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From Impossible Burgers to Bustle, today’s business and startup world moves at a mind-numbing pace. Opportunities abound, new products and subscription services crop up faster than you can delete emails in your inbox, and it’s nearly impossible to keep your finger on the pulse of the latest in tech and business news. That’s why we’re big fans of The Hustle – because it gets it. Keeping up is hard.

And now, the site doesn’t just help us keep up with the Joneses of Silicon Valley, but – thanks to its new subscription service, Trends – The Hustle also promises to keep us ahead of the curve.

If you’re not familiar with The Hustle, here’s a quick primer: The free daily newsletter has 1m+ subscribers, thanks to its smart, irreverent style and uncanny ability to distill the best business news of the day into punchy bite-size briefs. It’s a winning formula: Wry humor, astute insights, and timely delivery.

With the newly launched Trends, The Hustle’s taken that formula to the next level with premium dispatches from the bleeding edge of startup-land. We’re talking in-depth deconstructions of up-and-coming businesses, sectors, and trends — with practical, actionable next steps for how to get in on the ground floor. These aren’t fluff or puff pieces: Analysts craft articles chock-full of infographics, detailed statistics and data points – and present them in the same smart, tongue-in-cheek style that entertains as it educates.

For anyone interested in the Next Big Thing, Trends looks like it’s fast becoming essential. At the time of writing, dispatches on topics as diverse as the beauty tech boom, CBD for pets, the experience economy, and opportunities in the direct-to-consumer online plant market — to name just a few — have us considering opportunities we’d never thought about before.

And that’s the goal. As Trends’ website puts it: “Each week we show you the white space in the market and how you can capitalize on it.”

There are other perks, too: Subscribers have full access to the financial details of 400+ small businesses, including thousands of rows of data. That’s a potentially powerful tool for those in constant search of the fastest-growing, most profitable, next-to-make-it-big companies.

And CNN Underscored readers can score $50 off the original $299/year price with the code “CNN50.” That’s $249 for a year of high-quality content, research and more from analysts and entrepreneurs who are there to help you pounce on up-and-coming startup opportunities and trends as they arise.

Ready to dive in? Sign up here.