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Computers provide ways to open and read a PDF, but they don’t provide much more than that when it comes to that format. If you want to do practically anything else, you’ll need a more advanced PDF reader. And that’s where PDF Expert comes in.

You can score a full PDF Expert lifetime license for the Mac for just $29.99 from the CNN Store. That’s $50 off the normal price of $79.99, so safe to say, it’s a good deal. It gives you the ability to open, mark up and even edit PDFs. Most importantly, it’s OCR or optical character recognition capabilities, which means you can convert any scan into an editable document.

For students, this is great as it will let you highlight almost any PDF, and as classrooms use some older documents the ability to OCR is an added bonus. And if you’re signing a contract or designing a newsletter, PDF Expert will let you do that. You can even fix a typo, swap a sentence or two or change a header.

And for signing documents, you can do that directly in PDF Expert. And like Preview on the Mac, you can store signatures for easy resizing and implementing. You can write your signature on a trackpad or type your name and have the app transform it into a signature. It’s pretty neat and fits in with the full annotation theme.

On top of all these features, PDF Expert has been picked as an Editors’ Choice from Apple itself and has even been called the App of the Year. It’s really the do anything PDF app and adds many of the features that I wish the built-in PDF applications would deliver.

PDF Expert for just $29.99 brings a lot of value. It’s available now in the CNN Store and you’ll get a lifetime license that lets you install PDF Expert on three Mac laptops or desktops. Three devices for $29.99 is a big value.

Note: The prices above reflect the retailer’s listed prices at the time of publication.