Iraq: Protests continue in Basra in third night of clashes with security forces

Protesters try to storm the governor's building in Basra during protests Tuesday calling for better public services and jobs.

Baghdad, Iraq (CNN)Iraqi security forces fired tear gas and live ammunition Wednesday as demonstrators took to the streets for a third day in the southern city of Basra, activists said.

One person died and 21 others were wounded by forces using live rounds, health and security officials in Basra said.
At least five people were killed Tuesday in clashes and 68 others injured, including 41 civilians and 27 military personnel, health ministry spokesman Dr. Saif Al-Badr told CNN. One protester died Monday in clashes with Iraqi authorities.
Anger has swelled in Basra, an oil-rich city that's 280 miles south of Baghdad, throughout the hot summer months over a lack of basic services and high unemployment. Other points of frustration among protesters are prolonged power cuts, contaminated water that has sent hundreds to the hospital and sanitation problems.
    Iraqi protesters demonstrate against the government Monday, September 4, over the lack of basic services in Basra.
    Mourners chant anti-government slogans Monday night while carrying the Iraqi flag-draped coffin of Mekki Yasser, seen in the poster, a protester whose family and activists said he was killed during a protest.