Supreme Court grants North Carolina Republicans partial victory in gerrymander case

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what is gerrymandering expl orig nws_00014814


    How gerrymandering got its name


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(CNN)A divided Supreme Court tonight handed a partial victory to Republican legislators in North Carolina.

The justices granted a request to put on hold state legislative remedial maps in Wake County and Mecklenburg County. Those maps were drawn by a court-appointed special master earlier this year after a lower court held that some of the districts in earlier maps amounted to a racial gerrymander.
The Supreme Court's ruling means that maps drawn by Republicans for those counties in 2017 are likely to be used in the next election.
The ruling is a only a partial victory for the lawmakers, however, because the justices declined a request to put on hold maps for four other districts.
    Two justices, conservatives Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas, would have granted the lawmakers a full stay of their request. Two liberals, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Sonia Sotomayor, would have denied the request in its entirety.
    Voting rights groups had accused Republicans of "seeking a stay of the district court's remedial order so that they can hang on to the fruits of their racial gerrymander labor for at least one more year. "