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Larry Kudlow is a former Wall Street-er turned cable TV host turned head of President Donald Trump’s economic team.

He’s an economics guy through and through.

Which is why it’s odd that, on Wednesday, Kudlow decided to offer his thoughts on whether he believes systemic racism still exists in America.

“I do not,” Kudlow told a group of reporters. “I will say it again. I do not.”

He added that the death of George Floyd was “abysmal” but evidence of “some very bad apples on the law enforcement side” rather than any broader issues with race (and race relations) in the country.

Whether or not you believe Kudlow’s argument (and what you think seems to depend heavily on which party you identify with), you do have to wonder why Kudlow feels as though he should address the issue.

After all, Kudlow isn’t a cop or former cop or former prosecutor or criminal justice expert or anything like that. Kudlow, when it comes to whether black people face built-in disadvantages in society, knows roughly the same as the average guy on the street. And arguably, he may know less given his lived experience as a white man.

Kudlow’s willingness to stray far beyond his expertise is a reflection of the broader freelancing approach that Trump utilizes.

Trump believes himself to be an expert in all things, and, therefore, feels comfortable giving his opinion about literally anything. That mentality trickles down to the likes of Kudlow, who is a longtime friend of Trump’s – thanks in no small part to the President’s obsession with cable TV.

Message discipline – whether from Trump or his senior staff, like Kudlow – is totally nonexistent in this White House. Which is why it never seems like they are all on the same page.

The Point: The economics guy should stick to economics. Period.