15 Valentine's Day gifts that show your pets some love

Christina Vercelletto, CNN Underscored
Updated Fri February 7, 2020

The holiday all about love is almost here. And trust us, the spirit of Valentine's Day goes way beyond romance. February 14 is the day to show your affection to everyone you love. That includes, of course, your beloved canine and feline companions. After all, their loyalty and adoration brightens your life every single day of the year.

But with all the pet gift possibilities out there, how do you know what's worth buying? To help, we've gathered up 15 fun, seriously useful, adorable and ingenious Valentine's Day pet gifts that will make your pup or kitty happy (and you, too).

With the fast delivery options offered on most of these products, you still have time to show your four-legged crush that they own a piece of your heart. (And if you are a day late? Unlike your human significant other, your pet won't give you heat for not aligning your show of affection with the calendar.) Looking for gifts for people other than your pets? Check out our Valentine's Day guides for the best gifts for her, gifts for him, gifts for kids, Galentine's Day gifts and 5-star Amazon gifts, too.

Native Pup Heart Collar ($9.99; amazon.com)

Doll up your doggo with a festive new collar. It comes in eight sweet designs, but it's as durable as it is cute. A metal D-ring easily secures a leash. Plus, it's available in sizes to fit breeds from Yorkies to Great Danes.


Evursua Cat Sweater ($12.90; amazon.com)

We can't take how darn cute this chunky knit pet sweater is. It'll keep your little lovebug cozy (and ready for their Insta close-up). It comes in five colors and a range of sizes to fit kittens through Maine Coons, as well as small dogs like Chihuahuas.


Bark Rain Cloud Dog Toy ($11.99; target.com)

Lots of dogs are scared of thunder. If yours is one of them, deploy this soft squeaky toy as your go-to distraction. Bring it out only when the clouds start to roll in, and they'll quickly be absorbed with their "new" plaything. Is yours the rare pup who is nonplussed by storms? This is still their supremely cute, new favorite toy.


Laptop Cat Scratching Pad ($35; uncommongoods.com)

Nobody seems to be sure exactly why, but cats are known for sitting on their human's laptop keyboard. Give your kitty one of their very own this Valentine's Day with this hysterical alternative to a scratching post.


Rocco & Roxie Dino Toy ($15.97; amazon.com)

Brontosaurus? T-rex? Triceratops? No matter which Juraissac critter you gift your dog, they'll fall in love. Each toy makes an intriguing noise, perfect to inspire games of fetch. Also, these squishy charmers are made without chemical dyes or VOC plastics.


Petstages Catnip Pretzel ($3.99; petco.com)

Show us a cat who doesn't like catnip, and... oh, there is no such cat. They all go mad over it. Toss your feline this twisted toy laced with catnip, and watch them attack it. A bonus is that it can keep their teeth cleaner, thanks to the unique net overlay.


Waterpik Pet Wand Pro ($33.28; amazon.com)

Consider this a gift for yourself as well as your dog. Bathing a big pooch is often a struggle, and a messy one at that. This clever device makes the process easier, and even fun, for both of you. It can be used in your bathroom, or even better, in your yard on nice days.


PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness ($20.95, originally $31.99; petco.com)

This smartly designed harness allows your dog to be led by their chest, rather than from the top of their neck, which can be more comfortable for your dog. Many dog parents find daily walks are easier if their dog is wearing this type of harness, as it gently prevents them from pulling. It comes in lots of fun colors, including silver bling for doggy divas.


Leaps & Bounds Think Track Cat Toy ($9.99; petco.com)

Rolling balls and feathers both attract cats. But both in one toy? Your cat will think it's the best thing that ever happened to them. You'll have as much fun watching as your kitty does pouncing, chasing and jumping.


Roverlund Airline-Approved Dog Carrier ($150; amazon.com)

This sleek pup tote will make travel more comfortable and less stressful for both of you. Thoughtful design features include a fleece-lined removable dog bed, a shoulder strap that doubles as a leash and a storage pocket to hold treats. We love the camo design, but it comes in two other color combinations as well.


Walkee Paws Waterproof Dog Leggings ($32.99; amazon.com)

Yes, these are unbearably adorable. But even if they weren't, they'd still be worth bestowing on your best buddy. We've all seen dogs wearing little booties as protection against icy, rocksalt-covered sidewalks in winter and burning-hot pavement in summer. Those get lost so easily, though. These stretchy, soft leggings are designed so that they stay put, while also protecting your dog's legs from ticks and lawn chemicals.


Bond & Co. Heart Rope Toy ($12.99; petco.com)

A good game of tug o' war is always a favorite. This tough toy with a cheery heart-day design will last through many rounds of pull-and-toss fun.


Wild & Woofy Kitten Starter Kit ($18; nordstrom.com)

This set includes a food or water dish, two classic-style cat toys and a snazzy collar. Of course, it's a perfect present for a cat who isn't so brand-new either, since those basics need to be replaced pretty regularly.


Blueberry Pet Dog Scarf ($19.99; amazon.com)

She'll look like a 1940s movie star! This chic faux fur accessory comes in three elegant shades, and is adorned with rhinestones and a satin ribbon. Your neighbors and your friends on social will swoon.


Wild One Bandana ($18; wildone.com)

Most doggie bandanas are made of cheap fabric that fades, itches, easily tears... or all of the above. This one is super-soft, 100% undyed cotton. It's sourced and made in the US, and the design is hand-printed. Your doggo will look so dapper!


Pet Living Pet Parent Tattoos ($11.99; amazon.com)

Here's a little goody for you, the proud pet parent. These fun temporary tattoos tell the world exactly who stole your heart.

Note: The prices above reflect the retailer's listed prices at the time of publication.