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For most of us, the past year has seen its fair share of video calls, schlubby sweatpants and, dare we admit it, skipped showers — after all, no one can smell you through a computer screen.

But as hard as it is to believe, the post-pandemic world is coming sooner than we think. And that means a return to in-person contact, unmediated by screens. If you’re like us, reopening presents an opportunity to reconsider some of the habits and norms we’ve come to accept. Including, well, the world of hair — with all its familiar routines of washing, caring and styling.

In the grand scheme of things it might not seem like hair is a big deal. But it totally is! Our hair is deeply connected to our identities, our sense of self, our health and even our heritage. There’s a reason “bad hair day” is part of the vernacular — when you’re not feeling your hair, you’re not feeling yourself.

Enter Hairstory, a hair care company that’s working to counter the damaging messaging that sometimes surrounds how we relate to our hair — and reimagining a way forward.

Hairstory believes hair is worth celebrating, especially when so much of what we think we know about hair care is, well, wrong. We’ve come to accept chemical-laden products, overwashing and grease as par for the course. But what if there’s a better way?

Rooted in sustainable, environmentally friendly ingredients, Hairstory products are designed to work with your hair’s natural cycle of oil production to clean without harm, leaving you with beautiful, healthy hair — and a clean conscience. And while many shampoos contain harsh detergents that strip your scalp and damage your hair — or, worse, toxins that can harm marine life — Hairstory’s suite of hair care solutions is 100% biodegradable and detergent-free.

But with products for every stage of your routine — wash, care and style — where’s the best place to start?

One go-to? The starter kits, which bundle together everything you need to address unique hair concerns like fine or short hair, post-workout sprucing and more. We’re also big fans of the Hairstory quiz, which uses your unique hair type, routines and needs to recommend personalized solutions and products.

Still, here’s what we’re reaching for most often:

New Wash ($40;

New Wash

The core Hairstory product is New Wash, a sumptuous, creamy cleanser chock-full of essential oils and other natural ingredients that offer a complete, transformative washing experience. And because New Wash is detergent-free, your scalp’s natural protective barrier is maintained in all its naturally moisturizing goodness, eliminating the need for conditioner. The upshot? Less grease and fewer wash days means a healthier, more balanced scalp for all hair types — thick, straight, curly, colored… You name it.

Plus, by ditching traditional shampoo and conditioner and opting for Hairstory’s Refill System, a subscription service that delivers new products to you on an ongoing basis so you never have to worry about running out again, you can expect to reduce your plastic consumption by 91%. Even better? Get up to 15% off your order and free shipping when you join the refill club. Win-win-win!

Undressed Texturizing Spray ($38;

Undressed Texturizing Spray

Hairstory offers an array of styling products we love, from dry shampoo powders to hair balms. But it’s this texturizing spray we love the most, with its easy-breezy beach-hair effect. A spritz here or there works wonders to lift and add volume — our cheat code for flat hair — without any of the moisture-sapping salt that comes as an unwelcome side effect of some other beach sprays.

Wax ($34;


Wax is the unsung workhorse of hair care, especially when you’re rocking a short style. With an unfussy matte finish and waterproof medium hold, Hairstory’s take helps you wrangle curls and fill out fine hair without the slickness or crunch of some pomades. We like the lived-in, low-key feel and natural look. Rub some together in your palm and run it through your hair, and you’re pretty much good to go.