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It’s safe to say that there are generally two types of people on Halloween. Those who go all out with an elaborate, often time-intensive, costume and those who would rather not dress up at all.

Unfortunately for the latter group, many parties and get togethers this month will have some sort of costume requirement. And even if it’s not made implicit, you don’t want to be the one who shows up without a costume.

That’s why we’ve come up with super simple, low cost (and low effort) costume ideas that will ensure nobody calls you out for not dressing up. And with many of these items available on Amazon Prime, even the biggest procrastinators will be covered this spooky season.

Cowboy or cowgirl

This Felt Studded Cowboy Hat ($8.99; amazon.com) would pair perfectly with a plaid shirt, jeans and a bandana to achieve a classic costume option.

Pig in a blanket

Pair this Pig Nose, Ears and Tail Set ($10.67; amazon.com) with any blanket you have lying around for a quick, comfortable and punny costume.

Deviled egg

Another punny option, wear this Devil Costume Accessory Set ($10.90; amazon.com) and this Deviled Egg Costume Shirt ($16.97; amazon.com). Or, make your own egg shirt by gluing a yellow construction paper in the shape of a circle onto a white shirt.

Flapper girl

Wear this luxe-looking Feather Boa ($8.60; amazon.com) with any ‘20s-inspired dress in your wardrobe. If you’re looking to buy one, we’d suggest this Fringed Flapper Dress (starting at $25.79; amazon.com).

Vampire (or a devil)

This Black and Red Reversible Cape ($13.82; amazon.com) is probably the most versatile Halloween investment you can make. Slick your hair back, throw on White Vampire Fangs ($4.44; amazon.com) and call yourself a vampire. Or, flip the cape to its red side and pair with the above Devil Costume Accessory Set ($10.90; amazon.com) for a classic Halloween option.

Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf

Using the same Black and Red Reversible Cape ($13.82; amazon.com), opt for the red side and pair with any white or light blue dress to transform into Little Red Riding Hood. For a couples costume option, your partner can throw on this Werewolf Headpiece ($24.35; amazon.com).


For a super simple, Instagram-worthy Halloween costume, pair this inexpensive, yet wow-inducing, Butterfly Shawl ($14.99; amazon.com) with this Antenna Headband ($11.49; amazon.com) for a low effort Halloween costume sure to turn heads.


An easy way to upgrade an otherwise simple costume, this Light-Up Angel Halo Headband ($9.95; amazon.com) will look great with any all white ensemble. For a DIY fallen angel look, spray this Fake Blood Makeup Spray ($13.99; amazon.com) over your clothes and face to turn a pretty look into a pretty scary look.


Have more of that Fake Blood Makeup Spray ($13.99; amazon.com) to use? If you have a dress you’re willing to part with, pair that with this Crystal Tiara ($9.99; amazon.com) for a very prom queen nightmare, Carrie-esque look.

Cat in The Hat

A notch up from your basic cat costume, pair this Cat In The Hat Accessory Kit ($20.30; amazon.com) with an all black costume to show up the other cats this Halloween.

Note: The prices above reflect the retailer’s listed price at the time of publication.