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Businesses big and small are waking up to a world where hackers, security breaches and data loss aren’t rare one-offs, but continual threats. And it’s not just a problem for the tech giants of the world. Increasingly, small businesses are suffering, often ill-equipped to deal with the fast-moving and ever-changing threats of our digital world.

That’s where CrashPlan for Small Business for companies up to 200 employees ($10/month per computer; comes in. This one-stop data protection solution is a product of Code 42, a backup and services suite industry leader with more than 50,000 world-class organizations as clients.

Even better, CrashPlan for Small Business is available as a free 30-day trial. That’s one month of protection for your business, gratis.

After your trial period, which you can cancel anytime, the flat monthly rate continues to include all the data protection your business needs in one simple, seamless cloud solution. That means features like file server and external hard drive protection, at no extra cost. Ditto for customizable file retention and file restoration from any computer via desktop app, web browser or mobile app. And with 256-bit AES data encryption or BAA (to support HIPAA compliance), your business’s digital footprint is protected by the latest in cybersecurity best practices. Add in dedicated support and point-in-time restores to facilitate ransomware recovery, and it’s clear CrashPlan for Small Business has you covered in all the ways.

In short: CrashPlan offers “set it and forget it data protection for all of your computers and file servers,” according to the website. And unlike some competitors, that continuous protection and automatic cloud backup includes unlimited storage and zero file-size restrictions. That’s good news, especially when disaster strikes.

After all, peace of mind is hard enough to grasp for most small-business owners. But thanks to CrashPlan for Small Business, protecting your business’s critical data will be one less thing to worry about.