how many deployments these folks have.

GRIFFIN: They're heroes as well because -- and also a lot of the spouses are very young and, you know, they have a couple kids and stuff. So they're heroes as well.

COOPER: There's probably a lot of folks right now sitting home with their loves ones overseas or we're thinking about you all tonight.

We also wanted to show some of our -- we've been doing this now, I think it's our fourth year.

GRIFFIN: Fourth year.

COOPER: We've had some ups and down.

GRIFFIN: Did you just say fourth and final?

COOPER: No, I didn't.

GRIFFIN: OK. Did you just say the "F" word?

COOPER: No, I did not -- I didn't say that.

GRIFFIN: OK, I thought I heard that.

COOPER: I didn't even say Falcon Henne.

GRIFFIN: I didn't either. Last year.

COOPER: Yes, that's exactly the problem.

So, we put together a little realism of some of our best and worst moments from the last couple years. Take a look.

GRIFFIN: Oh, do you have one hair out of place?


COOPER: I'm here with, of course, Kathy Griffin.

GRIFFIN: I'm here with not Ryan Seacrest.

Let's throw some of the Jonas Brothers. You're frauds!

COOPER: You can't do that. You just threw something at the Jonas Brothers?

GRIFFIN: Yes, I did. I want to throw a rock at them, if I can.

Happy New Year! Sorry. Sorry, everybody. Take your hands off me. Honestly.

COOPER: Kathy was saying it's like the prom she never had. GRIFFIN: That's true.

COOPER: That's his gnome degar (ph).

GRIFFIN: Wait. Look at you with the languages. See? You don't the Pashtun. But damn with the French.

COOPER: It's Pashtun. It's Pashtun.

GRIFFIN: Look at the condescending. I have an Emmy for God's sakes.

COOPER: I texted Kathy to say to her happy Thanksgiving.

GRIFFIN: With a really sweet cat.

COOPER: And you know what she texted back? Are you drunk? That's what she responded.

GRIFFIN: Keeping them honest. I'm keeping you honest. Am I keeping you honest?

COOPER: You're keeping us very honest.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Right now, a special shootout to Mr. Anderson Cooper and Miss Kathy Griffin Lee.

COOPER: No, that wasn't Kathy Griffin on the pole. That was the backup dancers for Lil Wayne.

GRIFFIN: My niece Claire wants me to hook up with him and I'm all for it. I think it's the great idea. I'd like to see her on a pool and the nice --

COOPER: Yes, you know it's a problem when you want to show a musical act on television, and then you can't actually show the musical act?

GRIFFIN: What's your salary tonight?

COOPER: I don't want to know how much.

GRIFFIN: Well, you know what all you need to know? It's more than you.

You know what, buddy? You suck too.

COOPER: Oh, no, it's getting ugly here.

GRIFFIN: Shut up! You know what? Screw you, I'm working.

COOPER: Kathy, what can I say? It was -- I mean, it was OK. It was adequate.


COOPER: Oh, yes.

GRIFFIN: Wait, what did I say after that?

COOPER: I don't remember.

GRIFFIN: I said I'm working, here. I said I don't go to your job.

COOPER: But you know what? The Lil Wayne thing was unbelievable.

GRIFFIN: I just want to say, though, he really -- I believe he sold more CDs than anybody, you're like, you didn't even know you booked the number one pop star of the year.

COOPER: And we had Lady Gaga on.

GRIFFIN: I know. And you're like, cutaway, cutaway.

COOPER: No, no.

GRIFFIN: Let's go back to the shoe that drops. We scoop stars here.

COOPER: We do. Before Carson Daly.

GRIFFIN: We had Justin Bieber on 20 minutes ago, you guys missed it. But we think he's going to go places. We really do.

COOPER: Brooke Baldwin is going to be in Nashville, Tennessee. We also want to show what happened in Key West, Florida, just a few moments ago. Did you want to know there, Sean?

GRIFFIN: Don't say it like it's a crime scene. You're saying like it's a normal tragedy, like it's a bank shooting.

COOPER: It's hard for me to get out of news mode.

GRIFFIN: Oh, really? I think you've done a good job, especially in the last month. Keeping them honest. Shot of the day, the Ridiculist.

Where's Randi Kaye? I just -- I don't feel I have anyone I can really talk to here. Where's Sanjay? It's time for my, you know. Sanjay Gupta said he would get me -- you know what I mean, he's going to give me, what's it called, with the two metal things?

COOPER: Let's go to Brooke Baldwin in Nashville, Tennessee, where it's not midnight yet. They're on Central Time at the Hard Rock Cafe, giant guitars waiting to begin its descent.

Brooke, I love your hat. You're totally in the mood, the crazy people are no longer around you. Are a lot of people very excited? BALDWIN: Creepy people (INAUDIBLE) Anderson, creepy people no longer around me for the moment. But, yes, this is an awesome scene here in Nashville. You guys have already had your New Year's. We are like t-minus 39 minutes until our Central Time zone New Year's, and kind of trying to rock the 2011 shades. I don't know if it's quite the look for me. I'm going to stick with the cowboy hat, thank you very much.

But I want to turn it over to Julie Kroenig, who's actually one of the local TV reporters here in Nashville with WKRN because we can't talk about Nashville this year and ringing in a New Year without talking about the floods which you guys covered extensively. I know, right around this area, on lower Broadway, there the flood water from the Cumberland River.

You just got back from the Symphony Hall tonight. Why was that so special?

JULIE KROENIG, WKRN: Well, the Symphony Hall is one of the institutions in Nashville along with the Grand Ole Opry, the Country Music Hall of Fame. So many iconic places were affected here with this flood.

And finally now, with the Schermerhorn Symphony Center reopening, it's that last final institution reopening. Nashville's back on its feet. Not to say that there aren't small business owners and residents still struggling, but to see all these places reopen means we have a lot to celebrate in 2011.

BALDWIN: Julie, burying the lead, because at the symphony, the symphony hall tonight, just briefly, everybody got on their feet because it was such a major occasion.

KROENIG: It was a standing ovation I think for the symphony hall and for the city itself.

BALDWIN: That's awesome. Julie, thank you so much.

Guys, I know you're almost wrapped in Times Square, but I hope everyone sitting there at home or in bars across the country will stick around, because we're going to ring in the New Year right here in Nashville. Happy 2011, guys.

COOPER: And that's just in about 28 minutes from now.

While we were watching the ball drop in Times Square a few minutes ago, a big crowd in Key West, Florida, had their eye on a giant red shoe, as it dropped to the ground. It's a New Year's Eve tradition in Key West that we always cover. The star, of course, is Sushi, the island's best-known drag queen. You really kind of have to see the event to get the big picture.

Luckily our John Zarrella is there. Take a look at what happened at the stroke midnight.


CROWD: Seven! Six! Five! Four! Three! Two! One! Happy New Year!



COOPER: And our John Zarrella is standing by with Sushi.

John, you go there every year. Was this year the biggest?

JOHN ZARRELLA, CNN CORRESPONDENT: I'll tell you what, it had to be, Anderson. And, you know, we gave up. We're tired. Sushi's down here. Sushi is throwing stuff at us now.

Yes, you know, 14 years, you survived doing this for 14 years.

SUSHI, DRAG QUEEN: I survived. Look at all these people here.

ZARRELLA: This is crazy.

SUSHI: It's crazy, honey.

ZARRELLA: You know, I had to ask you this.

SUSHI: I started when I was 12.

ZARRELLA: Yes, I know. 12. What were you thinking when you're coming down in that shoe?

SUSHI: I was thinking, goddamit, thank God I'm not Gloria Vanderbilt's son.

ZARRELLA: All right, Cher, we have Cher with us. How are you?

CHER: Hi, John. I'm great. Happy New Year.

ZARRELLA: You resting up?

CHER: Yes, I am.

ZARRELLA: (INAUDIBLE) early this year.

CHER: Yes, it's not been too bad. I'm closing February 5th in Vegas, you know?

By the way, Kathy, I had fun in Hawaii with you, rocking bikini bods.

GRIFFIN: I had a great time with you, sweetie.

COOPER: Kathy says it was a good time.

CHER: Thanks, Kat. I've still got Cher hair on. (CROSSTALK)

ZARRELLA: I'll tell you, Anderson, it's amazing, as always.

COOPER: And Sushi.

SUSHI: I love you, Anderson.

COOPER: Guys, thank you so much. And, John, thank you so much for covering that, as well. Happy New Year to all of you. Thank you very much.

GRIFFIN: Can we just read one more tweet that I got for you?

COOPER: Wait, my cousin Carrie has been calling me for like 10 minutes on my cell phone and she said she was watching -- I don't know, but I don't understand, we're on TV.

GRIFFIN: Did I swear?

COOPER: No, she's just calling a lot. Happy New Year, Carrie.

GRIFFIN: Happy New Year. Drink up.

OK, this is from Slippy Pickle. Go ahead.

COOPER: From Slippy Pickle. I had to Google Anderson Cooper to see who he was. Never heard of the guy. Sad. Wow.

GRIFFIN: Should we have another moment of silence like at midnight where, here's -- my hands are open to catch your buckets of tears because there's someone who hasn't heard of you and also thinks you're sad.

COOPER: Here's another one from (INAUDIBLE) which Muppet do you closely identify with?

GRIFFIN: Is that a question you get often?

COOPER: I actually have gotten this question before. Grover is the answer, in case you're wondering.

GRIFFIN: Really?

COOPER: Yes. How about you?

GRIFFIN: The cookie monster.

COOPER: OK. Technically not sure if cookie's an actual Muppet, more of a Sesame Street.


COOPER: But as is Grover. But, anyway, it doesn't matter.

GRIFFIN: I agree with what you said. If it meant world peace, would you give up wearing Prada?

COOPER: I don't wear Prada.


COOPER: I wear Ralph Lauren.

GRIFFIN: I didn't this was a charade.

COOPER: Charade? Is that the word you're looking for?

GRIFFIN: I'm trying to talk like your mom, charade

COOPER: I think we're about wrapped up here.


COOPER: Yes. And we could keep going, but -- what?

GRIFFIN: No, no.

COOPER: What? Oh, you're going to punch me again.

GRIFFIN: What am I, Michelle Obama? Fist bump. All right. So --

COOPER: We're basically going to wrap it up in Times Square because getting out of here now is getting tricky. So --

GRIFFIN: Do you find it hard to be that gorgeous? I mean, really, these questions.

COOPER: I sent you that one.

GRIFFIN: Why do you come off as a big --

COOPER: No, let's not say that word on -- multiple words actually.

GRIFFIN: Why do you? Why do you have to come off like a big old --

COOPER: We're going to take a break and we'll be right back.

GRIFFIN: It rhymes with smooch.


COOPER: That pretty much does it for us here in Times Square.

GRIFFIN: But the crowd actually loves us more now because we're the only ones left.

COOPER: We're the only ones of note left in Times Square. The podium is already empty.

GRIFFIN: I know.

COOPER: Like Telemundo has gone home. Univision has gone home. I think Carson Daly has gone home.

GRIFFIN: three channels gone.

COOPER: Ryan Seacrest is already having a fancy dinner somewhere with --

GRIFFIN: Exactly, with your credit card probably. What was the number of your credit card again?

COOPER: But Brooke Baldwin is going to take over our coverage from Nashville because they --

GRIFFIN: And she swears a lot, you guys. Have that button thing ready.

COOPER: So thank you very much, from Kathy and I.

Kathy, thank you.

GRIFFIN: Thank you. Happy New Year.

COOPER: You did a great job, and I don't see any reason why CNN wouldn't rehire you if you wanted to.

GRIFFIN: OK. Well, then you guys can --

COOPER: OK, Brooke, take it away, Brooke.

BALDWIN: Anderson and Kathy, thanks so much. A big woo behind me. It's died down in New York. It is just getting going here in Music City in Nashville. I just want to let you know, we can still move, by the way, you're watching CNN.

We're still here through the next half hour. We're here through the next half hour.

Take a look at this crowd. We are on Broadway and you see that stage, it's right adjacent to the Hard Rock Cafe in the Hard Rock and Nashville Convention and Visitor's Bureau. And as you can tell, they put this whole thing on. This is the second year in a row for the guitar drop. We will bring it to you live in -- oh, about 20 minutes or so.

Meantime, want to say briefly hello to these ladies.


BALDWIN: Where are you in from?


BALDWIN: Nashville. Have you ever been to the guitar drop before? UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: No, this is the first time.

BALDWIN: What's your favorite part about tonight?


BALDWIN: Awesome. And you nice boa?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I'm from Florida. Thank you.

BALDWIN: You're rocking it. You're rocking it. They're rocking.

Having an awesome time in Nashville. And as we keep talking to the crowd here in Music City, want to also do this. We're counting down to 2011 and Tom Foreman is taking us on a tour of the biggest stories of the year that was.