While house rehabbers weren't looking, burglars made off with 800 items

Police said they recovered about 800 stolen items this year.

(CNN)Police in St. Louis want to return hundreds of items -- including tools, stained glass panels and generators -- taken in burglaries targeting residential rehabbers.

Detectives have recovered more than 800 items, and while many have been returned, most of the pilfered goods sit in a warehouse awaiting reunification.
Two people were taken into custody, but warrants have not been issued as the investigation continues, police said in a statement Sunday.
Police found the stolen property over the course of a year in central and south St. Louis, CNN affiliate KMOV reported Tuesday.
    "The suspects we caught here are on a different level. They were actually stealing them to actually use or sell to other people who are rehabbing (buildings)," Tom Kitchell, with the department's burglary division, told KMOV. "This was a pretty sophisticated ring. They would drive around during the day and look for rehabs."
      Police hope the return of items will strengthen their case, which will be presented to prosecutors.
      Police Capt. Ryan Cousins told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch newspaper that thieves typically sell merchandise quickly, but in this case they apparently kept an inventory.