Full Bloom Collection
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Internet-beloved Caraway cookware is perfect for home cooks obsessed with making sure that their cookware is both nontoxic and eye-catching. The ceramic nonstick pots and pans are designed with a mineral coating that’s free of potential baddies like PTFE (like Teflon), PFOA, heavy metals, and other scary stuff, and it also releases up to 60% less CO2 during manufacture than the usual nonstick coatings. The enviro-friendly coating also means these pots and pans clean up super easy.

Now, Caraway is adding three more colorways to its lineup for a limited time in the form of the Full Bloom Collection, and they’re in some of summer’s most cheerful shades: peach, lavender, and sky blue. They’re capped by on-trend glossy gold handles — and are so pretty that you’ll want to keep them out on the stovetop.

We love that the sets also come with their own storage kit ready to go: You’ll get a pan holder that keeps four pots and pans ready for action, as well as a lid holder that hangs on the inside of your cupboard or cabinet door (or, heck, they’re pretty enough for the wall, too). While the cookware is admittedly a little heavy, it’s because it’s constructed from made-to-last aluminum with that nonstick, chemical-free coating, so you know they’ll hold up for years to come.

Full Bloom Collection

The other great thing about these pans? They’re stovetop agnostic, which means they’re happy on induction, gas and electric hobs. Plus, they’re safe to go in the oven up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit.

We expect these limited-edition colorways to sell out fast (even though they’re not scheduled to ship until July 20), so be sure to shop soon. If the new shades don’t quite do it for you, the existing range of colors is pretty gorgeous, too: Each bedecked with silver handles instead of gold, the pans and pots come in cream, navy, green, white and “perracotta” (terracotta but make it more reddish-coral).

You can buy Caraway’s pots and pans individually or as a set in the original colors (the new collection is only available as a set, however). The range (and set) includes a 2.8-pound fry pan with a 10.5-inch diameter for $95; a 6.8-pound, 11.8-inch diameter sauté pan with a lid for $135; a 3-quart, a 4-pound sauce pan for $105; and a 6.5-quart Dutch oven for $125. The best value — especially if your current set has taken a beating during a year of home cooking — is the set, which is $395 (but a $495 value) in the original colors, and $100 more in the Full Bloom colors.

P.S. If you haven’t gotten your favorite grad a well-done present yet, this cookware set — or just one of the all-purpose pans — will definitely be appreciated.