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It’s a weird time for a lot of things, and weddings are no exception. While you may have dreamed of having hundreds of your friends and family join you and your spouse-to-be in a celebration, for a lot of us, that just doesn’t seem safe right now.

But here’s the good news for you and your guests: Now, there’s a lot less prep required. No one needs to book a flight, get a babysitter or even leave their house. The focus is suddenly on the most important part of the day: You and your partner pledging your lives to one another.

However, that doesn’t mean your day won’t be amazing and special and capture your love in a way that is uniquely the two of you. It just might look a little (OK, a lot) different from what you once imagined. Here’s how to make it magical.

Choose a venue

While you may not be able to bring everyone together in your dream location, be sure to check in with your planner or the venue manager before canceling — or postponing — outright. Many venues are offering scaled-back weddings with an option for a bigger celebration later.

Fairmont Copley Plaza in Boston is offering what it’s calling “minimony” packages, and it currently has 29 couples planning to wed in 2020.

Inspired by the at-home Zoom weddings we all keep seeing on the news, the Fairmont’s senior catering manager, Alice Fay, told us, “Couples were so creative in hosting their ceremonies virtually and involving family members, and the resonating message from these couples is that love does not have to wait!”