The Boycott Factor_00011918.jpg

Commentary: The Boycott Factor

If the O'Reilly advertiser boycott forces the network to replace its anchor, does it set a bad precedent about control of content?
Did Trump libel Obama?_00003121.jpg

Did Trump libel Obama?

Smerconish wonders if President Obama could win a libel case against President Trump for his unproven tweets accusing Obama of wiretapping him.
Farewell, Coach_00011421.jpg

Farewell, Coach

Smerconish remembers the career of his legendary 4-time state champion HS football coach, Mike Pettine Sr, and the life lessons Pettine imparted to players
'New' Trump short-lived_00020127.jpg

Commentary: 'New' Trump short-lived

After being repeatedly wrong about Trump, Smerconish correctly predicted the President would be softer in his first major address - but the tone didn't last
What is 'fair' media to Trump?_00013303.jpg

What is 'fair' media to Trump?

Smerconish, who the President recently called 'fair,' questions Trump's attacks on the media and leaks instead of addressing the troubling facts uncovered
Smerconish: My reply to Rush_00030629.jpg

Smerconish: My reply to Rush

Rush Limbaugh attacked Smerconish's claim that Trump's victory was due to the power of conservative talk radio. Smerconish replies, with mega-dittos.
Commentary: The Tweeter-in-Chief_00020123.jpg

Commentary: The Tweeter-in-Chief

The President has been launching many early morning, pre-emptive Twitter strikes trying to shape - and distract - the national dialogue. Is he succeeding?
Commentary: End the Ban_00003017.jpg

Commentary: End the Ban

Smerconish tells President Trump to use the legal quagmire caused by his refugee travel ban to cancel the policy which has been damaging his administration.
Commentary: Trump still campaigning_00003125.jpg

Commentary: Trump still campaigning

Trump's inaugural should have reached across the aisle, and all congressmen should have attended. Instead the campaign is still dividing America.
Bursting my bubble_00002011.jpg

Bursting my bubble

Despite Smerconish's working-class origins, the 2016 election and his Christmas break reminded him he's living in a bubble. He resolves to try to burst it.
Proof in the Putin?_00010626.jpg

Proof in the Putin?

Smerconish found the intel report on the Russian election hack frustratingly shy on actual evidence, but when he said so on Twitter, it caused a furor.
Hamilton Vs. Pence_00002006.jpg

Hamilton Vs. Pence

After VP-elect Mike Pence saw Hamilton on Broadway, the cast addressed him about its fears of the Trump administration. Smerconish says wrong time & place.
A fresh start_00011227.jpg

A fresh start

Smerconish says America needs to let the campaign go and wait to see what kind of President Trump proves to be.
'We need to stop this'_00003230.jpg

'We need to stop this'

Smerconish pleads for the nation to end vitriolic partisan obstructionism, accept whatever the result of election day and move forward.
The Morning After_00003728.jpg

The Morning After

The real result of Election Day begins the day after. Smerconish makes some suggestions for the citizens and politicians for moving forward.
The Future of Fox News - and the GOP_00004711.jpg

The Future of Fox News - and the GOP

Does Megyn Kelly signal a new post-Ailes Fox News post-election day? Smerconish says if it can become truly fair and balanced it would make the GOP better
'Just Look at Her'_00005430.jpg

'Just Look at Her'

Of all the women accusing Trump of inappropriate behavior, 74 year old Jessica Leeds is unique - because she's actually age-appropriate to the candidate.
Trump's Own "Nasty Smear" _00005715.jpg

Trump's Own "Nasty Smear"

Smerconish parses the Trump campaign's statement on birtherism as a prime example of the candidate's "circuitous logic and outright fabrication."

New Silent Majority: Complacent Voters

Smerconish bucks the conventional wisdom that voters are angry and says the problem is complacency: many aren't voting and allowing extremists to dominate.
exp Talk Radio's grip on GOP_00002001.jpg

Talk radio's grip on the GOP

Why are Cruz and Trump succeeding in the GOP race? Michael Smerconish says it's due to the power wielded by extremist conservative talk radio hosts.
Smerconish: Why I'm registering GOP_00004301.jpg

Smerconish: Why I'm Re-joining the GOP

Michael Smerconish discusses his personal history with the GOP and becoming an independent, and why he's registering Republican to vote in the PA primary
Smerconish Commentary 05092015_00004930.jpg

The impact of where you grow up

Michael Smerconish has a special Mother's Day message and discusses new data out from Harvard that shows where you grow up can have an impact on how you turn out.
A car travels past a pothole in Brooklyn, New York. After a severe winter, New York City's streets have become treacherous in areas

Smerconish: The Politics of Potholes

After a nasty encounter with the "Godzilla of American potholes," Michael Smerconish says reinvesting in American infrastructure should be a big issue in the 2016 election.


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The Unfinished Story 

Tony Blair on Brexit Fallout_00012710.jpg

Tony Blair on Brexit Fallout

Fmr. British Prime Minister Tony Blair on the US implications of the vote to exit the EU, and upheaval caused by insurgent movements on both right and left
Fired for Being White? _00022028.jpg

Fired for Being White?

Was a Pittsburgh TV anchor fired for a Facebook post discriminated against because she's white? Attorney Areva Martin & law professor Carol Swain debate.
exp Smerc Beckel v. Beckel_00002001.jpg

Beckel Vs. Beckel on Trump

CNN Contributor and Democrat Bob Beckel squares off with his conservative Hollywood actor brother Graham Beckel about the appeal of Trump's candidacy

What it's like to gender transition

Star news helicopter pilot Zoey Tur, formerly known as Bob Tur, talks about the process of transitioning genders and what it means to be transgender.
pkg robertson choudary profile_00003824.jpg

Inside the mind of radical Islam

Michael Smerconish sits down with Anjem Choudary, a radical Muslim cleric in London, to discuss terrorism and the Paris terror attacks.
A quote from Virgil seen during a press preview of the National September 11 Memorial Museum at the World Trade Center site May 14, 2014 in New York. AFP PHOTO/Stan HONDA        (Photo credit should read STAN HONDA/AFP/Getty Images)

9/11: The 28 missing pages

Former Sen. Bob Graham and Terry Strada, wife of a 9/11 victim, push for the release of 28 pages of still classified material regarding 9/11 financing.


Headlines Redefined 

Widow of spy poisoned by Putin_00044821.jpg

Spy's widow: Putin plays 'dirty game'

The widow of a spy killed by radioactive poison says the ex-spy who wrote the Trump dossier is in danger, and Trump needs to know Putin plays a 'dirty game'
exp Trump: the new Buchanan? _00002001.jpg

Is Trump the new Pat Buchanan?

Michael Smerconish asks Pat Buchanan about his ideas being carried forward by Donald Trump, and what Trump's chances are in the 2016 race.

How ISIS justifies its actions

Atlantic Magazine contributing editor Graeme Wood talks how ISIS justifies its actions to its supporters through carefully crafted theological arguments.


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