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Pets are like family for most of us — except in one crucial aspect.

For everything from routine care to unexpected emergencies, we’re sure to keep our spouses and kids (not to mention ourselves) covered by insurance.

Our pets? Not so much.

By some estimates, only 1% of the 185 million pet owners in the US have pet insurance. And yet our beloved companions are subject to the same whims of fate, aches and pains, accidents and falls, and effects of time as we are. So what gives?

Enter Lemonade Pet, a fast, easy and affordable pet insurance offering that combines a hassle-free digital experience, lightning-fast claims payment and powerful AI to make insuring your pets a breeze.

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Stereotypically, health insurance is miserable to navigate and filing claims is a labyrinthine, confusing process. For years, veterinary care was no different, with pet parents having to deal with unique care needs for different breeds and ages, finding the right vet and rising costs.

But with Lemonade Pet, affordable, customizable and comprehensive pet insurance is finally here. Starting at $10 a month, the base policy includes accident and illness coverage, including the cost of diagnostics, procedures and medications related to an accident or illness. Even better? The policies are jargon-free and easy to understand. No more guesswork about what, exactly, you’re paying for — or what’s covered.

From there, industry-leading preventive wellness packages can be added, helping to cover many of the expenses you’re already paying for.

Likewise, preventative care packages take the sting out of routine care like your pet’s annual exam, blood tests, vaccinations and more — with the added bonus of access to live medical chat for support during whatever pet pandemonium life throws at you. Lemonade also offers a number of add-ons, which add additional coverage for things like dental illness and physical therapy, so you can customize even more coverage for your pet.

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The bottom line?

With Lemonade Pet, you never pay for what you don’t need.

With 4.9 out of 5 stars on the App Store and top ratings from a host of other rating sites, people clearly love the Lemonade experience. Ease of use and simplicity is hard not to love, especially when combined with the best discounts on the market — to the tune of 10% off if you bundle with an existing Lemonade policy, and a 5% multi-pet discount.

And as a certified B Corporation, Lemonade spreads love in other ways too. Since the company only takes a small flat fee from your premiums, they’re able to donate any leftover money to a charity of your choice. That means your unused premiums go to support the causes you care about. It’s not only good for your pet — it’s good for the world, with nearly $2 million donated to charity in the past year.

We think it’s high time we make our pets full members of the family — insurance coverage included. And nobody makes it more convenient, affordable and comprehensive than Lemonade Pet.

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