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While the U.S. braces for the impact of Hurricane Dorian, the Bahamas are currently most in need of aid. The islands were battered by winds over 140 mph and drenched with heavy rainfall, leaving homes torn apart and floodwaters swamping structures and roads. In the wake of the storm, charities and other organizations are mobilizing relief efforts. While there are several ways you can help right now, one easy way is through AmazonSmile.

How to help

If you’re not familiar with AmazonSmile, you can shop through the site and designate a charity to benefit from your purchases. Right now you can also donate items to disaster relief agencies or money directly through the site. Over the last few years, Amazon customers have donated more than 600,000 items through Wish Lists on the site, delivering more than 1.5 million relief items. The Amazon subsidiary is currently partnering with four organizations to get supplies and aid to those in need.

AmazonSmile disaster relief partners

For Hurricane Dorian disaster relief, AmazonSmile has partnered with the organizations below. You can donate money or specific items to any of the organizations.

Save the Children Hurricane Dorian Response

Save the Children works to give every child in the U.S. or around the globe the resources to succeed and live a safe and healthy life. In response to Hurricane Dorian’s devastation, Save the Children is seeking donations of supplies for children in shelters. The organization is also accepting cash donations, which you can give safely and securely through AmazonSmile.


Founded after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, SBP aims to shorten the time between when disaster strikes and when recovery begins. To mobilize an immediate response to Dorian, SBP is currently looking for items such as first aid kits, water filtration systems and mold control household cleaner.

American Red Cross

Always an early responder, the American Red Cross is soliciting donations of fitted sheets, towels and other essentials to aid its relief efforts. You can also donate money to the American Red Cross through AmazonSmile.

Mercy Corps

A leading humanitarian organization Mercy Corps has already deployed resources and personnel to the Bahamas to help those devastated by Dorian. Mercy Corps is currently looking for cash donations to help provide lifesaving items including food, water, shelter, hygiene supplies and cash vouchers. You can donate to relief in the Bahamas directly through AmazonSmile.