TIJUANA, MEXICO - NOVEMBER 24:  An aerial view of the temporary shelter set up for members of the 'migrant caravan', with a section of the U.S.-Mexico border barrier visible (TOP R),  on November 24, 2018 in Tijuana, Mexico. Around 6,000 migrants from Central America have arrived in the city with the mayor of Tijuana declaring the situation a 'humanitarian crisis'. Most migrants in the caravan say they plan to petition for asylum in the U.S. The incoming government in Mexico will reportedly support a new Trump administration policy requiring migrants asking for asylum in the U.S. to remain in Mexico while their cases are processed.
Inside the migrant camp at the border
02:48 - Source: CNN
Tijuana, Mexico CNN  — 

Authorities in Tijuana say they plan to open another shelter for migrants in the Mexican border city.

“Much better installations at the new shelter in #Tijuana. Migrants will have a roof and a dry floor to sleep tonight. But 45 minutes away by car from the border,” researcher Jonathan Pedneault tweeted late Thursday along with two stills of an empty facility.

He followed that by saying “Less funny [sic] for the single men in the new #Tijuana shelter however - no lights,” along with another photo of men gathered in a covered space lit with what appeared to be only flashlights or portable lights placed on the floor.

Earlier Thursday evening, buses arrived at the primary shelter, the crowded Benito Juarez Sports Complex, to try to shuttle some of the 6,000 Central American migrants housed there to the second facility – located in the eastern part of the city in an area known as El Barretal.

The shelter will house at least 3,000 people and will be located in the eastern part of the city, said Rodolfo Olimpo, a representative from Baja California state’s Special Committee on Migration Issues.

Preparations for the new shelter have been in the works for days, officials said. It could open Thursday or Friday.

Tensions flared Sunday when a group of migrants rushed the border and US authorities fired tear gas. Since then, the situation has calmed.

But Tijuana’s mayor says his city is still facing a humanitarian crisis as migrants camp out awaiting the chance to make an asylum claim in the United States.

A sports complex near the border has become a makeshift shelter for more than 5,000 migrants. That’s at least triple its capacity, and human rights groups describe conditions inside as unsanitary. They’ve accused US authorities of creating a crisis by limiting processing at ports of entry.

US officials say limited resources and capacity mean they can only process a fraction of cases on the waiting list daily.

A group of migrants said Thursday that they planned to begin a hunger strike to push for the United States to speed up the processing of asylum claims.

CNN’s Leyla Santiago and Rosalina Nieves reported from Tijuana. CNN’s Catherine E. Shoichet reported from Washington.