$250 million mansion is most expensive home listed in US
Updated 25th January 2017
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$250 million mansion is most expensive home listed in US
A newly-built Bel Air mansion has been listed for sale for $250 million in the US, making it the most expensive home currently on offer on the American market.
The extravagant 38,000 square foot property features 12 bedrooms, 21 bathrooms, five bars and three kitchens and comes complete with its own moat, four-lane bowling alley and an 85-foot Italian glass infinity pool fitted with an hydraulic theater-sized movie screen.
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If that's not enough to attract the world's billionaire buyers, some of the home's other perks include a spa and fitness center, two cellars stocked with a multi-million dollar wine collection, and a 40-seat, James Bond-themed home cinema.
These features alone may seem luxurious, but the property's developer, BAM Luxury Development group, have equipped the residence with a range of other unique fittings that ensure the home lives up to its opulent price tag.
These include an art collection comprised of more than 100 carefully curated pieces including an interactive installation by British artist Dominic Harris and an oversized Leica camera by Chinese sculptor Liao Yibai, valued at $1 million.
There are over 100 artworks in the house, including a $1 million Leica camera sculpture by artist Liao Yibai Credit: courtesy Bam luxury development
A visit to the roof also reveals a helipad adorned with the helicopter that starred in the 1980's television series Airwolf. Deactivated at the end of series, the aircraft was refurbished by the developers into a piece of art that matches the style of the property.
The deactivated helicopter on the roof is intended to be a display-piece only Credit: courtesy Bam luxury development
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Every good home also needs a garage, and the property's 12 car "auto gallery" -- which includes a Bugatti Veyron, a Pagani Huayra, a Rolls-Royce Dawn and a range of other rare vintage automobiles -- doesn't disappoint.
BAM Luxury Group / 924 Bel Air Road
The home's realtor, Rayni Williams, said the car collection is valued at over $30 million and was a carefully planned extravagance that enhances the property's exclusivity.
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"It is not common for a house to be sold with complete collections such as this. Not only is the home completely furnished with the art and the cars but every single inclusion is exotic and unattainable to the masses," Williams says.
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According to Bruce Makowsky, the billionaire owner of BAM Luxury Development group, the home took over four years to construct and furnish, and is designed to cater specifically to the needs of a select few billionaires.
"It baffled me that no one was developing luxury real estate at those high levels for the super wealthy," he says in a statement.
"I set up my real estate development company in Beverly Hills, California, to cater to the super affluent that demand the very best in life."
1/5Taohuayuan, Suzhou ($154m)
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The sale of this 72,441 sq ft mansion to Chinese real estate tycoon Hongtian Chen back in July smashed records right, left and centre. 'Peach Blossom Land' or 'Utopia', as it translates, is the most expensive home ever sold in China. It has 32 bedrooms, a lake-side swimming pool, wine cellar, and several courtyards and gardens, one of which was modelled on a UNESCO world heritage site. Credit:
Sotheby's International Realty
If sold, the $250 million home would be $100 million more expensive than a 32-bedroom luxury mansion in Suzhou, China, which claimed the title of China's most expensive property in 2016. The most expensive home previously offered for sale in the US was a Beverly Hills property that was listed for $195 million.
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