Sandra Bullock's 'Heat' supports Boston cops, FBI

Sandra Bullock stars as Special Agent Sarah Ashburn and Melissa McCarthy stars as Det. Shannon Mullins in "The Heat."

Story highlights

  • "The Heat," which hits theaters June 28, was filmed in Boston with FBI, police help
  • Bullock plays an FBI agent working with a Boston cop, played by Melissa McCarthy
  • "The movie is such a love letter to Boston," director Paul Feig says
  • "It's a remarkable place, an amazing city," McCarthy says
In the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings, the cast and crew of a new Sandra Bullock-Melissa McCarthy comedy about Boston law enforcement want to show their appreciation for FBI agents and police with an advance screening of the film.
"The Heat," which hits theaters June 28, was filmed in Boston with a lot of help from law enforcement there.
Director Paul Feig said Thursday that he is arranging an advance screening to show support for the city.
"The movie is such a love letter to Boston," Feig said. "A lot of our cast are Boston people, either born or raised. So we really would like to support that city. I love that city."
Bullock plays an FBI agent who is sent to Boston to work on an investigation.
"It's been an amazing tight-knit community before this happened, and it just bonded a community even more," Bullock said. "I don't think a screening would ever be enough, feel like it's enough to do for them."
McCarthy plays a Boston cop who clashes with Bullock's character over jurisdiction.
"It's a remarkable place, an amazing city that's obviously going through a really tough situation," McCarthy said. "I have a sweet spot for it now."
The agents and police who are now busy with the bombing investigation gave the filmmakers "so much help," Feig said.
"They are some of the finest people I've ever worked with," he said. "Boston is in good hands if they have to go through something like this. They are in the best hands possible."
Bullock credits the film crew from Boston for working "crazy hours" with the "last-minute film."
"Usually, there's chaos and things fall apart, but because of them, it held together the way that it did, and I really feel like the reason this film got made in the way that it did is because of that group: the Bostonians."
The screening idea is in its early stages, and no date has been set, Feig said.