The debate before the debate

Updated 9:57 PM ET, Thu August 6, 2015
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The race to become the next Republican presidential nominee kicked off with the seven lowest-polling candidates taking the stage in Cleveland, Ohio, on Thursday, August 6. From left: Jim Gilmore, Lindsey Graham, Bobby Jindal, Rick Perry, Rick Santorum, Carly Fiorina and George Pataki. John Minchillo/AP
Former Virginia Gov. Jim Gilmore speaks during a predebate forum. Gilmore previously chaired a national advisory panel to assess U.S. capabilities to respond to terrorism involving weapons of mass destruction. John Minchillo/AP
Republican presidential candidate Lindsey Graham is a South Carolina senator and previously served in the Air Force. John Minchillo/AP
Republican presidential hopeful Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal speaks during the debate. Jindal is the country's first Indian-American governor. MANDEL NGAN/AFP/AFP/Getty Images
Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry has previously said that gun-free zones are "a bad idea" and said he believes people should be able to take their firearms to the movies. John Minchillo/AP
Rick Santorum answers a question during the debate. Santorum has said in the past that he believes Planned Parenthood is dehumanizing unborn children. Scott Olson/Getty Images
Carly Fiorina, former Hewlett-Packard CEO, said during the debate,"Hillary Clinton lies about Benghazi, she lied about emails, she is still defending Planned Parenthood, and she is still her party's front-runner." After the debate, Fiorina was the top-searched candidate on Google in more states than any of the other six early debate candidates. John Minchillo/AP
George Pataki answers a question during the presidential forum. Pataki has previously laid out what he calls are "practical" policy solutions for the issue of securing the southern U.S. border, as well as what to do with the millions of illegal immigrants already living in the country. Scott Olson/Getty Images