Some parents expand pandemic bubble to include children's girlfriends and boyfriends

(From left) Chris and Jada Weiler of Canal Fulton, Ohio, are shown with their daughter, Nikkie Weiler, and her fiancé, Nathaniel Barr, along with dogs Chip and Bullet.

(CNN)While socializing and dating in person may have mostly fizzled this past year, as could be expected in a pandemic, in some cases it's accelerating relationships faster than parents might otherwise have allowed.

Parents are letting their children's boyfriends and girlfriends join family quarantine bubbles.
Even former President Barack Obama is not immune to these changing societal norms. He revealed on a mid-December episode of "The Bill Simmons Podcast" that his quarantine household included 22-year-old daughter Malia Obama's boyfriend.
    It's one of the most interesting cultural shifts to happen during the pandemic. Parents are letting their older teens and kids in their early 20s play house with a boyfriend or girlfriend, and surprise -- some of these live-in setups are working.