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Most companies in the modern world have a social media presence. And to have that, companies need savvy people to manage them.

That’s where the Become a Social Media Manager Certification Bundle comes in.

This $28.98 bundle is made up of seven courses and nearly 20 hours of content that aims to make you a master at brand promotion across a number of popular platforms like Linkedin, Twitter and Instagram. You’ll receive lifetime access to all the courses and the ability to stream them from any capable device whenever you want.

Some courses, like the one aimed at Facebook, should help you develop attractive ads that stand out to users. You can also learn how to increase traffic without purchasing ads, which is certainly a valuable tool. Several courses go over techniques that can produce results for online spaces like blogs and email. There’s even a course on how to find clients and make money as a media managing freelancer.

LinkedIn Marketing: Build a Brand & Generate Leads is one of the courses focused on using the networking site to build a brand and generate business leads. And as you optimize your profile, headlines and cover images, you can hone and grow your brand. By the end, you should be able to efficiently run a Linkedin marketing system that works.

If you’re interested in freelancing as a media manager, you’ll want to try the Become A Freelance Social Media Manager course. Within are lessons on how to land clients and create a personal brand that appeals to companies, techniques such as how to create a succinct one-page business plan and client proposals that’ll knock their socks off. You can also learn how to appropriately price your services.

Note: The prices above reflect the retailer’s listed price at the time of publication.