#CNNFood Challenge: What's your favorite seafood dish?

Is your dish as good as this fish platter from the Italian National Culinary Team?

(CNN)It's not often that food that tastes so good is also healthy.

But somehow, that's a trick seafood pulls off time and again.
Often low in fat, a great source of protein and a tasty way of loading up on vitamins and minerals, food from under the sea can be good for the body as well as taste buds.
Another bonus? It's quick to cook too.
    Options are almost endless: crab, mussels, clams, prawns, salmon, seabass, sushi, sole.
    It only seems right, then, that we ask for your seafood dishes for our next #CNNFood challenge.
    Make sure to tag your photos #CNNFood on social media sites Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and tell us where in the world you're enjoying your dish and how you made it.
      Get snapping your seafood and show us what fish dishes you have created in the kitchen this week.