If you’ve made the decision to forgo a live Christmas tree after this year’s holiday, congratulations. In doing so, you’re saving yourself a boatload of effort for next year. And for those of you still on the fence, we’re here to invite you to the faux side! Less mess, long-term savings and zero contact with bugs are just a few reasons why you should consider switching. Plus, tons of our favorite artifical trees are on sale in the new year, including from places like Amazon, Wayfair and Walmart.

Just as festive as the real thing, artificial Christmas trees come in every size, color and type — but not all fakes are created equal, which is exactly why they initially got a bad wrap. Today, however, the market is laden with beautiful, incredibly realistic trees, ranging from sweet little table toppers to towering 16-foot options perfect for anyone with a vaulted ceiling.

Like everything we shop for these days, faux trees are susceptible to holiday decor trends. While last year saw a surge in black trees, this year it’s all about statement-making pink, champagne and ombre hues that are perfect for a home office, a second family room or—if you want to double down—smack dab in your living room.

Below are 20 of the most realistic, highly reviewed and on-trend trees available. Starting at just $40, these are the best artificial Christmas trees you can buy for the next holiday season.

Best artificial Christmas trees

The Holiday Aisle 6.5-Foot Green Fir Tree with Colored & Clear Lights ($221.42, originally $574.99, wayfair.com)

If a fir tree is your preference, look no further than this super realistic stunner from Wayfair. Available in four heights (all the way up to 12 feet!), the tree has more than 500 positive reviews, comes pre-lit with dual colored LED lights and a metal stand. A folding iron frame makes storage easy peasy.

Best Choice Products 6-Foot Pine Tree Holiday Decoration w/ Metal Stand ($43.99, amazon.com)

If you’re looking for a classic, full-bodied pine tree for a bargain, this is it. With more than 1,500 Amazon reviews, this 6-foot hinged tree is easy to assemble via three sections, comprises more than 1,000 branch tips and rests atop a sturdy metal stand — all for under $45! (Note: This tree is not pre-lit.)

7-Foot North Valley Spruce Tree ($106.54, originally $137.99; homedepot.com)

We’re hitting all the tree categories here, so if you’re a spruce loving family, then we’ve got just the one for you! At 7-foot tall and with more than 1,000 evergreen branch tips, this tree from Home Depot has 500 clear lights. It’s also available in three additional sizes (4, 10 and 12 feet) and comes in three sections for easy setup.

Wondershop 7-Foot Pre-lit Full Flocked Douglas Fir Tree ($325, target.com)

Guarantee yourself a white Christmas this year with this wintry, frosted tree from Target’s Wondershop brand. At 7 feet, the Douglas fir comes with 350 clear lights, can be broken down into four sections and rests atop a four-point stand.

National Tree Company 6.5-Foot Kingswood Fir Pencil Tree ($60.52, originally $169.99 amazon.com)

Are you tight on space but not on ceiling height? Then this ultra-skinny, 28-inch wide “pencil” tree is going to suit your abode just fine. With more than 700 branch tips, the tree is realistic and comes with 250 pre-strung, multi-colored lights. More to know: It also comes in a variety of sizes from 3 to 7.5 feet.

National Tree Company 7.5 Foot Carolina Pine Tree with Flocked Cones and 750 Clear Lights ($161.35, originally $255.66, amazon.com)

What’s a tree without pine cones after all? Hit two birds with one stone with this 7.5-foot Caroline pine that has nearly 1,400 branch tips and nearly 500 positive reviews on Amazon. And it’s ultra-bright, too, thanks to being strung with 750 clear Lights.

Best Choice Products 7-Foot Pre-Lit Fiber Optic Pine Tree ($91.99, originally $195.99, walmart.com)

Walmart’s highest-rated tree has more than 500 positive reviews and is more than half off, making it a smokin’ deal for anyone looking for a massive option to anchor their living space. Seven feet tall and 3.5 feet wide, the tree is pre-strung with 280 colored light that can alternate between six sequences.

Finley Home 5.5-Foot Classic Pine Full Pre-lit Christmas Tree (Starting at $151, hayneedle.com)

Another lovely pine option, this one from Hayneedle has nearly 900 positive reviews, comes in three additional sizes (6.5, 7.5 and 9 feet tall) and two color options (clear or multi). Ultra-full in size and scope, this tree is laden with branch tips — the 9-footer has nearly 3,500 — making it a great value for someone who will use it year after year.

National Tree Company 7.5-Foot Kingswood Fir Pencil Tree with 350 Clear Lights ($85.35, originally $90.69, amazon.com)

Another pencil tree option from Amazon, this one comes in nine sizes (up to 16 feet tall!) and has more than 1,100 positive reviews on Amazon. Pre-lit with clear lights, the tree comes with a metal stand and a reusable storage container.

Best Choice Products 7-Foot Colorful Rainbow Full Fir Christmas Tree ($130.99, originally $254.99; walmart.com)

Can we just talk about how FUN this tree is? Whether you’re supporting the LGTBQ community or simply want a playful take on the traditional tree, this rainbow-hued cutie will liven up any room. At 7 feet tall and 3 feet wide, the tree is no shrinking violet either. (Note: This tree is not pre-lit.)

The Holiday Aisle 6.5’ Pre-Lit Pink Pine Artificial Christmas Tree with Lights ($142.99, originally $218.99, wayfair.com)

Listen, we’re not mad at this pink tree trend. With hues ranging from bubble gum to fuchsia, a pink tree is the epitome of sweetness this holiday season. And we love this 7.5-foot option from Wayfair that comes with 822 pre-lit branch tips and a metal stand.

Wondershop 7-Foot Pre-lit Slim Alberta Spruce Ombre Tree ($235, target.com)

We like our hair and our sweaters ombre, so we might as well turn our trees ombre, too! This one from Target mixes all the white Christmas hues we love (white, silver and gold), is pre-strung with clear lights, and at 7 feet tall, will make a striking statement wherever it’s placed.

National Tree Company 6-Foot Champagne Tinsel Tree With Metal Stand ($56.99, originally $69.99, houzz.com)

What’s more festive than a glittering gold tree? Nothing. That’s what! Eschew tradition this year in favor of this ultra-glam 6-foot tree. It’s slim diameter make it a perfect option for a dining room or entryway. (Note: This tree is not pre-lit.)

Hashtag Home 4.5-Foot White Fir Artificial Christmas Tree with Clear/White Lights ($45.99, originally $89.99, wayfair.com)

We get it, rainbows and bubble gum pink trees aren’t for anyone. If your aesthetic skews more clean and modern, than this all-white tree pre-lit with clear lights is going to be your dream come true. Available in five sizes (up to 9 feet), the tree has nearly 900 positive reviews, with many customers raving about the fullness of the branches.

Laurel Foundry Modern Farmhouse 3-Foot Green Spruce Tree with 100 Clear/White Lights ($44.01, originally $90.04, wayfair.com)

For those looking for just a smidge of holiday cheer — and not 9 whole feet of it — then this cute 3-foot tree is a great option for topping tables or adding a little merriment to a corner. Super full with 363 branch tips, the tree has nearly 500 positive reviews on Wayfair and comes pre-lit with clear lights.

Pre-Lit Entrance Trees with Garland and Wreath ($61.30, homedepot.com)

Ideal for your entryway or flanking your front door, this potted tree duo also comes with a matching wreath! Pre-strung with clear warm lights, the tree also comes with a 9-foot garland to make a 4-piece set that’s sure to wow any holiday guests.

Finley Home 6.5-Foot Winter Park Full Pre-lit Christmas Tree (Starting at $103, hayneedle.com)

We love the versatility of this ultra-crisp white tree. Wider than the previous one on our list, this one is chock full of branches and lights (the 9 footer has more than 3,000 tips and 1,200 bulbs!) and comes in two colors (clear and multi). May we suggest it go in your all-white kitchen?

Ashland 7-Foot Pre-Lit Pencil Christmas Tree ($54.99, originally $109.99, michaels.com)

Another striking slim-profile tree, this one from Michael’s has nearly a 1,000 positive reviews from customers who rave about its full, but narrow structure. Comprised of nearly 400 easy-to-shape branch tips, the tree is also pre-strung with 210 clear lights.

Note: The prices above reflect the retailer’s listed price at the time of publication.