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Mandatory Credit: Photo by Mathieu Rivrin/Solent News/REX/Shutterstock (7655013f)
The abbey at Mont Saint Michel
Double Rainbows at The abbey at Mont Saint Michel
The abbey at Mont Saint Michel, an island community in Normandy, France, looks magical as two double rainbows appear on either side of it after a heavy rainfall. Mont Saint Michel is a popular attraction in France and is classed as an UNESCO world heritage site. Some 40 to 50 people live in the city, which also has a mayor and sees more than a million tourists visit each year.

Mont Saint Michel is around 1km off France's northwestern coast. During low tides, the medieval walled city is accessible with people able to walk and visit the abbey, which resembles a fairytale castle. But during high tide, it is transformed into an island.

Photographer Mathieu Rivrin, 27, travelled three hours from his home in Brest, France, to take photographs of the stunning area.
He said: "I've been waiting for very particular weather conditions as I had an image in mind that I really wanted to photograph.
"It included rainbows or something during a very beautiful 'blue' hour which is the hour right after sunset so I was very happy when I managed to take these photos. It's such a beautiful location to take pictures - from the earth or from the sky. I was really excited when I saw the double rainbow. I ran very, very fast to a location where I would have a rainbow on either side of Mont Saint Michel, it was a really thrilling moment."

"For the 'blue' hour after sunset, I organised a flight on a microlight aircraft. The day of the flight it had been raining heavily all day and the light appeared only for the flight which was lucky but very stressful. I had dreamt of the image I managed to get of Mont Saint Michel lit up, the deep blue skies and the reflection of the wavy stream."

"The blue hour is the golden hour to me because of the delicious contr...
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