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Celebrate Earth Day on April 22 by shopping these eco-friendly brands

There are good options in the home, fashion and beauty categories

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With Earth Day right around the corner (it’s on April 22), we’re taking a close look at the brands we buy and how they affect the environment. The idea is to make simple, eco-friendly swaps when possible and take the time to study up on the companies that make our everyday products. If you’re hoping to do the same and start investing in more planet-friendly products, we have a collection of tips and tricks and a number of eco-friendly brands for you to shop.


Your home life is one of the biggest opportunities for you to switch to planet-friendly goods. Everything from Bluetooth speaker systems to household all-purpose cleaners to water filters can be made with an eco-friendly bent. If you invest in some of these simple (and affordable) goods, you could be drastically lessening your waste production. Take, for instance, your toothbrush. The average person tosses out 300 plastic toothbrushes over a lifetime, which take years to decompose. But there are plenty of biodegradable bamboo options that are just as efficient at cleaning your teeth, but can degrade naturally and safely. It’s a small change that could have a big impact on the planet, if enough people switched.

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Sustainable fashion has become a popular way to do good while looking good. Thankfully, this trend is supported by numerous fashion brands that are environmentally responsible when crafting their designs. It means that you’ll never have a shortage of cool looks to sport that are also eco-friendly. These companies will help you celebrate Earth Day and beyond more stylishly and sustainably.

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Even your daily skin care routine could benefit from an eco-friendly product (or three). Plenty of cosmetics and skin care companies out there meet high ratings of approval both in terms of being environmentally sound and effective on your skin. Independent testing groups like the Environmental Working Group can help you pinpoint which brands are the most responsible in the ingredients they use, and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals maintains a database of products that are and aren’t tested on animals. And on top of that, customer reviews can vouch for how well the item actually works.

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