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Valentine's Day gift ideas for long-term couples can keep the spark alive

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As obvious as it may sound, it really does require effort to keep the spark alive in any relationship – especially a long-term relationship. The day-to-day of everyday life can distract from the magic that was there at the beginning. While there are a lot of tactical ways to make your relationship thrive, another gesture that sends a big message is a thoughtful gift.

This Valentine’s Day, go the extra mile and ditch any “practical” gifts you’d had planned. Or at least add one of those below into the mix, to make your significant other feel appreciated and especially loved this holiday.

A fresh scent ($14.95 per month;


If your S.O. has been wearing a certain scent for a long while, it may be time to switch things up. Scentbird makes it easy to choose a new cologne or fragrance. This subscription service sends monthly samples of high-grade, designer colognes and perfumes to your door so that your S.O. can “date luxury perfumes before marrying them.” That way, you’ll also benefit from smelling a new sexy scent on that special someone.

A personalized photo gift (Prices vary;


Shutterfly allows you to print your favorite memories in custom photo books, on cards, as decorative home items and more. For Valentine’s Day, we’re big fans of the brand because of how easy it is to make custom gifts that send a big message. If you order in time, Shutterfly guarantees these gifts will make it by Valentine’s Day.

A luxury item

Who doesn’t love a designer present? Often, we wouldn’t buy them for ourselves, and it feels flattering when the gift-giver thinks you are worthy of such luxury.

For her: We have this stunning Marc Jacobs Effortlessly Irresistible 5-Piece Beauty Bestsellers ($130; Inside, there are several high-end makeup items, including lipstick and mascara, so she can look marvelous for that Valentine’s Day dinner.


For him: Perhaps he’s grown tired of that old watch he’s had for ages and is in the market for a new one. Give him this Ted Baker Leather Strap Watch ($175; It’s priced at less than $200 and has a classic design, so he’ll get plenty of good out of this watch time and time again.

A stunning bouquet of his or her favorite flowers (Prices vary;


You’ve known your partner a long time. This Valentine’s Day is a good time for a reminder that he or she is still worthy of surprise blooms. Since you likely know his or her favorite flowers, you can feel confident when making your selections.

While many flower boutiques have stunning offerings around Valentine’s Day, we’re shopping BloomThat for its coast-to-coast delivery service and free gift when you preorder blooms this holiday.

A warm, cozy gift ($98;


Earlier this month, we reviewed products for the person who’s always cold. By now, you probably know if your partner falls into that category. Whether you’ve felt his cold feet under the covers or noticed how often she needs a sweater, you’d be kind to give the gift of warmth. For Valentine’s Day, this Ugg throw blanket is an extra plush way to show you care.

A handwritten reminder that you care ($10;

Urban Outfitters

With this book, you fill in the blanks with handwritten creative answers as to why you love your partner. This is a great gift for those who work or live far apart, since it can be read over and over, especially when you’re missing one another. It’s published by Knock Knock, which also has a whole host of other books for telling your loved ones how much they matter.

A personalized piece of jewelry (Prices vary;


A nice piece of jewelry – especially when customized – usually isn’t cheap. No, it’s an investment.

To show your long-term spouse, partner or otherwise how much he or she matters, order something that requires a little thought and effort, like a personalized ring, necklace or bracelet. This Valentine’s Day, we’d recommend shopping Catbird, a popular Brooklyn-based jewelry shop, for stylish pieces that can be customized for your special someone.

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