The many faces of Steve Ballmer

Updated 8:44 PM ET, Thu May 29, 2014
ballmer clippers face fileballmer clippers face file
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Steve Ballmer, the former CEO of Microsoft, appears set to buy the L.A. Clippers. Ballmer, seen here at a NBA playoff game on April 29, is not one to hide his emotions. Rather, he is known for his exuberant persona at tech events. Here's a look at some of his many mugs: Noel Vasquez/GC Images/Getty Images/FILE
Here Ballmer responds during an interview at a 2000 tech conference in Florida. If only we knew what the question was. TONY RANZE/AFP/Getty Images
"Don't ask me again about Windows Vista." David Paul Morris/Bloomberg/Getty Images
Oh, this is a caption contest waiting to happen. Here Ballmer speaks at the Web. 2.0 Summit in 2011 in San Francisco. Paul Sakuma/ap
Here Ballmer (pick one: 1. grimaces 2. grins 3. remembers he left the stove on) while talking about Windows 7 during a 2009 appearance in Munich, Germany. Guenter Schiffmann/Bloomberg/Getty Images
"I'll shout louder so you guys in the back can hear me." Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg/Getty Images
If this Microsoft thing hadn't worked out, Ballmer might have made a fearsome football coach. CESAR RANGEL/AFP/Getty Images
"Well, Apple has had some success, sure. And Facebook is big. Don't get me started on Google. ... What was the question again?" Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
Please don't make Steve Ballmer angry. Just don't. David Paul Morris/Bloomberg/Getty Images
Ballmer speaks, or perhaps yells excitedly, during the 2013 opening of a Microsoft store in Troy, Michigan. Bryan Mitchell/Bloomberg/Getty Images