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Whether you’ve long been admiring Anthropologie’s Gleaming Primrose Mirror or have just caught notice of it recently, one thing’s for sure: The stunning, French-inspired mirror is taking the Internet by storm. It’s become an omnipresent fixture on social media platforms — during the pandemic especially, when everyone was hunkering down at home and looking at ways to spruce up their spaces, Primrose’s popularity seemingly exploded.

Gleaming Primrose Mirror (starting at $498; anthropologie.com)


Case in point: Not often does a product become so lusted after that it earns its own Instagram hashtag and spawns a TikTok tag that’s received more than 6.1 million views.

What’s so special about a mirror? Well, for one, there’s that design. “The Gleaming Primrose Mirror was inspired by French antique gilt mirrors seen throughout Paris,” says Louie Higaki, divisional merchandise manager of home decor, furniture and kids at Anthropologie. And it’s true, when viewing the mirror up close, it’s chock-full of baroque details at its apex and edge — from delicate florals and dramatic swirls to myriad tiny baubles that would lead one to believe you stumbled upon it in a Parisian flea market. Put it this way: The mirror is extravagant and gorgeous and, yes, definitely worth lusting over.

“Mirrors this size are hard to find, and they definitely bring a high-end luxe glamour to any room,” says Raleigh, North Carolina-based interior designer Nichole Turner Blough. “The Primrose’s simple elegance allows it to blend with almost any style decor. You can’t go wrong with such a timeless piece.” Adds influencer Rosanna Javier of Glam Dapper, “I love things for my home that add some kind of value or wow factor. This particular mirror does that, with its unique design that pays homage to a different era. And, honestly, it makes me feel like I’m in Paris looking at the mirrors in Versailles.”

More good news is that the Gleaming Primrose is also a design chameleon. Now available in four sizes and gold, silver and black finishes — yes, they were sold out, but fear not, they’re back in stock — the mirror is like those jeans in “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants”; it fits perfectly wherever it lands. Take the smallest 3-foot version (which at 39 by 39 inches and 75 pounds in weight isn’t exactly “small!”). We’ve spotted it hanging in dining rooms, atop mantles, in a closet, propped up on a dresser in a master bedroom and beyond. Another idea, suggests Blough: “Purchase two matching in silver or gold versions, and place them above a master bathroom vanity for instant glam.”


And don’t even get us started on the largest 7-foot-tall option, which in case you’re wondering is 64 inches wide and weighs a whopping 200 pounds. The ultimate selfie mirror, not only does it casually dominate the space it’s in, but it also adds drama while illuminating and enlarging the room. “My personal dream way of styling the largest size is leaning it against a wall in a large entryway,” Blough says.

Because when it comes to mirrors, size matters. I Am Style-ish blogger Tiffany Ishiguro has a Gleaming Primrose above her fireplace mantle. “It’s a simple piece, but it will transform your room,” she says. “Rather than thinking about putting together a full gallery wall that can take a lot of work, the mirror takes up a lot of space but looks beautiful and is easy to decorate with.”

If there were to be a downside, it’s the Gleaming Primrose’s steep price tag. Starting at just under $500 for the 3-foot size and maxing out at just over $1,500 for the 7-footer, the mirror is an investment piece for sure. But having viewed it in person, we can attest that the product is not only gorgeous but also incredibly well made, and something that you’ll have in your home forever. Adds blogger Sarah Elizabeth Ray, who has two Gleaming Primroses, “It’s honestly worth every penny. If you’re debating purchasing this mirror, debate no more. You will be so glad once it’s hanging on your wall for all to see!”

Check out the Gleaming Primrose in its multiple sizes and finishes below, and see the many (many!) ways it’s being styled in homes coast to coast, all of which we spotted on the good ol’ ’gram.

A conference room upgrade

If it’s Joanna Gaines-approved, you’re in good company, which is exactly the case here. When creating a meeting space for her team at the Magnolia office in Waco, Texas, Gaines wanted a space where everyone could be inspired creatively. To get there, she opted for a sultry green paint (1905 Green Interior Paint, natch!), a pink velvet couch and, of course, the Gleaming Primrose Mirror from Anthropologie. Leaning the mirror against the wall, and flanking it with two chairs, side tables and plants galore, the result is, in Joanna’s words, both “relaxed and inspiring.”

A mantle masterpiece

Seattle-based influencer Tiffany Ishiguro is a huge fan of her Gleaming Primrose, which she has placed atop her mantle. “Our mantle is dark gray, and it needed a large piece like the mirror to give the room some life,” says Ishiguro, who has over 350,000 followers on Instagram. “The gold looks beautiful against the dark gray. I love that it’s a statement piece that instantly makes any room look bright and beautiful. It’s also easy to style around. When I change my decor for events or seasons, it fits into the theme, from decorating for Christmas to decorating for my daughter’s birthday party!”

A Victorian dining room

Glam Dapper’s Rosanna Javier and her husband, Winston, showed their nearly 470,000 followers exactly how to style an impeccable dining room console with the Gleaming Primrose, and the couple went with a full chinoiserie vibe that we’re completely obsessed with. “This mirror is easy to style whether you’re going for a boho-chic look, a classic Victorian aesthetic or a contemporary concept,” she says. “Even for the festive season, one can hang elements to style it. All in all, a great piece of furniture for a home.”

A chic, modern dining room

Interior designer Nichole Blough recently put a Gleaming Primrose in a client’s dining room, placing it atop a traditional white wooden console but also flanking it with glossy blue-and-gold lamps and styling the tabletop with stacked books, florals and, of course, a dash of chinoiserie with the ceramic jar. “When purchasing an investment piece for your space, make sure it checks the following boxes: 1. It feels timeless (not overly trendy). 2. It can be versatile in the long run if you change up your space. 3. You love it!,” says Blough. “The most important thing is it speaks to your style. Checking all the boxes, this subtle statement piece, in my opinion, is worth the price tag.”

A beautiful bedroom

Proof that the Gleaming Primrose works in every type of setting? The mirror looks right at home inside blogger Sarah Elizabeth Ray’s stunning Knoxville, Tennessee, farmhouse, where she’s placed it in her bedroom atop a dark wood dresser, accented with a towering orchid, a candle and today’s trendiest decor piece, wooden bead garland. “I love the Primrose Mirror because it’s a work of art that reflects you in all your beauty,” says Ray, whose Instagram account has amassed more than 350,000 followers. “I have the black and gold, and both are super high quality. While the smaller ones are beautiful over a dresser and mantle, I like to style the bigger one in the living room over a console table with flowers and candles.”

Accenting an outdoor patio

Former Bachelorette and former co-host of HGTV’s “Love It or List It” Jillian Harris has a longtime love for the Gleaming Primrose — she has the 3-footer in gold — which, over the years, she has placed on top of her farmhouse-chic mantle and in her bedroom. Our favorite location, however, is decidedly in her coastal-inspired outdoor patio, where it’s flanked by two lamps, a giant tree and cocktails galore.

A truly glam station