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Donald Trump News Conference; Clinton Pulls Ahead of Sanders in New Hampshire. Aired 11:30-12p ET

Aired November 3, 2015 - 11:30   ET


[11:30:00] DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE & CEO, TRUMP ORGANIZATION: Our country doesn't feel good about itself. And the primary reason is we have no victories. Where have we had a victory in trade? Where have we had a victory in -- example, this horrible deal with Iran where we're giving $150 billion and we lose everything. We lose everything. It's a laughing stock. Worst deal, worst contract I've ever seen drawn. We have no victories. I do write about it. We need some pomp and circumstance. We need spirit. We need a cheerleader.

I thought seven years ago when Obama got elected, the one thing I thought that he would be a great cheerleader for the country, he's not. He's been a great divider for the country. He's been one of the great dividers of all time.


TRUMP: I'm not saying dressed. It has nothing to be dress. It has to do with the fact that what he says is very divisive. He's been a great divider for this country and that should not have happened.



TRUMP: I'll go any way they want. I don't care too much about the debates. I'm the one that gets all the nasty questions anyway. Nobody else gets the really nasty questions. In a certain way, maybe they're defending me. I will tell you, they're not doing it for that reason.


TRUMP: I think it's -- I think it's irrelevant. I like the debates. I've had the debates. I've done well in the debates. As you know, every single poll said I won all three debates. I don't know if I did or not, but I certainly didn't do badly. But every single poll said -- even CNBC's poll said I won the debate. I like the debates. I think they're good for me. But we have to be treated a little fairly. For example, Hillary Clinton, no tough questions. Why didn't they ask about Bill? Why didn't they ask about all of the difficult things? No tough questions. Now, that was staged by the Democrats. Frankly, they did a very smart thing in the way they staged it. We're going to stage something properly also. As far as I'm concerned, I really don't care that much. I just want a debate. I think debating is a good thing. It's healthy. Gets everything into the open. You don't want people like Harwood that read a question that he carefully wrote. He thought he was such -- his career -- in my opinion, his career is probably ruined or certainly threatened.


TRUMP: You can ask about anything you want. You have to ask about anything you want. Hillary had only softballs all night long. Here, Hillary, hit this one over the park.

Go ahead.


TRUMP: Are you from Russia?


TRUMP: All right. I think our relationship with Russia will be very good. Vladimir Putin was on "60 Minutes" with me three weeks ago, right? Putin. And they have one of the highest ratings they've had in a long time. But we will have a very good relationship. Maybe we won't. But I believe we will have a very good relationship with Russia. I believe that I will have a very good relationship with Putin.

Go ahead.


TRUMP: Sounds OK to me.

Yeah, go ahead.


TRUMP: Well, I think there are a lot of economic issues. We didn't talk about trade. We didn't talk about devaluations, right? We didn't talk about corporate inversions, which, by the way, none of the other candidates, they don't even know what it means. But we didn't talk about corporate inversions where corporations are leaving our country, massive companies, because they can't get their money back and they get lower taxes elsewhere. So they're leaving and taking their jobs with them. The corporate inversion syndrome is a very important thing to be talking about. These are all things that weren't talked about at the debate. Instead, they talked about fantasy football. I mean, it was a big question. Fantasy football. I'm saying, what about corporate inversions? $2.5 trillion at least -- I think it's probably twice that number -- is in other countries wanting to come back and because our system is so corrupt and terrible, they can't get the money back to invest in this country. So, they don't talk about corporate inversions at the debates. They talk about fantasy football. Those are a few.

Go ahead, Sara.


TRUMP: You have to talk loud enough.


TRUMP: I was against the war in Iraq, yes, very early on.


TRUMP: I'll give it to you. I have it upstairs.


TRUMP: I don't know. I'll give it to you upstairs.


TRUMP: You have to understand, I was a developer. A lot of people didn't care about my view in 2003-2004. But there was a Reuters article taken from a magazine about my stance in 2004, I believe in July of 2004, and it talked about my stance on how I felt about Iraq. I said very strongly how it happened. I said, you will destabilize the Middle East. When you destabilize the Middle East, Iran will take over Iraq. That's exactly what's happening. They'll take over the oil reserves, among the largest in the world. And in addition other bad things will happen. The other bad things are ISIS. I said that in 2004. That was an article that was taken from a magazine, which was previous to that. I felt that for a long time.


[11:35:43] TRUMP: That's the best question you've ever asked me, Sara. Sara, finally, you're asking me this great question.

Sara from CNN. Terrific person.

Do I think that it's time for some of the other Republicans in the race that are registering zero, in a couple of cases they have zero with an arrow pointing left, which I assume is a mistake because that's less than zero. I assume that's not happening. Do I think it's time to have some of the other Republican candidates drop out? Yes. There are too many people.


TRUMP: Well, I don't want to get personal, but you can look at the poll numbers. Look, if a person's been campaigning for four or five months and they're at zero or 1 or 2 percent, they should get out. Like, look at me. I go to Florida and look at the numbers that just came out in Florida, 37 percent. Georgia, I mean, those are real numbers. These numbers that these people have. And I often ask myself, I asked Mark yesterday, what are they doing? Do they do this for their brand? I happen to think it's very bad for their brand.

I think Walker did a good thing. The way Walker -- he saw it wasn't happening, wasn't going to happen and he just got out quickly. He was favored, don't forget. That was before Trump was going to happen, right? But he was favored for a period of time. He was favored. Walker, Governor Walker, never thought he was going to win. What happened is he got out. I think the way he got out was great. I think he did a really smart thing for himself. Frankly, I think other people should get out because I would like to personally have more time to talk about the problems of the United States and, more importantly, how to solve the problems because we can solve the problems. So, it's a great question. People should get out.



TRUMP: Ivanka. They just said one of the biggest applause lines. It's true. I get -- when I talk about my daughter, Ivanka. She was just at "Fortune" magazine for something like woman of the year, which is great. She doesn't know -- Ivanka, just say hello, OK? Ivanka will be very involved and Melania will be very involved. They'll be coming out very soon.


TRUMP: Oh, Ivanka is going to Iowa.

When are you going to Iowa?

Very soon.

Yes, Mark?

Good question.


TRUMP: I would say -- I don't see threats. Whatever it is I have to do. Mark is saying, what are the top threats, let's say, to your candidacy? Who knows? You're in a crazy world of politics. People change their minds.

I'm going to make America great again. Nobody else is going to be able to do that. I'm going to do it. I'm going to make it, in my opinion, better than ever before. And I think that's awfully tough to compete with. One of the reasons in my book, I actually put financials in there. I show some developments and I have many, many more because you can only -- Simon & Schuster actually cut me to eight or nine pages. I show some great developments I have done that are so successful and so incredible and so financially good. I show my financial statement from a year and a half, two years ago. Now it's even better but we didn't have that certify yet. So I do that not in a braggadocios way, I do that because that's the kind of thinking our country needs right now.

We are run by people who are incompetent. I hate to use the word stupid, but have you to use that word, unless they have bad intentions, which I don't believe they do. But we are run by incompetent people. We have incompetent leadership. There are so many things. Like I mentioned, corporate inversion. The Democrats want the money to come back. Who doesn't? The Republicans want the money to come back. For three years, the Democrats have said, we want the money to come back. For three years, the Democrats and Republicans agree 100 percent. You have a vast majority, maybe everybody, for three years. Guess what? They haven't done anything. Right? They can't even get along when they agree. So, here's the thing where we can take trillions of dollars, bring it back into this country, rebuild big parts of our country with it. Companies can spend that money in our country. Everybody agrees it should be done for years and they can't do it. That's a part of the problem.


[11:40:27]TRUMP: You're going to look. You're going to look. A lot of controversy with Mr. Singer. There are those people that probably wouldn't have wanted him to back. We'll see. I'll talk to you.

Go ahead.


TRUMP: Oh, they'll agree. They'll agree. They just didn't want to go through the unfair questions because they weren't questions, they were statements. You see, they were asking -- they were giving statements in a sarcastic, disgusting way.

By the way, I think Becky is terrific and I think Carl is terrific but I think John Harwood is not very good at what he does. I think Becky Quick is a terrific person. I think Carl is a terrific person. But I will tell you, John Harwood was a disgrace to CNBC.

Go ahead, Tom.


TRUMP: Well, the threat -- it's really an interesting question, actually. The question is, should the Fed raise rates. They are not raising them because Obama has asked them not to raise them. In my opinion, he wants to get out of office because we are in a bubble, and when those rates are raised, a lot of bad things are going to happen or potentially going to happen. There my opinion, Janet Yellen is highly political and she's not raising rates for a very specific reason, because Obama told her not to because he wants to be out playing golf in a year from now and he wants to be doing other things and he doesn't want to see a big bubble burst during his administration. Janet Yellen should have raised the rates. She's not doing it because the Obama administration doesn't want her to do. You see what happens every time there's a thought of raising them just a little bit.

One of the problems we have is our currency right now is not competitive with other currencies. Because if you look at the devaluations of China, of Japan, of many, many different countries, they're making it impossible for our companies to compete with them because we don't have leaders who know how to say to China, don't do that, don't do that, because if you do that, we're going to put a big, fat tax on you, don't do that. If you said it, they wouldn't do it. If you had the right message.

All right. How about one more question.

Howard, do you have another question?

I love Howard Kurtz. He always treats me so nice.




TRUMP: Yes, yes.


TRUMP: Really, I'm focused on one very big election.

JOHN BERMAN, CNN ANCHOR: You're watching Donald Trump right now at Trump Tower. He's trying to sell a new book that he's releasing just today. He's trying to sell himself for president of United States. In the process, he says Marco Rubio is weak on immigration, has credit cards problems. Says Ben Carson is weak on immigration, problems with Medicare. Says Jeb Bush falls asleep at the podium. And says just about everyone else in the race should drop out. He said that.

Joining me is Michael D'Antonio, a Trump biographer; and former member of Congress, Nan Hayworth, who supports Carly Fiorina for president.

Michael, this is sort of vintage Trump right now. Long, rambling, relishing the spotlight and not letting go of it.

MICHAEL D'ANTONIO, TRUMP BIOGRAPHER & AUTHOR: No, it is vintage Trump. You can see that the reporters were sort of overmatched by him. He's a terrific performer. He has -- he's almost like one of the dolls you pull the string on the back and out comes a line. With every question, he's able to deliver a snappy line. Doesn't have much content but it's effective.

BERMAN: Nan, when you watch this and you support Carly Fiorina here, obviously, what goes through your mind? Obviously, every other candidate would love to get the focus that Donald Trump gets. Does this, you know, steam you when you see this?

NAN HAYWORTH, CO-CHAIR, CARLY FOR AMERICA, NEW YORK CHAPTER: & FORMER CONGRESSWOMAN: John, Donald Trump entered this race as a celebrity in his own right, so it's not surprising, especially given the colorful way in which he -- he addresses all these topics.


HAYWORTH: That's right. He's entertaining. That's what Mr. Trump is very good at. I know Mr. Trump. I've met him. I like him personally. But at some point, you have to have substance, not only showmanship. And I think that's where a lot of people are looking, listening, hearing this entire field. And I think that's why you're seeing some flux in those poll numbers, because they realize Mr. Trump has a lot of sound that he generates. But in terms of the substance, there may be some things that are lacking or that they want to hear alternatives about.

[11:45:14] BERMAN: These debates could be a good place to hear alternatives.

Nan Hayworth, former member of Congress, thank you so much.

Michael D'Antonio, Trump biographer, appreciate you being with us.

We have a lot of other news to get to this morning. A midair exPLOsion and the crash of the Russian jet airliner. New satellite images raise new questions about the possibility of a bomb on board. Plus, we're just getting word of an uncharacteristic sound picked up.

Also, billions of dollars spent, long screening lines at airports. Is it really keeping us safe when we fly? A new report about TSA effectiveness that might not make you happy.


[11:49:53] BERMAN: All right. We have breaking news, breaking political news here, Hillary Clinton taking the lead in New Hampshire over Bernie Sanders. A new poll out moments ago from Monmouth University shows Hillary at 48 percent and Bernie Sanders at 45 percent, and this is going to reverse the poll from September that showed Bernie Sanders was up 49 to 41 among Democrats.

Let's talk about what is behind the changes. Former Governor of Michigan, Jennifer Granholm, a senior Clinton advisor and surrogate here.

Governor, and why the reversal here?

JENNIFER GRANHOLM, (D), FORMER MICHIGAN GOVERNOR & SENIOR CLINTON ADVISOR: It is great. That is what I think. The reversal is because obviously Benghazi and the debates, and people have seen her out there talk thing on the issues, and she has had the late night appearance, and people are feeling like they are connecting with her, and that is an 111-point swing in that poll and another poll out last night with NBC poll that had a 17-point swing meaning she went up a huge amount, and Bernie Sanders went down. There is just great strides being made and in addition to that, John, you know that she is making incredible investments into the infrastructure of the early states, and so she is going up significantly in Iowa. She is moving ahead now in New Hampshire and in Nevada and South Carolina and she is overwhelmingly the favorite. People are feeling good that things are headed in the right direction.

BERMAN: You are seeing the swings in some polls. One number that you are not seeing any swing is in when it comes to trustworthiness, and the "Wall Street Journal"/NBC poll shows that her trustworthiness moved from 27 percent to 26 percent before the Benghazi hearing. No movement at all. So after all of these things you point to as successes, people still don't trust her.

GRANHOLM: When you say people, you are saying in that poll, it is Republicans as well, in this Democratic primary that --


BERMAN: Well, they are human beings. But they're human beings and --

GRANHOLM: Well, of course.

BERMAN: -- and they are seeing everything that she did which you are pointing to great successes, but it does not budge the trustworthiness number.

GRANHOLM: Well, the point is, in the primary, she has to persuade the Democrats, and she is not running against herself. She'll be running against one of the guys on the other side in the general election, and that is where the race is going to be taking off once the primaries have settled in on two candidates, but right now, she is in a terrific position in the Democratic primary, and by the way, Democrats overwhelmingly trust her. We will see the movement, and still early obviously for the general election, but in the primary, this is very good news for her.

BERMAN: And why doesn't the general voting population trust her more after these things that you point to as successes?

GRANHOLM: Well, she has 15 opponents on the other side who are harping on this, and her name was mentioned more times in the last Republican debate than the words middle-class were. Of course, she is going to have all of the opposition against her, and all of this money being spent against her, and it is not a one-on-one race. So she is, you know, she is taking all of that on, and of course, some other networks are spending 90 percent of the political coverage being anti-Hillary Clinton folks. So, of course, there is going to be a difficulty when she does not have a one-on-one opponent.


GRANHOLM: Just wait.

BERMAN: And it is not like she is defenseless here, and she had 11 hours behind the microphone there and by most accounts. And by your account, she did very well and has the money to spend on the ads. And does the Clinton campaign have to come to terms that maybe you can win, and maybe you can win the Democratic nomination, and win the presidency ultimately, and still have Americans not trust Hillary Clinton?

GRANHOLM: Well, you will see that America doesn't trust politician, and so whoever the person is on the other side will have trustworthiness issues, and they will continue to try to attack her credibility, and she is go going to be coming back to respond.

But overall, John, it is a good period of time for Hillary Clinton. And listening to the Donald Trump press conference that you just covered, you know, it is kind of amazing to me that, you know, he writes a book that is called -- what? "America's Crippled" or "American is Crippled" --

BERMAN: "Crippled America." \ GRANHOLM: And he is using the word "crippled" in there, and right now what he is saying is that he is harnessing the anger, and everything is horrible, and it is the worst trade deal, and my opponents are losers and Hillary Clinton is the worst and everything is negative, but when I'm elected, you are going to see Mexico build a wall, and you are going to be see Putin be my best friend and the best trade deals ever and see all of the jobs come back, and what you don't hear and I bet you won't see it in the book is how. How is any of that going to happen? Are you going to walk in the door going to open up, and rose pedals are going to float to the feet, and the how is not there. And there was an excerpt released on the infrastructure chapter and all he did was to complain about the infrastructure of the country, and opposed to the Hillary Clinton who has specific infrastructure bank, and all that. I am saying that I want to hear the how from these guys, and particularly from Donald Trump.

[11:55:27] BERMAN: Governor, thank you for being with us. We appreciate you unveiling your Donald Trump routine, which I expect that we will see again for some time. And thank you, Governor. We appreciate it.

GRANHOLM: I don't know if I could do a Donald Trump routine, but he has got one for sure.


BERMAN: Right there.

All right. We have more politics coming up on CNN today. And today, Jeb Bush, can he fix it? He says yes, and the question is, depends on the definition of what it is. The candidate shares his plans with Wolf Blitzer at 5:00 p.m. Do not miss that.

Thanks for joining us.

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