baby with bullet
Witness: Snipers target women, children
03:08 - Source: CNN

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Syrian snipers playing a "targeting game," according to one volunteer doctor

David Nott said heavily pregnant women, children are being targeted

On some days, the type of wounds are suspiciously similar, he said

Syria needs a safe corridor for aid and medical suppliers, Nott said

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An X-ray shows a bullet lodged in a baby’s head. The image would be chilling enough without knowing the child was still in its mother’s womb when it became the target of snipers hiding in the shadows in northern Syria.

The mother survived. Her baby didn’t. And it’s not the only one.

Volunteer doctor David Nott, a British surgeon who’s worked in several Syrian hospitals with the charity Syria Relief, says snipers are playing a “targeting game,” and heavily pregnant women are on the hit list.

“Most of the children removed were seven, eight, nine months gestation, which meant it was fairly obvious to anybody that these women were pregnant.”

Young children are also being targeted, Nott said.

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