Ariane de Vogue serves as a reporter and producer for CNN Politics writing about the Supreme Court and legal issues, chronicling everything from breaking news about major rulings to the evolving politics of personality among the justices. She works closely with CNN's justice team and guides network-wide reporting on Supreme Court cases and other legal developments.

    Since joining the network, de Vogue has covered the Court's groundbreaking decisions on gay marriage, health care, religious freedom and lethal injection as well as the lead up to the rehearing of the affirmative action case.

    Previously, de Vogue covered the Court for ABC News and the nominations of several justices. As an investigative producer she also worked on stories concerning terrorism, the aftermath of September 11th, the presidential impeachment proceedings, campaign finance as well as legal challenges during national elections.

    She grew up in Westville, Indiana, and is a graduate of George Washington University.