Instant Pot has a blender, and it's over 50% off right now

Noelle Ike, CNN Underscored
Thu January 16, 2020

We've said it before and we'll say it again: We absolutely swear by Instant Pot's kitchen gadgets. So much so that we've created a guide to which Instant Pot is right for your cooking needs, discovered the best accessories to pair with an Instant Pot, and even covered the brand's launch of three adorable colors.

That's why we want to spread this news far and wide: The Instant Pot Blender, a blender that features the same smart one-touch programs you love in the Instant Pot Electric Cooker, is over 50% off right now. True to Instant Pot form, it can take on far more than your average blender.

The Instant Pot Ace 60 Cooking Blender features eight one-touch programs in total: four cold blending programs and four hot blending programs. So with a touch of a button, you can whip up anything from nondairy milks to frozen desserts, hot soups and vegetable purées. There are also three manual blending speeds — low, medium and high.

One of the unusual features of the blender? Not only can you blend soups, you can actually cook them too. That's right, the hot blending programs allow you to cook fresh ingredients while they blend (and boil together) for super quick and simple meals. This is possible thanks to the concealed heating element at the bottom of the blender, along with a premium-quality glass pitcher, designed to withstand extreme temperatures.

When you buy the Instant Pot Ace 60 Cooking Blender, you'll also receive a food tamper, 5-ounce measuring cup, cleaning brush and a strainer bag -- all for under $50. There's no doubt this is a purchase that could dramatically up your kitchen game, especially when it comes to creating healthy yet delicious food options like veggie soups, nondairy milks, low-sugar ice cream, healthy smoothies and much more. But don't just take it from us, this one rave review on the Walmart site sums it up well.

"Absolutely amazed! My wife and I bought this thing a week ago. We have run multiple programs already, and are absolutely amazed! We have already recommended this blender to multiple people who are experiencing the same results... Just like our Instant Pot Ultra cooker, this Ace-60 blender has opened new horizons for us with food and all the great things we can make that we never thought of before, thanks to the incredible power and convenience."

Note: The prices above reflect the listed retailer's prices at the time of publication.